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I'm in one of those super romantic moods, can you tell me abut cody? How you met? Your first date? idk whatever really?

This is kinda cute. 

We met because we had a ton of mutual friends and had each other on facebook for years. Started chatting, started texting, just about general things, music, work etc. I was in a relationship but it was on the rocks. I never thought anything would happen with Cody, I just really enjoyed having intelligent conversation with him instead of most other people (you know what I mean, the shitty conversations that go nowhere… “hey, how are you, yeah good, how’s work, yeah good, how’s family, good…”). Talking to Cody wasn’t like that, he actually interested me and I enjoyed getting to know him (and he introduced me to some awesome bands that I’d never heard of that I now listen to daily). I’d seen him around at clubs and gigs and stuff but never had the guts to say hello. I promised him I’d say hi the next time I saw him, and the weekend after that I bumped into him and it was a situation where we were walking towards each other and I literally could not bail and avoid it so I said hello and gave him a hug and made an excuse to leave because I was so nervous hahaha. 

I left the guy I was dating (for reasons completely unrelated to Cody or any other person). Cody and I started talking more and more until we organised to hang out in person. He picked me up from work, and we drove to my favourite place (a little town on the coast called Fremantle, I adore it). We watched the sunset as we drove, and then we got dinner, and then I took him to this kinda secret little beach spot I know of and we sat and cuddled and listened to the waves and talked like we’d known each other for years and it was crazy. Like, literal life stories were told, and it was the first time we’d ever hung out in person. I was so comfortable around him. He kissed me, and it was amazing. And then we went to the movies and he drove me home and it was perfect. We started seeing each other often, and ended up spending every spare second we could together (he used to drive to my house at 1am just to sleep next to me, and all that cute shit), and the rest is kinda history! We’ve been together (officially) just over 10 months but we’ve been “seeing” each other for over a year now. He moved in with me in January. He’s the most supportive, loving person I have ever met and I honestly can’t believe he thinks the world of me in return.