The ocean always reminds me of love. The vast body of majestic beauty. How it leaves me feeling at awe. How the shore kissing me with waves reminds me that there are deeper waters. One where your heart is afraid to fall in too deep. Yet it is still able to push itself up to the shore. Then once you’re in dry land,you’ll ask yourself “When will I ever love this way again?”.
—  The Heart Of The Sea // Conee Berdera




this took four months on and off.

The file was created on the 7th of July, I kid you not.

You might be able to hear my internal screaming that has seeped into every pixel, but uh


It was hard work but kinda worth it in my opinion. Still see a lot of flaws in it, but also learned some stuff so it’s a deal

Steven Universe © Rebecca Sugar


#Repost with @Repostlyapp Finally posting about the actual concert😂 Ivan took a fan onstage during Burn MF, audience did the wave and I screamed a lot
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