I really really do not like Joo Man.  
He’s honestly awful, and his behaviour is just so irritating. 

I hate how he treats Sul Hee, I hate how he doesn’t really try to brush off Ye Jin, and I hate how his character arc revolves around ‘not really cheating, because he’s a good guy, just a little confused’

Also the way he looks at Ye Jin and is reminded of when he fell for Sul Hee makes me even more angry. Because it makes it look like he just wants to be with someone who thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread. He doesn’t want a partner, he wants someone to boost his ego. 

Sul Hee does think he’s the best thing since sliced bread, but its not enough because she knows how pathetic he is as well. 

He’s wavering because Ye Jin doesn’t know him that well. 

Sul Hee deserves the sun and the stars, and it makes me so mad, because I know in the end her and Joo Man will stay together. 

I just replayed the 3rd episode of Life is Strange and like really? The developers of Before the Storm want to show Chloe not having feelings for Rachel if the player chooses to make their relationship like this? WTF. What about canon? Here ya go with proofs from the ep 3 alone:

Chloe is all teary-eyed in the scene in the truck and her voice is wavering. Also the revelation about Frank and Rachel triggers her mega rant. So yeaaaah Chloe would totally act like this and say such things if she weren’t jealous of Rachel and love her as more than a friend.

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Just like, if you’re doing a prequel don’t twist the facts from the first game. I’m not even an Amberprice shipper but this is canon. Respect it. I hope it’s just the gameplay and the synopsis saying you can be a friend or something else with Rachel in Before The Storm and actually, the game shows Chloe developing feelings for Rachel whatever you choose to pursue ‘cause this was a big thing for Chloe’s characterisation in LiS.


“The fan reaction to this show has been like massive, I mean, people are obsessed with it. I told you, like my entire office every Wednesday is like “Oh, it’s The Handmaid’s Tale day!” I mean, have you started to noticed, you know, because you were on a show that had a very, very, very, rabid fan base and still does to this day in a lot of ways. Have you noticed like a wavering in the amount of people coming up to you now and being like “Serena Joy is the worst. I love you”? Just like that – it’s more Handmaid’s Tale now that people are getting into it?” []

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Nicky is such a troll. How long does he milk the 'illegal mail order husband' thing to torture Ovi's frat brothers?

Omfg Nicky is packing to go home for Sweden and all the brothers think Ovi is sending him back and they’re like “NO NO NO DON’T DO IT WE LOVE NICKY he can stay at the house???? He can stay at my place?? We have a summer villa–”

Nicky, holding on to Ovi’s sleeves tearfully: I’ll miss you. 
The Kappa brothers: (Screaming internally)

But then Ovi’s frown starts to waver and he’s bursting out laughing, and Nicky starts wheezing as well. 

“I’m going home to Sweden,” Nicky laughs. “I go to University there. Our break is almost over.”

The Kappa brothers: you mean….you’re NOT a mail order bride???
Ovi: Sorry. I wasn’t lying when I’m say they believe anything.

Lean In: Chapter Seven

Thank you all for keeping me motivated! A special thank you to @only-freakin-sunflowers, @ailingnoor, @hurricaneawelia, @toevenexist, @mediterraneansummer, and @milesislookingforalaska for commenting such sweet and helpful things! You guys make me so happy. 🌻

AO3    FFN

“Family therapy?” Owen asks. “Don’t we already go to enough therapy?” he grumbles as he and Amelia settle into bed that night. Amelia chuckles, but he sees the insecurity in her eyes, the waver to her not-so-lighthearted laugh. “What I’d do?”

“Nothing,” Amelia brushes him off before shutting off the light on her nightstand.

“Amelia,” he drags her name out and she knows he means business. He’s worried and upset. He doesn’t want her to keep secrets from him. To hide away pieces of herself, little cutouts until there is nothing left of who she is and who he loves.

She sighs, burying her face into his chest. “It’s just,” she takes another deep breath, trying to find the willpower to say this. She doesn’t want to know what will happen if he says yes. “Do you not like therapy? Do you not want to go?”

He tilts his head, confused at her question. He shrugs and she feels the movement from her place on his chest. “I wouldn’t exactly say I like it but that doesn’t mean I don’t see the value in it.” He presses a light kiss to her hair. “I don’t want to stop going.” Then, worried, he asks, “Do you?” The therapy has been doing wonders for their relationship and he doesn’t want them to regress.

