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I wrote a thing earlier in the evening (technically last night because it’s now one thirty in the morning) and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t make sense but I thought I’d post it!

If you hadn’t noticed, I love it when Steve and Tony meet as strangers and are almost immediately smitten.

Rainfall had always been a peaceful part of nature.

It was soothing and calming, the way the drops of water fell down from the sky and hit the ground with an almost gentle sound. The pitter patter of rain drops, soft on the ears and the rich smell of earth which soon followed after.

Steve stared at the rain from his shelter on the train platform, his sketchbook tucked safely in his jacket. He had forgotten his backpack again, a stupid move, but he didn’t think that the rain would meet him here. The weather forecast had also promised a day of clear skies and sunshine, the weatherman giving him that terribly wide smile as he encouraged people to enjoy the day, to have fun in the sun.

A scoff left from Steve as he rolled his eyes before licking at a stray raindrop that came to rest between his lips. He had gotten caught in the sudden downpour and since he had forgotten his backpack, he had forgotten his umbrella too. So, he was soaked and in need of some warmth clothes, maybe a punching bag to release all his anger out on. The only thing that was relatively dry was his sketchbook and to think that he had thought about ditching his jacket today.

The whole day hadn’t exactly been the best and it only seemed to be going downhill. He had missed his bus on the way to work so he ended up ten minutes late. It was lucky that the manager and owner of the store was a good friend of his because Peggy gracefully let it slide. He was then hit on by multiple people today, several asking for his number and complimenting how well-fitted his shirt was. It didn’t help that Natasha and Bucky were trying their goddamn hardest not to burst in laughter as they dealt with customers. Paint somehow managed to get onto said well-fitted shirt, the shirt being white so there was no luck in getting that stain out. Then everything seemed to dial down from there until he closed the shop and found out that it was raining outside.

It was raining cats and downs as he sprinted for bus stop, nearly missing the bus that would take him to the station. He was sure that he had the look of a mad man on his face as he slumped into a wonderfully free seat and sulked all the way to his stop.

Now he was here, waiting for his train to arrive so he could just get home.

The platform wasn’t busy today, three more people were there with him as they waited for the train themselves.

There was a mother talking animatedly with her child, her face bright as her child giggled and reached up to cup their mother’s cheeks. The gesture softened the mother’s eyes and Steve felt himself smile at the sight, thinking wistfully for his own mother who rested in a hospital room.

The second was a well-dressed businessman with his briefcase and umbrella in one hand and his other hand holding up a phone to his ear. He seemed angry, his eyebrows furrowed as his mouth moved fast, loud words pouring out of it as his left wing-tipped shoe covered foot tapped angrily. Steve vaguely wondered what kind of conversations could make someone so angry but then he remembered, having had similar ones himself.

The last person was a teenage girl, earphones plugged in and her music turned up loud, a way of ignoring the world. Her gaze never moved as she simply stared in front of her, looking at the scatter of rain drops. A backpack was slung around one shoulder and a small grey cardigan rested in her arm, she seemed tired.

Steve was tired too.

With nothing interesting left to look at, he decided to look at the platform across from them and found something…well, quite interesting.

There was no one else there except for a young man who was reading a book. He was dressed rather simply, a pair of dark jeans and a sweater that looked two sizes too big. He had a head of dark curls which looked soft and almost a light brown in the overhead light. Steve didn’t know why but he couldn’t bring himself to look away because he wanted to see the man’s face. It was quite a weird thought but it was a heavy want, one that sat right on his chest.

Then he got his wish and he was stunned.

The man lifted his head up and a pair of dark brown doe-eyes were the first thing that Steve noticed. He then took in the slightly soft jawline and the smooth cheeks, pale pink lips and a straight nose. Steve almost cringed at how he sounded like a damn cliché but he couldn’t deny the fact that this man was beautiful.

It then occurred to him that he had been staring for the past two minutes and he managed to look away before he completely embarrassed himself.

The train on the other side was nearing the station and Steve watched it pull in, sadly seeing the man step in and sit himself down by a window seat. It wasn’t unusual to see attractive people at the train station but this was the first time that Steve felt a sort of longing. He actually wouldn’t mind getting to know this man and talking to him, getting to know what he does and what he was ready.

