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Sleeping Beauty (Avengers Cast x Reader Drabble)

You didn’t know that the Avengers cast can also be called sneaky paparazzis. Also you love sleeping. Who doesn’t, right?

Word count: 779

Author: @chrixa

“Hi, uh, I’m Sarah and I want to ask is it true that Y/N can sleep everywhere?” A chorus of laughter followed her question. 

“That is indeed true,” you smile at her as you nodded. 

“Oh she can sleep literally any time as well,” Chris adds as another wave of laughter filled the convention hall. 

“The Russos would just call like a 5 minute break and when you look at her she’s already asleep in someone’s lap or shoulder,” Sebastian said.

“Are we really talking about this?” You shake your head at the cast’s excitement. 

“Her favorite spot is Sexy Seabass’ lap,” Anthony smirked at your direction as the crowd cheered. 

“Hey there’s no denying that those thighs are the comfiest pillows out there,” you challenged Mackie with your smirk as well. 

“Really, Y/N? You chose Sebastian over me?” Evans asked you with a fake pout. Sebastian was just shaking his head in his chair. He faced this bickering between the three of you everyday when you were on set. Even sometimes he’d join in, when you guys weren’t bickering over him. 

“Stop whining you big baby,” Scarlett lightly slapped his bicep. 

“There’s one thing she doesn’t know though,” Sebastian said and giving you his famous one-sided smirk. You know something’s ‘bout to go down. 

“Sorry, Y/N, I really did try to stop them,” Mark apologized to you from the other end of the table. 

“What?” You ask, dumbfounded while mentally preparing yourself of what’s gonna happen in approximately three seconds. 

“We all have a picture of you sleeping, sweetheart,” Robert answered while sipping a drink from his glass. Of course they do. 

“You do not." 

"Yes we do,” Evans smiled wickedly. “We even made it into like some sort of competition of who gets the most pictures of you sleeping.” 

“You guys are evil.”

“As if you didn’t know,” Robert’s voice made everyone laugh again. 

“I have one of you sleeping on Evans’ shoulder while he plays with his phone,” Lizzie said. 

“I have a selfie with you sleeping. Look your mouth’s open,” Mackie showed the crowd the picture. 

“Can we go to the next question please?” You cover your face with your hands. They are always either a) embarrassing you or b) babysit you, there’s no in between. 

“But this is the winning number,” Evans said while showing the crowd a picture of you sleeping, obviously, on a couch, on a sleeping Sebastian Stan, still in full make up and costume. Your head was on his lap with your mouth slightly open and his ‘metal’ hand was on your stomach. Evans slides the picture to the right and there you were still in the same position while the rest of the cast was behind you and Sebastian making silly faces. Lizzie even put up a heart sign with her hands. 

You looked over at Sebastian and as you correctly predicted, his face was as red as a tomato. He was shaking his head while his shoulders shake with laughter and covering his face with his hands. “Okay next question please guys,” he said while still laughing. 

“How many pictures of Y/N sleeping do you guys have?” The moderator asked. He’s getting into it too? Seriously? 

You glanced at the table and saw that they were all scrolling through their gallery. “Seriously guys?” 

“Are you guys done counting?” The moderator, Josh, you think, asked and the audience cheered, eager to find out who won the ‘competition’. “Okay hold up your hands on 3. 1, 2, 3!” 

You saw that Robert held up a 3, Mark held up 1 (bless him), Evans held up 7 (seven?!), Sebastian held up 4, Mackie had 5 of them, Lizzie had 2 and finally Scarlett had 4. 

“Yes!” Chris pumped his fist in the air while the audience cheered another wave of excitement. 

“Chris, dear, if you want to take a picture with me all you have to do is ask. No need to be my biggest paparazzi.” 

“You know what, Y/N? I’m gonna post these pictures on Twitter.” 

“And you’ll have to buy me coffee everyday on our next movie.”


“And ice cream.”


“And donuts.”

“Do you want a whole restaurant as well?” 

“Okay next question!” Josh finally said. What took him so long?

Days Of Summer


jk, but it is on the lighter side! The ever loved rock camp au, insipred by the masterpiece that was Camp Rock. Idk if you have me to blame or @hannah-nobody, but you are all welcome either way. 

This here is the collab her and I have been talking about for forever, and now we’re posting it in an attempt to make ourselves actually fucking finish it, but there is no motivator like disappointment.

Have Hannah’s made up reviews!

  • a beautiful coming of age story - ny times 
  • one giant shit post - person

Quick notes - Every chapter will have a set of songs to go along with it, all being added to this spotify playlist with each chapter! All genres are used, and we hope it will be as cringey as possible!

Summer has arrived, and with it the start of the two month long music camp; Fairy Tail! Full of new songs, friends, and adventures, the campers learn things they never knew about themselves and one another. And just how easy it is to sneak booze and a full sized karaoke machine out into the middle of the woods.

Camp Rock!AU

Pairing: Nalu, Gajevy, Gruiva, others mentioned; Fairy Tail

Words: 5631

Rating: T

Parts: Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter ThreeChapter Four

Chapter One: The Start of Something New

Now who’d have ever thought that

we’d both be here tonight?

Oh yeah

And the world looks so much brighter

with you by my side

The music pounded through Natsu’s veins as the last notes of the song faded away and the crowd erupted into a series of screams. The band members on stage smiled as they tossed various mementos to their mud-splattered fans; picks, drumsticks, water bottles. Hands groped desperately at the air, his own among them.

He wasn’t really paying attention. His own voice joined in with the noise as he let go of all the energy the atmosphere of the festival has stirred within him. His head tipped back and he squeezed his eyes shut as he cheered.

When the band finally left the stage, Natsu looked around. He stood on his tip toes, trying to find Gajeel’s unruly mane of black hair in the sea of sweat-soaked festival-goers. When Natsu couldn’t spot him, he decided to head back to the tent.

Still on high from the previous band’s performance, Natsu made his way almost absently through the crowd. Most people lingered, waiting eagerly for the next act to come on, leading him to gently push a few people out of his way. Some people decided to sit during the break, not caring about the mud beneath them. Others remained on the shoulders of their friends, basking in the heat of the sun that had come and gone for most of the weekend.