“No, no,” Amelia is quick to answer. “I just,” she thinks over her words carefully, “I know it’s not really your thing–”

“My thing?”

“The talking.” She chances a glance at his eyes. They’re more confused than angry. “I know you say that my talking makes you feel like you’re on a job interview or something.” She laughs to cover the tension. It’s been a while since they’ve had a late night conversation.

“Oh,” his voice is rough, scratchy. “I think we should go. To therapy I mean. It’s good for us.” He kisses her forehead and turns over, rolling onto his side. She wishes he would have said more, would have assuaged more of her fears, but the forefront of her mind becomes occupied by his simple action instead. He always sleeps curled around her or with her on his chest. He doesn’t necessarily like her spooning him–she found that out about two years back. She doesn’t like the break from their pattern of intimacy and, yet, can’t bring herself to confront him about it. So, instead, she holds her breath to keep the tears at bay, the feeling of loss taking over once more, and turns to her other side. She curls her arms around herself and hugs tightly. It will be a restless night.

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Saudade: Ch14

As much as the nightmare freaked you out, you were grateful for it. It was your wake up call. You needed to get your head on straight. No more wavering from side to side, you needed to stay truthful to the one who had been there for you from the start. You promised yourself that you were going to, or at least, for as long as he stayed with you. The next time he went on tour or left you somewhere, or you had an opportunity, you would think twice. But until then, you would stay true to Josh who had stayed true to you. Well, that was until two weeks later, when Josh brought up the subject and that tiny idea sprouted in your mind. You were eating lunch with Josh when he first mentioned it. “So I have good news,” he announced after having finished his Chipotle, folding the wrapper over and crumpling it up onto the table.

“Do you now?” you raised an eyebrow.

“You have to guess what it is though,” he smiled.

“Oh god,” you rolled your eyes. “This will take forever.”

“Fine, you want me to just tell you?” he laughed.

“Please,” you insisted, taking a bite of your burrito and chewing thoughtfully, waiting for his response. Maybe he was taking you on a vacation of some sort. Maybe he was going to show you a new single he had been working on with Tyler. Maybe he finally got a call from that drum company that wanted to design a custom set for him. You honestly had no clue what he could have been leading onto. There were so many possibilities it was impossible for you to narrow it down. “Come on, Josh.”

“Tyler and I got nominated for best album,” he beamed. “And they’re flying us out to Los Angeles to go to the awards show. For free.”

“Are you fucking serious?” you widened your eyes. “Oh my god! That’s amazing!”

“I know!” Josh grinned ear to ear. “We’re going up against world famous celebrities, and we’re just these two boys from Columbus, it’s crazy.”

“I’m so proud of you!” you smiled.

“We’d be gone for a couple days,” he explained. “We’re going to have a bunch of photoshoots and interviews and it’s going to be insane, but it’s worth it. It’s so worth it.” The couple of days burned into your mind. If he was gone, then that meant you’d be all alone. Just a couple days by yourself. Just enough time for you to sneak out of the house, go fuck Brendon a couple times, come back, and pretend like nothing ever happened. Just a quick fix, that would be it. And then you’d be fine, you wouldn’t be asking for anything else, you’d be content. Right? It would be perfect. “…and with you there beside me, it would probably be one of the best days of my life!”

“Wait, what?” you did a doubletake, just now reeling back into the conversation.

“You’re coming, right?” he asked. “I mean, I wouldn’t want you anywhere else.”

“Oh, yeah definitely,” you quickly reassured, although your mind was already coming up with excuses not to go. You could fake sick, he’d probably buy that.

“It’s this weekend by the way,” he added, and you almost spat out your Chipotle.

“Like this-this weekend?” you wondered.

“Yeah,” he nodded. “We’d leave tomorrow.”

“Wow,” you nodded slowly. “That’s soon, like, really soon.”

“It is,” he chuckled. “You okay with that?”

“Yup, it’s cool,” you insisted. “I’m up for an adventure.”