He was…interested.

Peggy and his mother would scream if they ever heard this.

But it wasn’t meant to be and this was one of those moments that just happen. There was never a chance that he’d see that man again because people never see the same person twice. Especially at the train station. The thought of that was quite painful for Steve to admit and he resigned himself to waiting for his train so he could carry on his life.

Things did have a funny way of happening though.

His attention was caught again by a sound of loud knocking and Steve turned towards it, expression curious, before his eyes widened in surprise.

Right there, on the train, was the young man smiling at him through the window and holding up a piece of paper with big writing on it.

It read:


Steve couldn’t smile any wider if he tried as his heart started to pound against his chest and he hurried to get his sketchbook so he could write a response but it was too late.

Tony waved, grinning as the train pulled out of the station and Steve waved back frantically, uncaring of how stupid or desperate he may look in front of the three people there.

He looked at the train until it was gone and the wide smile never left as he tried to keep down the laughter of disbelief bubbling in his throat.

It seemed like he wasn’t the only squealing on the inside as the teenager girl looked like she had witnessed something incredibly great, due to what she had just seen.

It was turning out to be a good day after all.


A few pearls of laughter fell from his lips.

And he thinks I’m cute too.

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idk why but i imagine P being at the late late show recording and whenever harry said "holy shit" she'd gasp and look at the missus telling her daddy said a bad word

She’d be sat on the missus’ lap to the side of the set, close to where they were playing Flinch so the both of them could see what was really happening but not too close to where the splash back of the fruit would hit them, hands wrapped around her to keep her from running off to see her daddy - knowing she had a tendency to bolt towards him when he was near. Giggles erupting from her when Harry would wave in her direction when the cameras were off air for breaks, frantically waving back at him and wiggling her fingers as he spoke to the other guests on the show, not being allowed to bolt over to his girls to see how they were doing and whether they were enjoying the show.

When the show starts back up again, and James is pouring the tea in the cup, the missus is too much in awe of watching her husband laugh and be his cheeky and silly self that when he swears, she was completely oblivious to the tiny ears that were sat with her. Persephone’s eyes widening as she turned her head up to her, hands tapping against her forearm to catch her attention.

“Daddy said a bad word, mummy!” She’d whisper loudly, making the crew around the two of them laugh softly, the missus looking down at her, “daddy said a naughty word.”

“He did, didn’t he?” She’d mumble into her hair, amusement lacing her words, “don’t say it though, will you? Daddy’s being naughty. I’ll have to put him in time-out when we get back to the house, yeah?” xx

Fire, Fire

//Chapter 2//

BNHA ;Todomomo ;Two-shot ;863 words ;Rated T

Part 1 is here ! 

Yaoyorozu and Bakugou work together unexpectedly; people misunderstand their newly blossomed friendship. Especially a certain Todoroki Shouto.

Revelating in the awful account he just heard, Todoroki leaned against the lockers that lined the hallway. His fingers rested on the sides of his head, diligently applying pressure to relieve the frustration that built up inside him. He had absolutely no idea why he felt this way but no doubt he felt a fiery burst of emotion back there; it would be safe to say it was a mixture of confusion and anger that Todoroki has never felt before. Sure, he was disgusted and enraged with his own father, but this was different. Maybe he should talk to someone about it. Midoriya? But even if he were to talk to him, how would he start the topic off? ‘Hey, so I heard something about Yaoyorozu and I’m pissed’?

               Todoroki let out a sigh and stuffed his hands in his pockets. He didn’t want to admit it, but having an unemotional personality paved way to too much trouble regarding relationships.

Wait, Todoroki stopped walking for a minute and pondered, what relationship does he even have with Yaoyorozu?

A question clouded with mystery indeed.

“Hey!” A warm voice called. It was Iida Tenya, “Todoroki, you are looking quite perplexed I must say.”

Iida knows best.

“Hey,” Todoroki said and noticed Midoriya waving behind the Class President, “what are you guys up to?”

“Lunch break is almost over, my good friend,” Iida announced, too enthusiastically, “Care to share your worries with us, Todoroki? We could help.”

Midoriya nodded as he held a yakisoba bun in his hands and Todoroki shook his head.

“Nothing, I was just thinking about a question in the homework from last night,” the boy answered, and the three walked towards the classroom.