One of the shoulder-riding music lovers caught his attention.

She was perched on someone a few people in front of him, and she was stunning. He altered his route in order to take in more of her. She was screaming as though the band were still on stage, making rock signs with her fists as she waved her arms in the air. Her blonde hair was tied in a ponytail, but strands fell loosely on her sunburned shoulders.  A pink crop-top exposed her stomach, where someone had painted a peace sign in neon green paint around her belly button.

He grinned as she wobbled on a dark-haired boys shoulders, but the blonde’s own expression turned from laughter to panic as she lost her balance.

Instinctively, Natsu pushed through the crowd and got to her just in time to soften her fall with his own body. The two of them fell to the ground in an ungraceful heap.

“Oooooowwww,” The blonde groaned from on top of him.

She raised her head, and a splotch of mud had somehow made its way onto her cheek. Natsu stared at her in bewilderment as she looked at him, eyes wide, then giggled.

He could feel the heat in his cheeks as he became aware of her body pressed against his. He’d thrown his tattered shirt away long ago, and surprisingly he didn’t feel self-conscious going shirtless among the energetic crowd. Especially not now that the pretty blondes’ hands roamed over his bare chest. Natsu quickly sat up before he became too absorbed with her wandering hands, tightening the scarf around his neck before helping her up and sheepishly apologising.

“No, no, no,” She smiled at him, “Don’t be sorry! It was Gray’s fault. He’s so meeeean.“

The girl pouted and Natsu felt a smirk pulling at his lips. He had no idea who Gray was, but he was very glad that they’d chosen to shrug her off their shoulders, for whatever reason.

Seeing his smirk, the girl’s laughter died off and she bit her lip in thought. She stepped closer, invading his personal space. His breath hitched when she placed a hand back on his chest.

“Thanks,” She told him, her voice low, before leaning up on her tip-toes and placing a light kiss on his cheek.

Her lips were sticky with pink lip gloss, and he found himself wondering what they tasted like when she drew back.

Her hand remained on his chest.

“Y’know, you’re pretty cute,“ She mused aloud.

“Erm…” He had no idea what to reply. He’d never been called cute before.

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“The most important thing in the world is family and love.”-John Wooden

Garfield blinked awake. He squinted into the darkness, his eyes quickly adjusting to the low light. A flash of pale skin caught his attention, and Garfield sat up. “Rae?”

She paused, hovering at the edge of the bed. It was then that Garfield could hear the gentle crying drifting in from the other room. He was up immediately, trying to usher the empath back into bed. “Go on back to sleep, Rae, I’ve got this.”

Raven wavered reluctantly, her gaze darting towards their bedroom door. “Are you sure? He might be hungry.”

Garfield chuckled. “Well, if he is I’ll come get you.” He leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss on her forehead. “Now go back to sleep, okay?” Garfield didn’t wait for her to answer; instead he padded to the door and slipped out into the hall.

The cries grew louder as Garfield crept through the little apartment. He carefully opened the door and peered within. A smile quickly tugged at his lips as the outline of the crib caught his gaze. Garfield slipped into the room and flipped on a lamp, calmly padding up to the little crib. “Hey, little guy,” he cooed. His sharp nose caught the foul scent of a soiled diaper, and Garfield carefully scooped up the wailing newborn.

Chester Mark Logan, only three weeks old. Raven had picked the name; she’d read it somewhere in one of her many novels. Garfield hadn’t been fond of it at first; after all, he felt his own name sounded old. But after a lot of negotiating, or, on Raven’s end, insisting, the name had grown on him.

Garfield undid his son’s sleeper, mentally bracing himself. He was getting good at changing diapers. It was still disgusting, seeing the weirdly colored poop his child produced, but years of soiled food rotting in the fridge seemed to have prepared him.

The poop was just as bizarre as expected, and Garfield had to hold his breath to take it off and dump it in the trashcan. He snagged a wipe and cleaned Chester up, humming softly under his breath. The little newborn had settled down a bit, seemingly pleased that the soiled diaper was removed. He cooed up at Garfield, his big, purple eyes sparkling in the lamplight. “Hey, little dude,” Garfield murmured. Chester cooed in response, waving his little green fists in the air. It was utterly adorable. Then again, everything about Chester was adorable.

Despite the fact that his son had inherited his…green-ness, Garfield couldn’t see Chester as anything less than perfect. He’d always struggled with feeling attractive and handsome, and it wasn’t until he fell in love with Raven that he started to see that aspect of himself. And now, with Chester, he really saw it. The kid was a handsome little thing, green skin and all.

A pair of arms slipped around his waist, and Garfield jumped in surprise. Raven’s familiar scent washed over him, and he leaned into her touch. “I thought I told you to go back to bed?” he teased. Raven hummed into his back.

“You were taking too long; I wanted to make sure everything was okay.”

Garfield chuckled. “What, don’t trust me with a diaper?”

His wife pulled away, and he turned to see a smile lighting up her features. He stilled, admiring the joy sparkling in her eyes. Even now, at two o’clock in the morning, wearing rumbled nightclothes and a messy bun, she was still the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on. And he was lucky enough to call her his wife.

“You’re better with it than I am,” she murmured, her voice light with amusement. Garfield rolled his eyes and grinned. This was surprisingly true. Raven was a pro at figuring out what Chester needed when he cried, thanks to her emphatic abilities no doubt, but changing diapers was not her forte. The first time she tried, Raven had taken one look at the diaper’s contents and fled the room, leaving Garfield to do damage control. Which didn’t quite go so well; he’d nearly thrown up a few times until the diaper was changed and their son was cleaned up.

Now, though, changing diapers was a breeze. Garfield scooped Chester up and cradled him against his chest. He smiled softly as the little baby yawned and snuggled close, already drifting off to dreamland. A light touch grazed his arm, and he looked up to meet Raven’s gentle gaze.

“You’re so good at this,” she said. Garfield grinned.

“Eh, I’m alright. You on the other hand, are a goddess.” His statement earned him an eyeroll and a peck on the cheek, much to his pleasure. Raven leaned on his shoulder and slung her arms around his waist, smiling that beautiful smile he loved so damn much. How he ever got so lucky to have such an amazing family, Garfield didn’t know. He wasn’t sure if he’d ever know, but he wasn’t going to complain. Gifts like these were hard to come by, and he planned on loving his family with everything he had.

