Review: WAVEstream Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Review: WAVEstream Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. #WAVEstream #speaker #review

The WAVEstream Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is just one of many in a crowded field. Fortunately, it has a few features that help it stand out, including a good bass response and a surprisingly low price (presently just $23.99 on Amazon).

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The front of the box for the speaker.

Measuring 8.5 inches (~21.6cm) long by 2 inches (~5.1cm) high, the WAVEsteamis about average for mid-sized units. Available…

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WAVEstream Wireless Speaker Review!
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Hey Everyone! 

I hope that you all had a wonderful day. 

Today i’ll be reviewing this awesome speaker that I’ve gotten the opportunity to try out for you all. You can use this speaker anytime and anywhere, (as long as you have it charged up first!). 

I’ve used this with my phone, Zune, and also my desktop computer and it worked great with all three. 

This is a Bluetooth speaker and so you can hook it up wireless-ly to any Bluetooth enabled device like your phone for example. This also comes with a cord so that you can plug it in to your desktop computer, or anything like that which is not a Bluetooth device. 

The sound from the speaker is incredible, it comes out nice and loud and fills the room up.

It’s wonderful to have for family outings, or going to the beach or having a picnic. Wherever you want to play some music this is a very nice speaker to have for all occasions. 

It charges pretty quickly and the battery lasts a decent amount of time. This is definitely a speaker worth checking out! 

Link: http://www.amazon.com/wavestream-wireless-speaker-conference-speakerphone/dp/b00uzk5uzk

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WAVEstream Wireless Speaker
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We are delighted to review the latest in the Bluetooth Speaker industry by WAVEstream! WAVEstream Wireless Bluetooth speaker system Designed for your work and play lifestyle. Audio fidelity is clear and sharp with nice deep bass tones. Keep WAVEstream in the conference room at the office for phone call meetings with the team or use it in your home and take it with you from room to room with ease.…

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