“Ah! I see! Well I could help you,” Iida smiled, “Or better yet, your seatmate, Ms.Yaoyorozu, would be of better help! She is arguably the most intelligent one in the class after all!”

That struck Todoroki a little harder than it should’ve and without saying a word, he entered the classroom as if nothing happened. Walking towards his desk, he couldn’t help but notice the empty seat beside him. Of course, Kaminari and the crew from before followed him with curious eyes, whispering and exchanging odd looks as he sat down.

“Weird,” Iida scratched his head, “Ms.Yaoyorozu usually gets back to class early during breaks. Well, if your question is urgent then—“

“Iida,” Todoroki butted in with a serious tone, “Nevermind it.”

He sent Iida a glare without realizing it, and gritted his teeth. Iida hesitated a grin, both him and Midoriya were absolutely confused by his sudden show of aggression, and proceeded to return to his seat.

Midoriya turned to his right, examining his friend’s stern expression, making a mental note to message the boy later to check up on him. Right then, the clock struck 1 and everyone scrambled around the class like bees out of a hive before Aizawa had entered.

Everyone except two people.

“Okay class,” Aizawa’s eyes were even duller than usual, “Let’s begin.”

The teacher cocked an eyebrow and started to scan the room, mouth forming a thin line as he noticed the two absentees.

“Where are –“


Panting, Todoroki noticed first thing, was what the creation heroine was doing as she latched onto the doorframe. Her appearance suggested she either ran a marathon or biked ten miles as pieces of hair flew over her flushed face. Sweat beading on her porcelain skin, she looked back waving her arms frantically at a hidden figure behind the doorway.

“Bakugou…hurry up,” she cried, and looked back at Aizawa, apology written all over her expression, “I’m so sorry everyone. Bakugou and I were half way across the campus.”

As if on cue, Mineta moaned in despair while Kaminari snickered. Jirou could only covered her face in agony. The rumours were true after all.

“Hey it wasn’t my fault!” Bakugou yelled and stomped in, hands raised. Aizawa didn’t seem like he cared and gestured for the two to take their places. Lesson started as usual, yet Todoroki couldn’t help but glance over at the girl once in a while, and then to a certain blond.

His hands balled up into a fist. Confrontation wasn’t his forte but now it will be.


Aizawa left the classroom as the sun set, signalling the end of the day. Everyone started to pack up as the classroom bustled with joyful voices. The girl beside him was in the middle of a heated conversation with Jirou, he noticed, leaving no openings for him to cut in. She was gathering her stationery and organizing them neatly in her pencil case. Yaoyorozu began to follow her best friend out the door prompting Todoroki to shoot up from his seat in protest. He had to stop her from leaving now!

He knocked the chair over behind him and opened his mouth to say something when he noticed he was a few seconds too late. She was already out the door. Donning a look of defeat, he caught a familiar voice in the other side of the room and saw Bakugou and Kirishima talking up a storm.

Without a second thought, the boy strided over to the two. Bakugou shifted a little, curious as to why one of his rivals were looking at him with such vex, and was greeted with a powerful tug to his collar.

“Hey what the f—“ Bakugou yelled, eyes wide. Kirishima looked taken aback at the sudden change of events, and he dashed forward to try and pry Todoroki away from the blond boy.

“What’s with you Todoroki?” Kirishima exclaimed, “Calm down!”

“Bakugou…” Todoroki’s voice was unexpectedly calm and collected, contrasting hugely with his actions, “Explain to me why you were with Yaoyorozu today at lunch.”

Bakugou, although restricted, let out a whole-hearted laugh laced with a slight vileness.

Oh two-face over here asked for it, he thought, this is gonna be fun alright.

~Author’s note: I can’t wait to write Bakugou toying with the situation…todo is a lil dramatic ain’t he, haha. Hope y’all enjoy this and chapter 3 onwards, things gonna start getting heated :p 


While Rowan worked on some chores that Riley told her to do, she spotted Neil outside of her window. She waved at him and he waved back frantically. She understood from his pointing and waving that he wanted her to talk to him outside.