“You know, I wasn’t sure if I could have kids,” he murmured. Raven blinked up at him, her smile disappearing.


Garfield shrugged awkwardly, trying not to disturb Chester. “Yeah, well, messed up genes, remember?” He snorted, dropping his gaze to his son. “I mean, I could have gone to a lab and gotten tested or whatever. But…I guess I was afraid of the answer.”

Raven squeezed him in a one arm hug and pressed a kiss onto his shoulder. “It’s alright. I suppose I never knew if I could have children either.” There was a warmth to her voice despite her words, and Garfield blinked at her.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I am a half-breed,” she said with a rueful smile. “It was possible I’d be sterile like a mule. However, my father is not mortal, so I already figured things didn’t quite work how they normally would.”

Garfield hummed thoughtfully. She had a point he hadn’t even considered before. Biologically speaking, two species similar enough could copulate, but if they differed too greatly, the resulting offspring was typically sterile. Like mules, for instance. Or ligers. But since Trigon was a demonic entity from another dimension, it made sense that magic was most likely involved.

Which had a tendency to make things a bit…interesting.

Chester stirred in his arms, snagging Garfield’s attention. “Do you think he’ll inherit our powers?”

Raven shrugged. “It’s hard to say. Our powers are so different…there’s no telling what combination could arise.”

They both stared silently at their child, apprehension and wonder filling the air between them. Garfield held him close, feeling suddenly protective. Powers or not, he’d do whatever he could to make Chester’s life as good as he possibly could.

He’d let Chester stay a kid for as long as he could.

Raven carefully pried their son from his arms, cradling him to her chest. “It’s time to let him sleep,” she murmured, shooting him a gentle smile. She kissed Chester’s head and laid him in the cradle, cooing words of comfort under her breath.

Garfield smiled at the sight. What a lucky man he was, indeed.

I got it to work. Victory is mine. Also, Garfield is the best dad, confirmed. 

-mod vixensheart

HTTYD FanFiction: Blizzards and Hiccups

               Title: Blizzards and Hiccup’s

               Requested by: AnaWinchester-Universe67

               Summary: A blizzard hits the Edge hard, and everyone has decided it’s safer to stick together in the clubhouse. But the first cold weather of the season always comes hard for Hiccup, and the others didn’t know about it until the prize is already being paid.

               Genre: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort

               Rating: K

               Time-Line: Post RTTE Season 4

               A/N: Haha so many of these stories are Hiccup!Whumps… Heck, I’m alright with that though! XD

               “I-i-i-i-i-t-t’s t-t-to c-c-col-l-ld…” Ruffnut chattered, staggering into the clubhouse while bundled in an oversized bear coat.

               Tuffnut dashed in past her, he too bundled in a matching coat. In his arms he held a blanketed bundle, which he dropped by the fire pit table. “Here you go, Chicken. Nice and warm!”

               Snotlout ran in, slamming the door shut behind him. “WHY IS IT SO COOOLLLDDD!?” He howled, rubbing his arms as he made his way to the fire pit. “Morning, Astrid.” He greeted grumpily on his way.          

               “Hey.” She replied, standing up from her huddled place on her chair. “I was smart and slept here last night with Stormfly.”

               “Where is she now?” Snotlout asked, glancing about hopefully.

               “Back at the stables. She was starting to get antsy… and well…” She gestured towards a small stain on the floor. “I thought we’d prefer a bit colder environment to living in dragon dung.”

               “I’m not so sure.” Tuffnut muttered, his teeth chattering. “I’d rather sleep in nice warm dragon dung then a cold wooden floor any day.”

               Snotlout pretended to gag behind them, making a disgusted face.

               The door slid open again, and in stumbled the two forms of Hiccup and Fishlegs. Everyone groaned when they realized it was snowing hard, and both teens were covered in a thin sheet of white.

               “Guys.” Hiccup announced, stumbling further inside, his arms wrapped around himself as he tried to contain body heat. “I-I-I think it wo-would be b-best if y-you all ca-came to my h-hut… The forge has b-been l-lit all n-night so it-it’s nice and-and t-toasty…”

               Snotlout barreled past him, nearly knocking the one-legged Viking over in the process. Ruff followed quickly, none of them saying anything as they disappeared out in the storm. Tuff grabbed his chicken, gave a little salute then hurried to follow the others.

               Hiccup shivered and turned to Astrid, giving a little smile. “C-c-come on… it-it’s fre-freezing here…”

               She laughed and wrapped her arm around his, then Hiccup cranked the door open and they ducked out the door. She gave a small gasp when the frigid air hit her full blast and she instinctively shut her eyes against the stinging wind and sleet. She felt herself stumble and forced herself to open her eyes so she didn’t collapse in the snow.

               It seemed like it took years to make the short trip to Hiccup’s hut. When they finally arrived, she did not hesitate to crank the door open and hurry inside, dragging Hiccup along with her.

               There were already blankets sprawled about the place, while the other riders huddled in chairs around the fire while sipping at steaming cups of hot cocoa. Fishlegs was scuttling about looking quite happy to be the waiter, although when Snotlout shouted for his fifth refill he looked rather irritated, replying with the answer that he did not wish to deal with a puking Snotlout all day.

               Astrid instantly felt the warmth seep into her skin and she sighed in relief. The room really was toasty, most likely the warmest place on the Edge at the moment. She mentally slapped herself for not coming here first, she should’ve known Hiccup would light the forge on such a chilly evening.

               “Here you go, Astrid.” Fishlegs said with a flourish, handing her a cup of hot chocolate. “Want some, Hiccup?”

               “Naw… I’m good.”

               Astrid smiled as she grabbed a blanket and sat on a bench near the fire. She turned to Hiccup, smiling and patting the space beside her and urging him to join her.

               As soon as he settled down she moved closer, resting her head against his shoulder while he wrapped an arm around her shoulder, letting it rest against the back of the bench. She leaned back and sighed with contentment, realizing she’d have no problem what so ever spending the entire day like this.

               “Eww, Hiccstrid’s at it again.” Tuffnut whined, faking a gagging motion into his fist.

