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NCT 127 react to a fan defending them

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Taeyong: “I didn’t know such a pretty girl could have such a pretty heart as well,” After giving you a quick hug he would thank you for being the best fan at his next performance.

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Taeil: He wasn’t showing it but was clearly upset by what the person had shouted at him when you stand up and call them out for being rude he sits down shocked as to why someone would defend him but calls you over and you chat until you cheer him up. (You would be Taeyong)

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Yuta: Yuta would wave across the room and shout, “I don't care about the haters because I have fans like you and that makes everything I do worth it,”

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Jaehyun: He here you defending him against a hater and a few minutes later walks over to you and looks at you carefully. “You are the best for doing that, and do you know what else is the best? Your eyes.” He gives you a kiss on the cheek. “People like you make me happy,”

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Winwin: Winwin would have tried to ignore the haters because of his docile nature when you stood up for him he would raise his eyebrows in happy surprise and make a heart with his hands for you to quietly show his thanks for what you did. “Pretty cool of you to do that, but what else did I expect from a pretty girl,”

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Mark: “Listen to that girl over there, she is nice and has a kind heart, don't be mean to people.” And if the hater tried to say anything to you for standing up for him he would run over and protect you with a hug. 

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Haechan: He would have already knocked the haters himself because Haechan is an unstoppable maknae but would be grateful for your extra support. Once the situation had cooled he would come and say thank you, to make sure you knew he was happy you stood up for him. (You would be Mark)

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how do you deal with the hamilton fandom?

keep my distance, ignore the things that annoy me, respectfully correct them when they spread misinformation, and remember that all fandoms get gross when there’s too many people, everyone inevitably turns against the tide.

it’s boring to agree with an opinion about something just because everyone thinks it. now that it’s suddenly fashionable to dislike the Hamilton fandom, there’s a second wave of that.

i love percy and i love annabeth but i literally can’t even describe how much i love grover

like every so often my love for him just returns in huge waves because even though he hasn’t properly featured in a book for years he was always such a relatable and such a great and such a real character for me. like out of all of them i couldn’t see myself being percy or annabeth or any of the demigods but i could see myself being grover

and he is just such a great character with a beautiful arc and i just get really emotional about that sometimes 

At night, Henrietta felt like magic, and at night, magic felt like it might be a
t e r r i b l e  t h i n g.

NINO’S+BLUE [sometimes I go a-wanderin’ // it seems like I always get stuck in my head // I become the hermit // waiting for the dawn to come now // waiting for the light to get me high and guide me home]✧
MOUNTAINS+BLUE+GANSEY [headlight in the driveway // you stand in the window waiting // the stars are out tonight // one million fires burning]✧
TRAILER PARK+ADAM [I’m so lonely here // this thing between my lungs is making me so tired]✧
300 FOX WAY+BLUE [oh, and I don’t wanna be the center of anything // just a part of something bigger]✧
FAIRGROUND+KAVINSKY+GANSEY ON FIRE+RONAN [and I’m talkin’ to myself at night // because I can’t forget // back and forth through my mind // behind a cigarette]✧
ST. AGNES+ADAM+RONAN [September’s long but // we light a candle and wait for dawn // night under the trees // we breathe black cold air]✧
STREETS [clinging to your late night courage // anything to pass the time // lying in the backseat trying not to fall apart // waiting for your life to start]✧
MONMOUTH MANUFACTURING+GANSEY [in the spring // we climbed the rolling hills // and talked about our budding plans // and we smiled // our faces like a mirror // showing us our secret sides]✧
RUINED CHURCH+BLUE+NOAH [those younger years, never saw yourself standing here // they disappeared, all the moments you held so dear // start keeping them close, waves come and go]✧
CABESWATER+ADAM+NOAH [now we possess you // you’ll own that in time // now we will build you an endlessly upward world // (reach in your pocket) embrace you for all you’re worth // is that wrong? // isn’t this what you want?]✧

I started school last week and one of my programming classes I have this teacher who’s this big fluffy Palestinian dude who started off the class with ‘I’m gonna give you all a brief history lesson about how women p much single handedly created programming and we wouldn’t have computers like we do today without them. Y'all probably don’t know this because old white dudes wrote the history books, so I’m gonna educate you.’ And every dude in class looked uncomfortable and every chick looked smug as hell.

I already love this class

Hidden beneath the surface. (Andreil)

So I just read the ‘All for the game series’ and now I have a lot of feels for Andrew and Neil, and this is basically just me trying to vent them out because oh my gosh, why is this series so amazing?! I’m crying over this series and my love for Andreil isn’t helping the tears stop, so here- have this OOC as hell piece of crap (because they are hella hard to write for. Like, it hurts).

Summary: An outsiders view of Andrew and Neil’s relationship. (Post series).

Pairing: Andrew Minyard x Neil Josten.

Fandom: The Foxhole Court | All for the Game.

Setting: Post series.


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