waves back frantically

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"When did this all start?" ~Static-and-lightning //Hello friend! I saw you have followed me and.... Hi.*waves shyly*\\

“Oh, just racing,” Gogo said airily.

Honestly, she’d needed faster wheels in the street races that funded her education, but honestly, it’d grown to be so much more than that. Of course, she couldn’t just tell Lauren she happened to fight crime, using these wheels as part of her weapons repertoire, but oh well.


Colin filming night scenes August 21st.

Sorry my camera wasn’t that good in the dark, plus me shivering from the cold probably didn’t help with the blurriness, but I can’t help snapping pictures whenever I see this man so here they are.

I especially enjoyed the scene in the first photo because Hook is hanging out with the Charmings like he’s part of the family now even though Emma isn’t there.  During that scene Colin and Liam kept laughing so they had to do it a few times, which was cute.  Between takes Colin would walk back to the area around Granny’s for breaks and he waved at us a couple times but I didn’t get a picture of it because it was too adorable and I was too busy frantically waving back at him. However, the second photo was taken right after he was done waving at us.