               Ruffnut looked rather dreamy eyed as she stared at the two lovers, giving a happy smile when Hiccup let his head rest against Astrid’s hair. “Hey, I think it’s sweet.” The girl said with a tilt of her head and a sigh, the smile never leaving her face.

               Astrid chose to ignore the others, instead relishing in Hiccup’s warm presence and the nice smell of chocolate wafting from the cup. She stared at the flames hazily, feeling dazed and tired from the restless night of fitful sleep. It had been much too cold of her to rest comfortably, but here it was almost overly warm- but not quite. It was just right, and made perfect by Hiccup’s arm wrapped around her and his head leaning against hers…

               Suddenly, out of the blue, she felt him tense up beside her. His arm around her stiffened, and his hand fell of her arm and instead clenched into a fist.

               “Something wrong?” She asked, feeling alarm claw at her stomach. She pulled back when he didn’t respond, and she tilted her head so she could look up into his face. “Hiccup..?

               He exhaled shakily before nodding, his hand in his lap relaxing and he began to breathe again- not at all steady and rather heavily but breathing none the less.

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Soar (revalink oneshot)

The meeting between Link and Revali in Link’s memories, through Revali’s eyes. Spoiler warning!

Pairing: revalink (revali x link)

Fandom: Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild

Rating: G

Word Count: 703

Warnings: Spoilers.

Vah Medoh soared high overhead, cutting through the sky with ease. Link raised a hand to shield his eyes from the blaring sun, examining the divine beast. Distracted, he didn’t notice the small burst of wind coming from below him until it turned into a large gust. Link grunted, examining the area around him until a rito came soaring up to the platform from below.

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30 Day Fic Challenge - Day Four

I picked thirty words from a random word generator, and I’m going to write a hiccstrid fic based on each every day.

Sorry today’s isn’t as long or as good as the other ones. Not feeling myself today. Hopefully tomorrow’s will be better!

island, warm, chief, scheme, halloween, kissing, heist, song, zoo, birthday, winter, gift, lovesick, honeymoon, ocean, love, dancing, playground, kitten, colours, protection, abandoned, helpless, flowers, young, fire, lethal, anger, gossip, daydreamer

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Day Four: Scheme

“We need to talk about the elephant in the room,” Heather said, addressing the room.

“What elephant?” Tuffnut said, jumping up and twisting this way and that, looking all around the room. “There’s no elephant here!”

“It’s an expression.”

“Ah.” Tuffnut stroked his chin. “So it’s an invisible elephant.”  

“No, it’s-”

She was interrupted by Tuffnut taking on a battle position, his fists raised in the air and waving at nothing. “We’re onto you!” he yelled at nothing. 

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The One At The Fanmeet// Kunpimook Bhuwakul

Originally posted by awesomemeowww

Pairing: Bambam x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You met your love at a fanmeet.

Author’s note: I’M. SOFT. K. BYE.

xoxo Sara

You waited anxiously for the lights on the stage to go down, your heart pumping faster than it ever had before. Your friend gripped your hand beside you, her Jaebum fan shaking on both you and her as you looked at the empty stage.

You waited your whole life for this. You couldn’t begin to think of the words that you could possibly say to them–or more importantly, to him.

It seemed like only a few months ago, you and your friend waited in a waiting room a ticket site all morning, hands shaking and waiting for the clock to strike 10 AM to try and get Fanmeet tickets for the one and only GOT7. You had prepared for months beforehand, as soon as the fanmeet tour was announced, you began to save every penny you had just so you could attempt to snag two of the highest tier tickets; one for you, and one for your friend. And somehow, with shaky fingers and your quick reaction time to the clock striking 10, you were able to get them.

You waited online as soon as you were able to line up, ending up being one of the first people online early morning on the cold winter day, but you didn’t mind. You began to think of his smiling face and how, in mere minutes, you were going to maybe hold his hand, and that made it all worth it.

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our pursuit of a path
Shallura week day 2 - names
(it’s still day 2 here in CA OKAY)
rating: g

props to @norationalthoughtrequired for being the other brain behind Kaiya.

Allura sat up against him, setting the book she’d been flipping through aside for a bit as she rubbed at a spot on her very round belly.  When Shiro rested his hand over the spot, Allura’s fingers slipped between his.

“Everything okay?”

“She’s being very active.  Do you feel her?”

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ilona-the-hedgehog  asked:

Since you said that Eggman probably ships Sonamy, could you do a prompt where eggman sets up a plan to bring Sonic and Amy together? (Preferably Boom eggman since we know that he actually is interested in Sonic's love life) 😏😏

I’m sorry for the lateness!!! I’ve had a lot of things to do in life and I just never found the time!

But I’m sacrificing time to write this cause I’m excited too and care about you! Thanks for the prompt request and here I go!


“Huh… this is a strange anomaly.” Eggman leaned against his control panel, his robots all swarming Sonic as he had his arms spread out, seeming to have just finished explaining himself.

Casually, Eggman put a hand to his hip and shrugged, “So why do you need my help?”

“Because… according to Tails… you know you’re stuff.” Sonic looked away, rubbing his arm as he hunched over, apparently embarrassed to admit it.

He gestured to Eggman, who slowly lit up at the praise and felt the energy rise in him, giddily smiling and waving his fists around like a shipper in the air.

“Oooh, Okay, I’ll do! But first, we have got to do something about those shoes…” he suddenly strut a pose as he stuck a leg out and looked down at Sonic’s feet, Sonic following the gaze, not sure what he meant.

“I mean really..? Bandages and sneakers? Pah. What? You want to make her think you’re ‘hip’ or ‘cool’ or something? Come on! AH!” he swished a hip out to further his point before it cracked, snapping into place before he cried out for Cubot and Orbot, relaxing when it was pushed back into place and bent over.

“Ah, much better… Anyway, as I was saying. You need to be vulnerable and sensitive. Women are primal like that. They can sense your shaky, short, low self-esteem breathes and sweaty armpits from shame and anxiety from humiliation as fast as you can put a puppy in front of them and have them dote all over it. NOW, you’re the puppy!” he suddenly dramatically pointed to Sonic, as he flinched back.

