waves joey badass

Jay Z and Joey Badass, photographed together at Lenny Santiago’s birthday dinner in Los Angeles. 

Back in April 2016 Joey revealed that Hov had offered the fellow Brooklyn rapper a deal with his Roc Nation label, but he had to turn him down. He explained that the Roc was his dream label coming up, but when the meeting came with Jigga he changed his mind. Ironically, Jay Z was the one who inspired him to go his own route, via his 2010 autobiography Decoded. “There’s this one chapter where [Jay Z] went to meet with Russell Simmons to sign with Def Jam [in 1997]. He said his only thought sitting across the table from Russell Simmons was ‘I don’t wanna be signed to this nigga, I wanna BE this nigga,’” Joey recalls. “I kinda had that same perspective.” Hov’s favorite track of Joey’s is “Waves.”