Although that was not the adventure you were planning on. That night when you snuggled up next to Josh in bed, you were trying to concoct your evil plan. Somehow, your mind figured that if you just fucked Brendon a couple times, just a few, things would be okay. It wouldn’t be that bad. It wasn’t like you hated the way Josh had sex with you. You loved the sweet slow intimate moments you shared with him, the way he would be gentle and cautious, always asking if you’re okay or comfortable. However, lately it had been a problem. He hadn’t been able to make you cum all week long, and you were getting extremely tired of faking it, not only because it was exhausting and disappointing on your end, but you felt really guilty and bad for Josh. It wasn’t his fault.

In fact, if anything, it should be you confronting him about it. But you were terrified. You couldn’t imagine Josh being as rough as Brendon had been with you. Josh wasn’t the type of guy to spank your ass until it turned bright red or scratch your back so hard it was bleeding, you couldn’t even picture him contemplating such a thing. He would never do anything to hurt you or cause pain to you, even if it meant giving you pleasure. Josh just wasn’t a rough person in the bedroom. He was all cuddles and forehead kisses and rubbing your back and making out with you nice and slow. You recalled the time Josh had been sitting with you on the couch when the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer came on, rolling his eyes and calling it extremely kinky, playfully teasing you and asking if you wanted to sign the special contract he’s created for you. You just laughed and told Josh to fuck off, but now thinking about it, you could never actually confess any of those things to Josh. Your dirty little desires, your fucking daddy kink, none of that would ever appeal to Josh. He wouldn’t understand.

The next morning you decided to sneak out of bed in the early morning and lock yourself in the bathroom with a thermometer. You ran the hot water and stuck the thermometer underneath until it reached a little over one hundred degrees, and then plugged the sink and turned off the water, keep the thermometer underneath. It wasn’t long before Josh got up and knocked on the door. “Y/n?” he wondered. “You alright?”

“I feel really sick,” you mumbled, quickly draining the water and pulling out the thermometer, wiping it dry.

“What’s wrong? Let me in,” he insisted.

“O-okay…” you responded hesitantly, opening up the door and clenching your stomach, then holding the thermometer out towards him. “I think I have a fever.”

“Oh god, one hundred and three degrees? Are you okay?” he stepped towards you and frowned, kissing the top of your forehead.

“I feel miserable,” you sighed, closing your eyes tight and really trying to sell it. “I don’t know if I’d do well on a flight, Josh. I’m afraid I might puke.”

“Here, just take it easy,” he reassured. He carefully scooped you up and walked you out to the living room, setting you on the sofa and pulling a blanket over you. “I’ll pack your bag.”

“Josh, I really don’t think I’m in the position to go,” you argued, but he shook his head.

“I don’t want you home sick and all alone,” he insisted. “You’re going to come with me, it’s  going to be okay.”

“I feel miserable,” you complained, but he soothed you, placing a kiss to your head.

“Don’t worry, you’re in good hands with me,” he reassured, then grabbed an ice pack from the freezer and placed it to your forehead. “Look, I’ll pack everything, we’ll leave for the airport in the hour, and we’ll be in LA before you ever know it.”

“O-okay,” you stammered out defeatedly.

There was no use. You already felt a twinge of guilt for even thinking you could pull something like that. Here Josh was, over the moon to possibly receive this giant award, and you were going to ditch him so you could fuck Brendon. God, you were truly hopeless. Much less with the smile on Josh’s face yesterday and how he described it to be one of the best days of your life, how could you even dare to follow through with your plan. You were angry at yourself, but you were still torn. Even months after leaving Brendon, you still refused to believe this was the end for the two of you. You still thought about him almost every waking moment. You couldn’t even enjoy sex with your boyfriend anymore. You were an absolute mess.

However, Josh was right. Everything would just be fine. You decided to cut out the act after you got to the hotel, telling Josh you felt much better now and that he was right, and he just smiled. It hurt though, inside. Because you shouldn’t be like this. You shouldn’t have to even think twice. You should be loving him with all your heart. He didn’t even know. You couldn’t even imagine telling Josh. How would you even begin? Much less, he would never be able to trust you again. He would be so hurt. And most importantly, he would blame himself. Because that’s what Josh would do. He would never blame anything on you, or hurt you, or think of you as a burden or problem. He loved you that much. And here yet you were, not even having the courage to so much as go on a simple flight with him to an award show. What the fuck. You closed your eyes, Josh catching something off guard, his expression softening. “You okay?” he inquired. “You still feel bad? You don’t have to lie to me you know.”