“All these shows these days keep makin’ it look like a you gotta strut your stuff and show some muscle. BAH! Women want to protect YOU. Care for you~” he suddenly started acting out a woman, before dashing down and gripping Sonic’s bandanna and tugging it up. “DIE FOR YOU.”

“Egh!” Sonic’s frown pulled back, a little spooked.

“It’s all rather simple actually.” Eggman dropped him like a hot potato and walked non-nonchalantly to his computers, putting his hands behind his back.

“Oh sure… I can help you be the sap story Amy will fawn all over and have her little heart melt in excitement as she slowly takes over your life- BUT! On one condition~” Eggman raised a point finger up, smiling mischieviously down to Sonic, looming over him and moving closer.

Sonic, still on the ground, quickly kicked away before finally getting up, pinned by a chair.

“T…Take over my… life!?” his knees started to slightly shake, as he looked down, eyes wide. “AH! What’s that!?”

“Oh, that’s normal.” Eggman shrugged, “Just your body prepping for a life full of empty dreams and nagging criticism over your job, your joys, the way you slurp your cereal in the morning!” he suddenly shook a fist up towards the ceiling. “CURSE YOU TEENAGE YEARS!!!”

“Wait, you were… with someone?” Sonic raised an eyebrow, confused how that could ever happen.

“I’m old Sonic, not deprived.” Eggman grumbled back at him, before walking towards Cubot who was holding a rolled up paper of a plan and agreement, as he swiped it out of his robotic hands fiercely, and then smiled a salesman’s look to Sonic, opening it up.

“Here’s the agreement that I’ll help set up this little ‘hang out’ session with Amy that she totally thinks is a date, and all you have to do is sign below the dotted line here~”

“A contract? H-hold on a second..” Sonic was suddenly pushed forward by Orbot and Cubot, as he tried to kick back before being placed in front of the table with the paper…

“H..How? How on earth did you already have this made!?” Sonic gestured to it, still a little dumbfounded by that small fact…

“Sonic, as your evil genius and prime adversity in life, I must be prepared at all times to thwart- *HACK-COUGH* I mean- ehem, accommodate my mortal enemy in any and all possibilities of a sudden ‘change’ in lifestyle. After all. if I don’t watch out for you, whose gonna destroy your village for you in the morning?”

“Wow… um.. touching… Eggman. But, I don’t sign anything without my lawyer.” Sonic put the pen down, folding his arms.

“Whose your lawyer?” Eggman raised an eyebrow, surprised by his legal notion.


“HA! You want your BEST friend knowing about your little… enterprise with the enemy?” he waved his hands up, as if showing how awfully embarrassing that would be.

“W-well…” Sonic looked down, second-guessing himself.

Eggman came in for the kill, moving from being over one shoulder, to the other, as he seemed to be the little devil on his shoulder.

“You would be a laughing stock! The famous Sonic The Hedgehog, stumped on how to set up even a simple date~”

“ALRIGHT! I’ll sign the stupid thing! But this is the last time I make bargains with you!” Sonic started signing his name, snatching the pen up from Orbot’s hand as he hurriedly scribbled his name.

Eggman snickered, rubbing his hands together before swiping the paper from Sonic’s hand which was handing it to him, and then hurriedly pushing him out. “And with that! Lots to plan, too many needless things to organize- oh, and do me a favor and actually shower for a change? Oh! Use Comedy’s Chimp’s deodorant! That stuff never messes around!” he slammed the door after waving him goodbye and then left him to look out at nothing and be utterly confused on what just happened.

He then sniffed under his armpit, seeming to freak out that Amy could smell his fear or something like that, and quickly raced away to do what he was told.

“Doctor, I’m afraid I’m a little confused here…” Orbot admitted, following his pacing body as he chuckled by him and tried to speak up toward him where he could hear his concerns.

“I thought you wanted to foil Sonic, not help him in his love life…”

“Fool! That’s exactly what a love-life will do to him!” Eggman shouted for joy, flinging his arms up and then spinning around to his naive little robot.

“If Sonic DOES end up going on sparsed dates with Amy, she’ll have him dragging his feet with all her silly ‘romantic’ demands that I’ll just sweep in and bomb the whole place down, level the ground a bit-” he suddenly had a daydreamed scenario, poorly animated out with chibi-versions of them, and a little tractor leveling out the town as he laughs like an old video game or black and white cartoon, “and finally be able to construct my Eggmanland theme park!” The little Eggman jumps out of the tractor and throws his hands up in victory, having a theme park behind him of scary looking robot animals as his ‘guests’.

He sighs, before Cubot scratched his head.

“I thought you had that contract on the slim possibility of Sonamy ever actually being plausib-!”

Cubot was silenced by Eggman’s mouth slapping right onto his speaker, and glaring down at him.

“That’s still on the agenda! After all, in his miserable state of being a failed hero, he’ll need someone to comfort him and talk his depressed little, oppressed, heart out too~” he beamed, as if this only helped kill two birds with one stone.

“I still don’t quite see how Sonic and Amy having relations beyond friendship solves anything beneficial to your objectives…”

“Oh, shut up, Orbot. You’re ruining all the evil fun.” Eggman got up and started typing computer coordinates in. “While I’m helping getting those to love-hogs together, you and Cubot will take the kids and go play around ‘unfriendly’ towards the village playground! Hahah! While Sonic’s distracted doing the ridiculous things I put in his mind, I’ll have already built the first part of Eggmanland!”

“Gee, I hope this works. Considering true love seems to trump everything these days.” Cubot shook his head. “Man, I hope we’ve really put that behind us and can just let the new generation fend for itself, you know?”

Orbot shook his head at Cubot’s crazy philosophies.

-Time skip-

“Wow, a boat ride? In the middle of the jungle? Huh… I’m impressed Sonic.” Amy took her purse and placed it down on her lap as she sat down, wearing a nicer outfit but nothing too fancy, as Sonic nervously chuckled, having no idea what was happening, but knowing water was not his strong suit..

Eggman, watching from a robot’s camera, clicked on his military walkie-talkie. “The canaries are in the sub, repeat, canaries are now rubber duckies. Initiate ‘drown with serenity’.”

Suddenly, terrifying robotic fish with huge heads and large teeth, sprung their heads out from under the water.

