Municipal waves by Tony
Via Flickr:
The wavy design represents the waves on the Ocean, the striking design leads into the Municipal buildings in Cascais

  • Clive:Wavi...
  • Ravi:What the hell happened?
  • Clive:I had woot canal.
  • Ravi:What happened to your cheeks?
  • Clive:I had woot canal.
  • Ravi:Why are you talking like that?
  • Clive:I had woot canal!
  • Ravi:Yeah, I heard you the first time, I was just amusing myself.
  • Clive:I can shuggesht shome offa fings you can do wif yourshelf!
  • Ravi:Are you in pain?
  • Clive:I HAD WOOT CANAL! Ow.
  • Ravi:You're gonna need to stop saying that, ‘cause you just look and sound so ridiculous.

Waterlicht Museumplein Amsterdam by Daan Roosegaarde [OFFICIAL MOVIE]  

WATERLICHT is the dream landscape about the power and poetry of water. As a virtual flood, it shows how high the water could reach without human intervention. Innovation is within the DNA of the Dutch landscape via its waterworks and creative thinking, yet we’ve almost seem to forgotten this. WATERLICHT is a powerful and poetic experience to remember.

WATERLICHT consists of wavy lines of light made with the latest LED technology, software and lenses. First created for the Dutch
Waterboard Rijn & IJssel in Westervoort, the artwork has now travelled to Museumplein Amsterdam supported by ING and Rijksmuseum.

Gratitude CarmenBass ~ Love♥LightॐPeace☮


Kurapika hating his life cause Chrollo is his English teacher.

Music teachers Pouf and Senritsu having a “competition” that’s more one-sided cause Sen doesn’t pay attention to the stuck up butterfly. 

List being the Tech teacher who lowkey favors Shal cause of his skills and grading the tests together. He scolds the bara for laughing at his classmates mistakes, but you just can’t ignore the small grin List have on his face. 

*Using a megaphone* THUG MIDGETS INTERACTION. Just image Fei and Topi crashing Senritsu’s music lessons or in the apartment just for the heck of it. 

Baise going through Phinksy’s wavy hair and vice versa when they just chill in his or her room. 

Razor tormenting everyone at PE class. 

Mountain Moon Amulet.
A little mountain to carry with you, on all of your adventurous wanderings.
These Mountain Moon amulets have been handcrafted using mountainous wavy wych elm - with a singular copper moon embedded into its surface… to help guide you along the way.
They have hand-hammered copper backsides - to protect the wearer against the affects of changing seasons and wintery elements.
I have made only 4 and they are available from the shop now 〰🗿✨🌳

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It may all be an illusion - the fire, the argument

Was the house a stage? look at the fabric stretched to resemble a ceiling in the hallway.

and why change the child actor playing little Liz? Did Jillian Leigbling  had no availability?

one has longer light wavy brunette hair,  the other curly darker hair, and yet, 

And it is not meant to even resemble one another.

and yet different than her hair when she remembers shooting

and still different in the early pictures with Sam.

And I do get that Katarina was a spy, but so far we have blonde, brunette and redhead Katarina.

the memories of the fire have a time lapse of 35 minutes:

Liz sees 2 men fighting, but later is a man struggling with a woman.

She shoots one man, but when she sees the man man down is a different coat on the man and Katarina looks like a man in drag from the woman she was seeing before.

There is a light headed child hidden in the flashes.

The Blacklist has done what they do best! give you an answer that seems not to fit with anything. 

But it will. we just have to get more pieces