Neil: “Hey Rowan! Do you want to play some basket ball with me?”
Rowan: “Hi! I can’t today.. I’m sorry.”
Neil: *pouts* “Whaaaat? Why not?”
Rowan: “I have to do chores today.. You can play if you want? Maybe I can join you later.”
Neil: “You’re abandoning me for your chores?! That’s not nice!”

A damsel in distress II

(part I)

The departure from port was slow, dignified. Ignis – no, the Kannagi, in an fashionable twist of a traditional outfit, her face demurely covered by a veil, standing on deck, waving regally to the small crowd of spectators that had gathered in these early hours of the morning. The sun was just rising, casting tiny diamonds on the tide going out. If an artist felt inspired to paint this impromptu communion with the sea this little journey was supposed to be, it would be all light airy pastels, applied with easy brushwork. A little too kitschy for his taste.

He could still see the shapes of the boys among the crowd. Prompto was waving back frantically, Gladiolus watching in silence, arms crossed in front of his chest. Soon they’d go and find themselves some unhealthy breakfast, while he was here with a hand of close-lipped sailors, giving the real Lunafreya an alibi to be with her future husband.

He didn’t begrudge them their free time. The boys needed a breather, and Noct something to warm his heart and improve his ever sinking morale. A few days in Altissia might work wonders, and he’d have some time for himself. Without anyone to care for. For a moment he mused if the ship’s cook would let him take his place, but that was certainly not befitting.

Only the city’s towers told of her existence now. The hoisted sails caught a good wind, and Ignis filled his lungs with salty air until they felt about to burst.

Breathing out.


Maybe this was a good time to reorganize his notebook.

May the Fourth

Pen name: Pink

Word Count: 1290

Warnings: none


You grew up on Star Wars. Both of you. The battle of Good versus Evil. The pure heart of Luke Skywalker. The badassery of Princess Leia. The roguish charisma of Han Solo. The sinister menace of Darth Vader. The mystery of the Force. And the unabashed awesomeness of a good lightsaber fight. It embodied both of your childhoods, helped shape the adults you had become.

So as May Fourth rolled around, only a few months after you had started dating, you were both relieved to find yourselves in perfect agreement that classes should be skipped in lieu of joining your friends for the Star Wars screening being held at the local theater.

“Hey, guys!” you called when you saw the group loitering in front of the theater.

“Hey, Y/N!” Peggy called back, waving frantically. “Everyone, John and Y/N are here!”

Peggy ran over to hug you, and you had to smile. She had taken a white tee and beanie and used what looked like blue and black duct tape to make them into an R2-D2 costume – although you didn’t remember R2 wearing a blue-and-white tutu. Fortunately, as it was a bit chilly outside, she had paired the costume with gray leggings and a pair of black flats. She had even dyed blue streaks into her hair with what you hoped was temporary color.

Alex and Eliza ambled over, hand in hand. He was wearing a simple tee with a faded image of the vintage movie poster; she was wearing a navy tee with the “Star Wars” wording in a floral print, with leggings and heels, and somehow made the entire outfit look like high fashion.

“I can’t believe that they’re showing that Episode One trash,” Alex jumped right in.

“And a good afternoon to you, too!” you chirped back cheerfully.

“Oh, yeah,” he managed to look embarrassed for a few seconds, before waving the social niceties away. “I mean, for one thing, why bother casting such talented A-listers if you’re just going to give them dialogue that’s dull and campy at best?” He then launched into what sounded like a well-rehearsed rant about everything wrong with the Prequels in general and Episode One in particular.

You took the moment to see who else made it. Hercules and Lafayette were there, dressed as Finn and Poe respectively. Unlike Peggy’s costume, no duct tape had been used in the making of these outfits – in fact, both were well-tailored and flattered the wearer, and if anything actually looked better than the costumes from the movie. Herc’s doing, undoubtedly. Both men were wearing The Jacket.

“Y/N,” Laf greeted you warmly with an air-kiss to each cheek. You were expecting it, and air-kissed back. “Look; we are dressed as one of cinema’s greatest gay couples!”

“They’re not a couple yet, Laf,” Herc reminded his boyfriend. “Hey, Y/N.”

“Pah,” Laf dismissed Herc’s concerns with an impressive sneer and shooing motion. “This is merely to satisfy the, ah, qu'est-ce que c'est?, the homo-phobes.”