“AH!” the two got spooked, before the robotic fish spun around, their eyes wide, and started squirting out water, doing a little dance before pushing the boat further down the ravine.

“Ah… oh! How lovely!” Amy giggled cutely, “I mean, I hope this didn’t cost you too much. I’d hate to have you pay for the whole day!”

“…Eh…heheh..” Sonic nervously gripped the boat, not liking that her hand had subtly patted his leg before being withdrawn.

He looked away, as if worried what Eggman was up too.

“The Little Mermaid took action! REPEAT, we have physical contact! That woman is a SHARK.” Eggman, pulling his eyes from the tube he was looking through like in a submarine, then used binoculars to look to see Cubot and Orbot getting into position.

Sonic turned on his ear speaker, turning his head so Amy wouldn’t hear as she admired the beautiful scenery of the jungle, and watched the water-work performance.

“Eggman, you there?”

Eggman, without lowering the binoculars, turned on his ‘blue-tooth’ looking ear-piece.

“The Love Doctor’s in. How may I assist you further?”

“Heh, nice try. But this isn’t going anywhere!”

“I assure you, Mr. Hedgehog and Bane of my existence…” he moved his eyes lightly to peek at a map that showed the dangers ahead… rapids, evil and primitive wild-life, and lastly… the grand finale…

The map showed a huge waterfall that scaled off the page unto a little flip-book, which Eggman skillfully turned to show the crashing of a poorly doodled Amy and Sonic, as he smirked with a slight snicker to himself, having drawn a heart by their drowned expressions with their tongues out, eyes drawn as ‘x’s, and floating dead bodies.

“Should be a wonderfully romantic ride.. ever saw Titanic?”


“Good. Great. It’s miserable.” He put his eyes back to the binoculars and then turned to the other camera.

“So, here’s what you do. Be yourself. Just… act…. natural!”

Sonic looked to Amy, nervous.

“…SPEAK DARN YOU! Lighten her up with conversation!”

Sonic’s quills spiked at the noise his ear-piece made, before he adjusted himself and pushed his quills down, pulling at the tie that replaced his usual adventures bandanna.

“Ehem, so..? Do you uhh…” he looked away, holding his hands out. “Like…. water?”

Eggman face-palmed, causing a slap sound effect.

“Umm… well, I kinda do. Yeah. It’s okay.” she shrugged, leaning down and putting her hand in.

When she did, she started talking about how the water feels good when it’s hot outside,… but one of the performing robots saw it, it’s eyes fixating and turning around to it, turning red as he slightly chomped, getting closer and closer…

“BAD DOG! No! You can eat them when they’re falling!”

The fish whimpered away and it’s eyes turned back to blue.

“Ugh,… Imbecile.” he shook his head, before dragging his face down slowly with his hand,… “But still… they’ll be falling alright… hehehe… in more ways then one… HOHOHHOHO!!!”

“…You realize this thing’s still on, right?”

“Opps.” Eggman’s mustache drooped, before he flung to his walkie talkie, “ALL UNITS! ATTACCCKKK!!!”

“Amy, we’ve bee duped!” Sonic got up, as the robotic fishies jumped out fo the water, flying at them.

“JUMP!” Sonic caught Amy as she cried out in shock, and jumped from rock to rock, avoiding the rapids and angry birds and wild-life, before being pushed back by the chomping robotic fishes to the waterfall.

“Shoot!” Sonic looked behind him, seeing the moss making the ground on the rock he was on slippery, as he tried to keep his balance, moving back and forth in his attempts.

“Sssoonic!” Amy cried out, holding him as she used her hammer to knock some of the robotic fishes away. “I change my mind! I HATE the water!”

“You do?” Sonic looked over to her, elated! “So do I!”

He suddenly threw her up, curling down to spin dash and hit two robots in unison, before jumping back and catching her again.

However, the impact of all that movement and Amy’s force made a foot stand up from a slip, and without the extra balance…

“W…Wha… WOOOAHH!!”


The two started falling for the bottom with the sharp, pointy, dangerous rocks-Oh my!

Sticks, Knuckles, and Tails were trying to defend the village, as Tails knocked a robot out with his wrench.

“Where’s Sonic?”

Sticks dived into a robot, ripping it to shreds before pulling out her boomerang and hitting a straggler. “I thought he was with you!”

“I thought they were on a date!” Knuckles shouted out, as the two shook their heads.

Sticks responded, eyelids lowered, “Yeah right”

Tails pffted, “Like that would ever-…Ah! Sonic! I told him about how I wooed Zooey with Eggman’s help! You don’t think..?”

“PFFT. You asked EGGMAN for love advice?” Sticks mocked, putting her hands on her hips.

“PFFFTTTTT, you asked for love advice..? Wait.” Knuckles looked confused.

Suddenly, Sonic and Amy jumped into the frame! Amy back to her usual attire along with Sonic, as the two started taking out robots left and right.

“Ah, now this is a date!” Amy cheered, smashing a few robots.

“I couldn’t agree more!” Sonic took a few out, before getsuring to Amy, “Besides, this is where you shine the most! And that’s… minusing the glitter-gloss…” he motioned to his lips.

“Ah! Hey! For your information, my lips haven’t been chapped in weeks.” Amy over-dramatically swished her hand out from her wrist, making her point and then going to Orbot and Cubot.

“You two surrender?” the power couple stood side by side, looking pretty epic for a moment as the camera angle gave them a moment of glory.

The two bonked into each other, before flailing around and escaping. “AHH!! Don’t destroy us!”

Eggman was banging his head on the map, having watched as Amy and Sonic saved each other, and then took pictures on his Robotic Fishes’s camera, snap-shoting their cute selfies before running off to save their friends.

“DOCTOR! Are you there!? We were toasted!” Cubot shouted out, still running for his life. “I told you true love never dies!”

Eggman suddenly moved his head up slightly,…

As a cute blush on his cheeks and little chibi tears were in his eyes, he stated, “I know.. isn’t it diabolical?” he sniffed.

He watched the screen where the two high-fived, laughing as he sniffed, wiping the tear.

