wavey blonde

I often only download Tinder when I’m visiting home. It’s funny to see who from my graduating high school class is on the app, and since my hometown is near a large university, I love to scope out all of the frat dude profiles. They’re hilarious. So last summer, I spent the entirety of it working at summer camps in my hometown. I made good money, but I was bored out of my mind. It sucks to be a college student stuck at home. A good 2/3’s through the summer, I stumble upon the profile of this kid named Stephen. I don’t even remember anything striking about his profile, besides the fact that my friends would have rolled their eyes at him and said “Oh he’s soooo your type.” (They were right: tall, blonde, glasses, wavey hair, dorky grin. Swoon.)

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Secrets || Closed rp


Nadira was minding her own buisness, dressed in her usual black hoodie, jeans, and a classic styled black back pack, her camera slung around her neck like necklace. Her wavey dark blonde, almost golden hair is left exposed to the sun and chilly wind, but she doesn’t seem to mind, so long as the hood is pooled over the joints in her wings that like trying to poke out.

She is crouched down with her camera, trying to take a picture of the local squirrels that are fighting over littered food in the streets. They don’t seem to mind how close this human is to them as they carry on their argument. As attuned as she is to the squirrels in front of her, she never stops paying attention to her surroundings. She can’t afford to. So when she hears a footstep a little too close and the squirrels scatter for shelter, the naturally tan woman immediately stands to face the intruder, the potential threat, with her specifically golden, wary eyes.

She feels her wings try to struggle against the hoodie and the backpack, reminding her that it is okay. She can relax. This human does not know. He cannot know with her wings so carefully hidden. As much as she hates the feeling of restriction, she is grateful to the cursed hoodie and back pack. She forces herself to relax, her wings stilled.

“Hello,” she says with her distinctly african accent.