You tried not to make your laughter at the couple’s antics obvious. “I feel like we’re under dressed,” you confessed instead.

John had simply worn his “Han Shot First” tee over a pair of jeans. You had worn your stormtrooper sugar skull tee, but knowing it would be cold in the theater had brought your wookie hoodie.

You wore something else, too; both of you. While getting dressed this morning, John had caught a glimpse of the tell-tale golden chain around your neck before you hid it under the fabric of your tee, and smirked smugly. You had rolled your eyes when he had shown you the matching chain under his tee. The chain felt warm against your skin now, the attached pendant a comfortable weight against your chest.

“No, no,” Herc rushed to assure you. “May the Fourth is about celebrating Star Wars however you decide. It’s not about-”

“Is that everybody?” John’s voice was loud enough to cut into the conversation.

“What about Angelica?” you asked with a frown.

“Couldn’t make it,” Peggy explained. “She had to work at her internship.” You understood; stupid stuff like this was fun every so often, but real life came first. Besides, you didn’t think that Angelica was much of a Star Wars fan anyway.

Your group – Alex, Eliza, Peggy, Herc, Laf, John, and yourself – made its way into the theater. Almost everybody got popcorn or candy, but only you and John were brave enough to try the blue milk milkshakes. The others rolled their eyes and got sodas or icees instead, but you two paid entirely too much for two cups of frothy vanilla milkshakes with blue food coloring added. It was silly, but that was what this whole impromptu holiday was about, wasn’t it?

Almost three hours later the credits were rolling on what Alex was entirely correct in stating was one of the worst Hollywood successes of all time. “I cannot believe that Little Fetus Anakin was able to jump into the cockpit of a starfighter and outfly hundreds of seasoned veterans,” Peggy was complaining loudly. Everyone was using the brief intermission between films to grumble about what they hated the most about Episode One.

“I cannot believe that Little Fetus Anakin was stalking Queen Amidala like that, and everyone was okay with it,” Eliza added her thoughts. “It was so creepy.”

“I cannot believe that Qui-Gon Jinn allowed Little Fetus Anakin to pilot a pod racer,” Herc, the dad friend, contributed. “I don’t care what the stakes are, you don’t throw a kid into something like that. That is some Hunger Games level bullshit right there, except we’re supposed to be rooting for the Capitol.”

“I cannot believe that they killed off Darth Maul and kept Jar Jar Binks,” John added bitterly. Darth Maul, you had noticed, was one of his favorite Star Wars characters.

“I don’t know,” you muttered back. “I rather like The Phandom Menace. It has a certain dignity that the original films lack.”

John looked at you, shocked, and more than a little hurt. You were proud of yourself for just how long you were able to keep a straight face before the tugging at the corners of your mouth gave you away.

“Why are you like this?” John hissed at you, feigning indignation, but you saw that he, too, was fighting a smile.

“Mmm,” you responded, pleased with yourself. “Don’t pretend like you don’t love it.”

In answer, John captured your mouth with his own. You kissed him back eagerly, running your fingers through his hair, and feeling him gently cup your neck with his hand and finger the chain around your neck.

Against the warm skin of your chest, the necklace John had given to you on your last birthday was a familiar presence, often worn but always hidden. The familiar Rebel Alliance insignia, cast in gold, with a tiny amethyst embedded on the front for your birth month. A matching pendant hung from John’s neck, also hidden; although his had an October opal.

It was maybe silly to keep them secret, even from your friends. But it felt special, something just for the two of you.

It felt like only moments later, but was realistically probably several minutes, when a loud throat-clearing brought you both back to the present. “If you two love birds are done sucking face, the next one’s starting,” Alex pointed out with a smirk.

You were glad for the darkening theater as you felt a blush creep across your face. But as the familiar title crawl started making its way across the screen, you happily snuggled into John’s side.