“He has no idea…” he swooned, melting at the sight of his OTP. “Haaa… how horrible TERRIBLE marriage is gonna be like!” Eggman slammed his fist down, then raised it to the ceiling again.


(Bible reference… hope that’s okay..?-sweatdrop- Also, marriage is not terrible. It can be beautiful. Just saying, Eggman’s not a good role model to follow, lol. AU-BOOM)

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Confession meme: I won't lie, there have been many times where I've had the urge to deck you hard enough that your gyroscopic stabilizers spin. But I've also had unbelievable desires to kiss you because as frustrating as you are, you're a genuinely nice mech and I value you being in my life.

I…Asides from the decking, thank you. And whoever you are, please don’t deck me that hard, do you know the damage that can cause to gyroscopic stabilizers?!

It’s strange. I have very similar feelings as that for someone as well. Their lack of regard for safety regulations and concerns makes me want to scream, however they’re kind to me, and beyond intelligent and have a certain manner about them which I can’t seem to get enough of. I haven’t ruled out the possibility that they have brainwashed me, because these feelings don’t make sense to me. The strangest thing about this all is while I do consider that a possibility, I can’t bring myself to walk away from them, or truly care, despite that being the safest thing to do. Somehow, they’ve managed to become more important to me than some of the security regulations I live by. Perhaps one day I’ll drop by the lab and confess, but for now, I’ll wait.

When they discover their s/o is scared of butterflies

This one was a hard for me because I love butterflies!  I’m literally that person who has butterfly necklaces and rings and earrings and shirts, etc.  I hope you like it though! I tried really hard! :( 

Originally posted by thekpopquartet


 He might be taken aback at first.  When he initially sees the way you ducked hurriedly out of the way when a butterfly fluttered by a little too close, he doesn’t notice the winged creature right away.  Instead he might jump at the sudden motion and just blink at you with slightly wide eyes.  But when he asks what’s wrong and you answer him that you hate butterflies because they’re scary and too up in your business, this guy is going to laugh.  Not in the ‘I’m making fun of you way’ but rather the ‘good lord you are adorable’ kind of way.  He’ll think it’s cute the way you shy away from them and will wordlessly steer you away from them.  Mark is the kind of guy that will keep an eye out for the critters in the future and try to put himself between you and them all without you noticing.  It’s his own quiet way of protecting you without being over the top.  “Don’t worry about them, babe, I won’t let them get close to you.” (insert cute grin)

Originally posted by mintokkies


 He might be a bit dumbfounded, honestly.  He’s going to look at the butterfly that’s sitting on the park bench he was headed over to with you and then at you standing there glaring at it and refusing to move any closer.  Confusion, perplexity, 404 Not Found Error.  It’s a butterfly.  It’s not a bee or anything he might think is scary.  I feel like Jaebum is the type to ask a lot of questions.  ‘Why are you afraid of them?’ ‘when did this start?’ ‘blah, blah, blah,’ He’s a fixer, so he might try to get you to overcome your fear of butterflies.  It might start with small things like fake butterflies and videos of them.  If he saw progress it would definitely encourage him to step up his game, however, if you’re reaction is anything like mine with spiders (i can’t even look at them on a tv screen without flinching and freaking out) then he’ll definitely stop.  Above all else, you are his priority and your happiness is all he wants.  He’s going to accept you no matter what, even if he is stubborn and wants to help in his own way.  “Butterflies?  Really, jagi?” “They’re scary okay!” (cute amused chuckle and tight hug) “whatever you say, babe.”

Originally posted by got7gifs


 He’s another one that will initially be very surprised and a little bit off kilter with the new information.  Not in a bad way, though!  Jinyoung, for all his bravado, is a super caring person.  He’s not known as the mother of GOT7 for nothing.  He won’t force you to change how you feel about them, either.  I think Jinyoung would just accept it as a part of who you are.  But, this IS Jinyoung, so expect him to tease you a bit about it.  He does it in the most loving way possible, but no worries if the teasing really bothers you, because he’ll stop immediately.  He’s a very conscientious person.  Like Mark, he’ll find your fear of butterflies to be really endearing.  He also strikes me as super cheesy, so if he starts saying things like ‘who needs butterflies anyway?  You’re way prettier!’ don’t be surprised.  “Aww, jagiyah, are you afraid of butterflies?” *frantic nodding* *hugs you closely* “Don’t worry, I won’t let the mean butterflies get you” (cue arm slapping)  

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After survivor not amestris, did Jeff Probst ever get that Emma he was hoping for?

You mean the Emmy? Well, anon friend, I’d imagine it went something like this. Hope you enjoy whatever bizarre nonsense this is:


Alfons Heiderich unceremoniously bursts through the doors of Roy Mustang’s office in Central Command. Ed clutches his chest with a start, whirling around on his heels. Beside him is Alphonse in his human form at last, staring at the open doorway in horror. He still hasn’t forgotten what the kid did to him on the day of the Survivor reunion show.

Roy glances up from a pile of paperwork he wasn’t actually doing, but instead doodling a sheep on its margin. “What the hell is Jeff Probst’s assistant doing in my office?”

Across the room, a pencil snaps. Everyone momentarily directs their attention to Riza who had broken it in rage.

Alfons Heiderich. The one who doctored those photos of her using alchemy, thus, destroying her credibility and reputation in the game.

You,” she whispers with an evil gleam in her eye.

Heiderich gulps and steps out of her view. “Anyway…” He wheels in a giant TV on a rolling cart. “Check out what I brought from the other world!”

“How did you even get here!?” Ed demands, finally finding words for this completely impossible situation. “We sealed the portals in the 03 canon!”

Heiderich tilts his head to the side. “Plot convenience, obviously.”

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In which Technus tries to forcibly become the new manager of an electronics shop.

“S-see? Then y-you just press ‘sale’, a-and the order will go s-straight through.”

Technus glared at the POS system, giving it the sort of staring down that was only appropriate for inferior technology. The register was so old that it could, indeed, barely be considered a register; it no longer locked at all after a transaction (even if you used the key), nor did it pop out after pressing sale — you had to pull it out yourself. You had to pull it out yourself! What cheek. What lack of charm! How could a high-tech hip-and-cool electronics shop be working with such… such filth?

