When the gales moved away to visit Algy’s friend @funnyful in Sweden, the wind started to swing round and the weather began to change. Before long the world was full of colour again, and as Algy relaxed on the hard, storm-hammered sand, he could detect fresh new autumn scents and tastes in the air, mingled with the usual sea salt…


Stoerhead Lighthouse by Jan Scheunders

A fully furnished Self Catering Lighthouse located on Stoer Head, north of Lochinver in Sutherland, North West Scotland. There are two separate flats here eacg sleeping four, additional “Bothy” within the grounds is also available to rent by arrangement. If it’s seclusion you want this place is 12 miles along a single track road and although it looks small in the pic it sits atop the cliff  54m above sea level

Details here http://stoerlighthouse.co.uk/accommodation/index.php

NSF’s Science360 Photo of the Week

Xu-Ting Roots

Looking like tree roots, this captivating band of features was produced by placing an #electric field across the surface of a thin polymer film, causing the surface of the film to become unstable, forming a wave pattern on the surface that grows as time passes. Eventually a band of lines is seen that resemble the roots of a tree. Photo credit: VISUAL, Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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(Source: http://bit.ly/2dkYwQQ)