Out of any choice of words he could’ve chosen, of course he had to go off and bring up the whole trust thing again. You bit down hard on your tongue, guilt rising in your stomach, wishing you could just fucking disappear already. “Just nervous,” you shrugged. “I don’t really do social situations that well.”

“Like I do,” he rolled his eyes. “Come on, you know me. I’ll be right there beside you.”

“Yeah,” you took a deep breath. “Thank you.”

That night, Josh spoiled you absolutely rotten. He took you out to a fancy Italian restaurant and even ordered champagne, and then went to a boutique to buy you a gown for tomorrow’s award show. He smiled as you tried on different ones, twirling around for him and strutting your stuff, him giggling and calling you his princess. You finally settled on one and Josh smiled, then you headed off to go find a matching tie for him. You both picked up an iced coffee before heading to the beauty parlor, where Josh insisted he treat you out and get your nails done to match the color of your dress, which you rolled you eyes at but complied anyways. He really knew how to treat you like a queen.

When Tyler and Jenna’s flight rolled in, you all agreed to meet up in a small plaza and get some late night ice cream. “How are you guys doing?” Jenna wondered.

“This morning y/n was a little bit under the weather but she seems to be doing good now,” Josh replied. “I’m great. You guys?”

“Wonderful,” Tyler smiled. “But I’ve got some news for you, Josh.”

“Yeah?” he raised an eyebrow.

“We’ve been invited for this afterparty and I was wondering if you’d be interested?” Tyler offered. “We don’t have to stay long, and I’m not usually one for big events, but it’s supposed to be legendary and there’s rumors Celine Dion is going to come so I mean, we don’t really have a choice.”

“Oh definitely,” Josh nodded. “We’re going.”

“You boys are ridiculous,” Jenna laughed, taking a bite of her ice cream cone.

“You girls are tagging along too,” Tyler narrowed his eyes. “Don’t think that you’re going to get out of this.”

“Fine,” Jenna giggled. “How could I pass up a good party? Am I right, y/n?”

“Oh never,” you shook your head. “Always got to go.”

“The girlfriend has spoken,” Josh sighed, giving a soft laugh. “To the social event we go!”

That evening you and Josh snuggled up in the hotel bed, deciding to pop in a movie and cuddle for a little bit. He had his arms wrapped around you and was kissing at your neck, making you let out a little moan. “Josh,” you sighed, closing your eyes and getting lost in the sensation of his lips and tongue against your sensitive skin. “That feels so fucking good.”

“I can make you feel even more good if you’d give me the chance,” he teased, snaking his hands towards your breasts and giving them a small squeeze, making you hum softly. “But again, that’s up to you.”

“Make me feel good,” you whispered. “Don’t hold back.”

“I never do,” he chuckled, hands sliding underneath your shirt to tug it off. You had to keep from laughing out loud, his last comment replaying in your mind. He never holds back when he has sex? Yet he’s so sweet and slow and comforting with you? You really wished he was just joking, but your mind insisted he was speaking the truth. Goddammit, Josh was too soft sometimes. He slid off the fabric carefully and then left kissing down your back, then sliding a hand down your pants, starting to finger you gently, sliding in two fingers and pumping in and out.

“Oh fuck,” you mumbled, his finger circling your clit and his lips smirking against your neck as you soaked your panties. “Come on Josh, stop teasing.”

“What do you mean?” he inquired. “I’m not doing anything.”

“Oh shut the fuck up and let me have your cock already,” you argued, the words coming out a little bit harsher than you intended. You could practically hear the way Josh blinked twice, the hitch in his breath, the way he flexed his muscles, his fingers frozen near your core. He wasn’t used to you talking to him like that. Ever.

“You um, you must really be desperate then, huh?” the words came out awkward, and you sensed the way he uncomfortably swallowed, almost hesitant to move or speak or do anything.

“I just want you,” you tried to cover up your mistake, turning around and letting him slip his hands out from your pants and let you face him, your legs straddling his hips and your arms pushing his shoulders back into the backboard of the bed. You slid your hands down his chest and then tugged up his shirt, then let them creep back down to his waistline.

“You can want me,” he began cautiously. “But there’s no need for that kind of language, okay?”

“Okay,” your voice went soft, your cheeks flushed, embarrassed. You looked down, avoiding eye contact, starting to toy with the button and zipper on his jeans. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay baby,” he insisted. “Don’t sweat about it.”