“I, Technus, greatly disapprove of this deplorable excuse for modern technology!” he said. Anyone else would have called it shouting, but unfortunately for the windows and everyone around him, this was his Normal Voice. “Female Working Slave, how is it you have allowed yourself to become so inexorably tied to inferiority?!”

A few emotions ran over her face, battling endlessly behind her mouth and eyes over whether she wanted to take that insult to heart or just run. Instead, she opted for freezing. Technus, MASTER OF TECHNOLOGY AND ALL THINGS ELECTRONIC AND BEEPING, didn’t understand. Why was the Female Working Slave not replying to him? Could it have been she was so ashamed of her inferior barely-point-of-sale mechanical machine? Or perhaps was she — was she proud of this atrocity, so proud that she might have taken insult to any attack upon it?

The situation could use some considerable thought. But Technus didn’t see any way that someone couldn’t be ashamed in such an embarrassing situation.

“Female Working Slave!” he began. The windows shuddered in their frames. “Today we shall procure a superiorly functioning point-of-sale electronical mechanical machine!”

She nodded, equally as mechanically as her POS system’s struggle to do anything other than add two digits together.

“Now, you will show me to your world’s point-of-sale mechanical machine hoard!”

More mechanical nodding. Technus didn’t understand why she looked so utterly traumatised, as he wasn’t even trying to be scary at this point — merely recommending some desperately needed upgrades. But this nodding soon stopped and turned into a distressed shake, and she nearly doubled over whilst trying to communicate anything at all.

“What?!” said Technus.

“I-I said-d that we d-don’t have POS ssystemss here,” said the Female Working Slave. “Sh-shop. Order f-from shop!”

“Is this not a shop dedicated to the latest in electronical and mechanical goods?”


“Well, then we should procure these futuristic, hip-and-cool POS systems for this futuristic, hip-and-cool shop!”

“Please,” said the Female Working Slave, gathering some resolve. “Just let the manager out of the cupboard and go away!”

Technus wasn’t going to have a bar of that, oh no! “That so-called ‘manager’,” he said, sneering, “did not even know how to combine inferior technologies together to create superior technologies! He is not worthy of being called manager of this great electronical establishment!”

“But it’s not yours,” she said, even more quietly.

“Possession should only be for those worthy of keeping such items!” Technus had both fists in the air, one of them waving about his electric staff in an eccentric manner, as the Female Working Slave ducked under it to avoid a four-thousand-volt electric shock. Technus barely seemed to notice. “You will assist me to run this shop in a worthy and respectable manner!”

At that moment, a customer walked in, took one look at Technus, yelped, and walked back out very, very quickly. Neither Technus nor the assistant noticed.

“Yes,” she said, in barely a whimper.

“This is most excellent!” said Technus. “Now, you will do as I say, and we will have the greatest electronics shop in all the lands!”

I Love You. I Hate You.- One Shot - Bucky x Reader

Originally posted by insanityofthemoon

Bucky x Reader - Reader is having her period. A hormonal week begins. Poor Bucky.

Warnings:: Fluff,  Mentions of cramps and such. Y’know the crap us females have to tolerate on a monthly basis.

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Do you guys know about any other fics that are similar to like NARKOTIKA'S FTM Stiles? She just does a wonderful work with how the story is writing with FTM Stiles and stiles not being referenced as a woman but technically still having female genitalia.

We recently updated our trans!Stiles tag here and here’s the NARKOTIKA fic for anyone else. Enjoy!

Originally posted by hiddlestonedonloki

When All the Pieces Fit by NARKOTIKA

(1/1 I 2,695 I Explicit I Sterek)

“Does he even realize? With the cooking and cleaning andandand—now this fucking baby?” Isaac fumes.

Said baby waves its fist in the air, and Stiles bends to haul him onto a hip. The baby babbles something and Stiles nods his head with complete seriousness, as if everything out of its mouth is perfectly sensible and coherent. Then the kid starts mouthing at Stiles’ nipple through his dress and everyone goes dead silent.

“I’m going to wife him so hard,” Ethan announces, and they all break out into argument over who has the best chance at mating the boy in the river.

“Helpless When She Smiles”

By: snowbellewells (TutorGirlml on ff.net)

Here’s today’s addition to the CS Wedding fics theme.  This one does feature Charming again, but it’s more DaddyCharming reflection than Captain Charming bonding this time around.  Hope you enjoy!  This one has always held a special place in my heart…

Originally posted by naiariddle

“Helpless When She Smiles”

From the very moment she was born, all he had ever wanted was for his daughter to be happy. As an infant, still squalling and red, tiny fist waving in the air, he had bent to kiss her forehead and heard Snow quietly grieving, begging him to take Emma to the wardrobe, he had wanted nothing more than to keep his only child safe, to hold on even a second longer, despite being impelled to let her go. Tears had spilled down his face unashamedly after gathering her tiny body to his chest while swords flashed and he fought his way through Regina’s guards. When he’d placed her on the floor of the enchanted wardrobe, closed the door, and sent her beyond his reach and knowledge, he had surrendered to his wounds with calm acceptance, knowing he left behind a world where he had already lost his little princess before he could know her.

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Heard That.

A Liam Dunbar imagine. 

This was requested! 

Can you do one where the reader is a werewolf and overhears Liam talking to Mason about how hot she is and she hears? 

     You had only been at Beacon Hills high school for about a week now, as you had recently moved to town with your family due to word getting out about your family secret, deeming it unsafe. It was an accident, really. Your brother, who is a werewolf, thought he was alone when he transformed. He had been in an empty area in the woods, and hadn’t done it because of the full moon, or because he was going to randomly go on a killing spree. Sometimes it just felt good to let your claws grow and your eyes glow. But, much to his dismay, he thought wrong, and there were a few teenagers hanging out in the area and had heard a few of his growls. They decided to check it out, and found your brother. They wasted no time reporting it and causing a full blown investigation, and although there were quite a few skeptics, there were quite a few believers, too. 

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Dammit, tumblr!!

Stop unfollowing my favorite people!!!! And while we’re at it, I don’t think thickcocksbigtits and I are cut out for a long-lasting relationship. But thanks for looking out for my best interests and flagging my video of ocean waves. Totally legit call on your end.

*shakes fist in air*