A/N: I’ll be posting this on ff.net, but figured I’d post it here too. Decided to get back into writing a bit until I go back to school so here’s some Miyusawa with this AU idea I saw on Tumblr: ‘Every Wednesday at the same damn time you’re at the same cereal aisle getting the same cereal brand and I’ve been trying to make a move on you for ages.’  - I will admit it was sort of hard writing this one because I make things hard on myself… lol

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HI BACK!!! *waves frantically* Also, I guess I have another relevant thing to tell you (remind you, because I've said it before, I know), which is YOU were the one that introduced me to fanfiction, so how dare you. You're the reason I get like 3 hours of sleep some nights (including last night, because I just had to re-read one of my absolute favs that popped up again recently, and which was like 15k so blessings upon but also sucks to be me). So, THANKS A WHOLE LOT, HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY. ☆彡

Oh my gahhd, I’m so sorry I dragged you into this mess(NOT!!) you onkey shipper you. I know what fic you’re talking about. Don’t strain yourself, love. Keep hydrated and sleep lots. You need healthy eyes for all the reading. 

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Fic - CSL (Common as a Second Language)

Rating: T

Sumary: Hawke is desperate to get Kirkwall High’s mysterious Tevinter elf to notice her. But he won’t answer her love letters!

Notes: This is a High School AU no one asked for. Inspired by this (x) post. I hope you enjoy. ETA: Also, I wrote an alternate end for a meme. Check it out here (x) when you’re done.

Ao3 Link: (x)

“I’ve slipped him ten notes now and he’s ignored all of them.” Hawke moaned loud enough for half of the high school cafeteria to hear her. A few heads turned, but most went along with their day. The Fereldan transfer’s crush on a certain Tevinter elf was well known news.

Except, apparently, to the Tevinter elf.

“Now, I don’t want to get all crazy with the plans here, Hawke, but have you tried, I dunno, talking to him?” Varric leaned back in his chair, fiddling with his phone.

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*screams erupt in the middle of the night from the Athena Cabin* *various forms of "It's your turn to kill the spider!" are yelled between other cabins*

I fully believe that the Athena cabin has taken every magical and mortal method at their disposal to make sure no spider can ever enter their cabin. But outside of the cabin all the other kids would for sure have to be on spider killing duty lol imagine someone spotting a spider on an Athena kid’s back and waving frantically to make sure no one else notices while they take care of it


Colin filming night scenes August 21st.

Sorry my camera wasn’t that good in the dark, plus me shivering from the cold probably didn’t help with the blurriness, but I can’t help snapping pictures whenever I see this man so here they are.

I especially enjoyed the scene in the first photo because Hook is hanging out with the Charmings like he’s part of the family now even though Emma isn’t there.  During that scene Colin and Liam kept laughing so they had to do it a few times, which was cute.  Between takes Colin would walk back to the area around Granny’s for breaks and he waved at us a couple times but I didn’t get a picture of it because it was too adorable and I was too busy frantically waving back at him. However, the second photo was taken right after he was done waving at us.

Budding Trees Part 2

Um. Yeah. Hijinks and flirting, basically.

Part 1 is here.


It only took two days for them to jump off a literal cliff.

Maka ran full-tilt across the rocky earth, Soul stretched out behind her in scythe form. She ducked and rolled, avoiding debris coming at them from all angles.

“I hate it when they explode,” she yelled, dodging to her right when she heard whistling shrapnel flying through the air behind her. The impact knocked her down.

“Get up,” Soul commanded. “We’re almost there. Shit, that thing’s about to pop. Get going!”

“Says the jerk who doesn’t have to do the running. Can you shift to flying form?”

“No time, you gotta jump.”

She pushed her palms against sharp pebbles and took off again, heading straight for the place where the world dropped out of view. The pre-kishin with a knack for pyrotechnics rumbled loudly behind them. It sucked in a breath and held it, making everything go silent and still just before the meister and her weapon reached the edge of the cliff.

And then, BOOM.

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Hi *waves frantically* I love your videos and you're super funny and I'm really jealous of your hair (because it's actually really really perfect). x

Thanks!!!! *waves frantically back* you’re too kind. I bet your hair is hella coooool! 

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omg your writing is what i live for. can you write a fic where Malia finds out that Stiles was with Lydia and she starts yelling at him over it and constantly saying "you still love her don't you?!" and then they break up (please i need happy stydia rn)

Awww you are too kind, anon! Thank ya cutie :) 

Sure I can! Here’s a short story and yes this obviously includes anti-Stalia/Malia, so keep scrolling if that’s not your thing. The Stydia in this is minimal because it’s more about the Stalia breakup aspect. 


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