“Y-yeah,” you stammered, biting down on your lower lip, still fumbling with his pants.

“Now come on,” he murmured. “Let me give you that cock you so desperately wanted.”

“Oh god, Josh,” you closed your eyes and helped him slide out of his jeans, palming him through his boxers and moaning as soon as your fingers brushed up against his erection.

However, when you had sex with Josh that night, he was still the same. You tried to take control and Josh only shook his head, reminding you that he wanted to be in charge. You tried to scratch his back but he gave you a strange look, making you shy away from trying to do it again. You tried to even just simply make things faster, rolling your hips up to meet his at a quicker pace, but his hands found your waist, slowing you down and insisting you take things one step at a time. No matter what you tried, nothing proved successful.

So that’s what led to you having to fake an orgasm, again. Which you promised would be the last time you would ever do that. You were in the hotel room that night, everything dark and quiet, your naked body pressed up against Josh’s, his arms wrapped around you, you staring into the emptiness of the room, contemplating what to do. You just couldn’t continue like this. It was eating you up like crazy. Maybe if you talked to Josh about it, he’d be more understanding. Perhaps all you needed was an actual grown up conversation. If he loved you that much, he’d try something new for you, right? Just a little bit of roughness was all you needed. Just a hair pull here or there, a couple back scratches, even just one hickey for Christ’s sake. Josh was babying you like you were a teenage virgin. You were craving the submission that came with overpowering dominance and the pain that tied hand in hand with slight sadism in the bedroom. You needed it. Maybe even more than you needed Josh.

ID #12397

Name: Samyuktha
Age: 15
Country: UAE

Hi, I’m Samyuktha and I’m Indian but I have lived in Dubai for almost all of my life. I’m homeschooled so I don’t have many friends and I would love to have a penpal. I write, read, paint and listen to music. I don’t have a specific interest in music I just listen to whatever sounds good . I have a wavering interest in things like some days I may obsess over something and the next day over something else. I also love learning new languages.

Preferences: someone who’s age is between 14-18, no racists, homophobes and all that. someone who’s not scared to share their own opinions. any gender would be fine and anyone who comes from a different country would be as well.

@thystarlord this is so true and i’m gonna talk about that a little more in this post from my point of view, but first, stan actually represents anti-semetism specifically so let’s remember that. he doesn’t represent any other religious discrimination, since anti-semetism is unique and religions are oppressed differently, and especially Jews experience a certain sort of oppression, but yes i agree at a core level.

eddie is so heavily gay-coded and chock-full of evidence that he IS gay that it’s crazy. he literally “hero worships” and “would die for” bill denbrough (exact! quotes!) and the sort of admiration he holds for bill is so intense that it basically IS a canon crush. he’s adoring and implicitly trusting of bill, with almost zero wavering of his faith in him. he admits openly that he loves bill and would absolutely sacrifice everything for him, and that simply isn’t the CASE with eddie and the other losers. he loves them, sure, but more than anyone else in the world he follows bill. bill’s his only friend and eddie considers him above all others, praising his intelligence and looks multiple times in the book. eddie, in other words, has a massive gay crush on bill denbrough. secondly, there’s all the things about eddies character that i find suspect. eddie is feminine and sensitive and the stereotypical gay boy. he’s weak and anxious, another two common tropes in gay youth. he’s also very repressed in all areas in life, from his speech to his sexual desires to his mannerisms, having been taught to be by his over-protective mother. in the miniseries, she even goes as far as to forbid him from showering with other boys. the fact he felt unworthy of taking communion and “sinful” at church, including having asthma and panic attacks during services in also telling.

his crush on greta bowie is textbook compulsory heterosexuality. when he talks about greta, all he mentions is how pretty she is. he never talks about her personality or how nice she is, how smart she is. this may be eddie being a typical little boy, but it could also be something much deeper. many compulsory heterosexual crushes are rooted very much in appearance and surface, since that’s what is easiest to pretend to like. there’s also the fact eddie openly acknowledges that greta is never going to notice him. this is also common in comp het crushes- the gay person attempts to be able to call themselves attracted to the opposite gender by “crushing” on celebrities, or simply on normal people who are, like those celebrities, way out of their league. that way, they have no chance of ever having to engage with the person romantically. eddie also says as an adult he does not want to see greta again, meaning perhaps that greta reminds him of the time in his life where he was closeted even to himself?

tl;dr: eddie is most likely a closeted gay man who’s own internalized homophobia caused gayness to be his biggest fear as a child, and shows every sign of being gay from the start.


rise and fall of your waves of breathing; i’m forever washed by the tide of your soul.

let your dreams carry you far away from this world. i can only hope that you can hide from the monstrosities of life within your mind, but that thought wavers. the mind can make monsters of its own.

i wish i could be so carefree, living in a world where everyone is, for better or for worse, singing.

the amber glow. the unfamiliar scents of faint musk and dryer sheets. this palace has you in everything it holds, and i shouldn’t be surprised. this home was never mine.

i was never mine.

i really should be getting some rest.

with all the chaos a day can bring, we need a few hours of utter silence

ironically, everyone is too far off to appreciate it.

the night when it rains, that’s my favourite. then there is truly a whisper: a lost language of sorts that brings cleansing aromas and a feeling of warmth against the heresy of indigo.

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Itaat to have some days where I just don't feel the need to drink anything, so I don't (oops), but then other days I'm ridiculously thirsty no matter how much I drink?

It could be that your sense of interoception (what’s going on inside your body) wavers from hyposensitive (not feeling like you need to drink) to hypersensitive (feeling thirsty all the time), but it can also be indicative of some medical problems. I would suggest a check up with a doctor to make sure there isn’t a physical issue at play here. If there’s nothing wrong physically, then it is likely a sensory issue. 



Where do I even begin with you? So unfailing and never wavering with your support, you’re a constant source of happiness in this fandom. I never hear you say a bad word about anybody and you’re just so sweet and lovely to everyone.

Have I mentioned before how much in awe of your writing I am? I know that I have actually because it’s one thing that amazes me. How someone can write so easily in a language that isn’t their first. You’re amazing and it’s something you should be very proud of.

The world needs more people like you, my darling. I know we don’t talk as often any more but I’m so very pleased to call you a friend and to have you in my phone book.

Im such Gunny Trash

Too much free time and shit like this happens I make no apologies I am trash …

Mike had been quiet after the bridge hands gripping the wheel in stranglehold , jaw clenched eyes forward barely uttering a word unless it was to answer a direct command . Nate dared peer over at his Gunny “Mike you know I did not have a choice, I had to do it, we could have lost our men “ while he tried to keep his voice firm and resolved he felt it waver in the face of the cold anger that was rolling off his Gunny
Once they had reach safe distance and he had seen to Pappy getting casevaced he headed back to his victor hoping that Mike had calmed down ,Nate was busily stuck in his own head when a strong calloused hand grabbed him and threw him against the canvases side of his vehicle , throwing his hands forward in reflex he felt the hard unyielding surface of Mike’s chest
“Mike what the fuck!?”
Mikes leaned his head in “Are you fucking insane !? Well Nate ? Do you think we can risk loosing the one compitant leautenant in this godamn cluster fuck “ mikes voice was a gravely hiss “You try pulling superman shit like that again and I will put you on a leash, “ Mike’s voice dropped softer, lowering his head so his mouth was close to Nates neck “You cannot do shit like that to me “
“Gunny “ Qtips voice sounded from the back of the truck , Mike stood fixing Nate with one last look then turning to walk to the back to see what Qtip needed

@f-b-arg It’s well thought out, however none of those things actually point to her being asymptomatic, especially the inclusion I too mentioned about the fluctuation of her CC. Asymptomatic by definition means that someone is producing or showing no symptoms. The only truly asymptomatic person we’ve seen in the series (and that was proven) was Makishima. Akane does show symptoms, just less than most people do. 

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Ok I totally understand where you're coming from with Taehyung. Since I first got into BTS I've always seen Taehyung as a little brother type (I blame his cheeky personality) but every now and again I see him and think "ooh he's looking hot" and end up feeling conflicted XD

I honestly , can’t see him as a potential lover. He has those Best friend/brother vibes all over the Place. He reminds me of myself and believe it or not , he’s ENFP just like me, so I may or may not blame our personalities for this lmao 😂 He’s like my twin…. but ever since his hair got longer , IDK WHY MY HEART IS SUDDENLY WAVERING AND I DON’T LIKE THIS DHDJDKDK #it’s like those childhood friends you can’t see yourself falling for , but they eventually get to you with their hotness 😭