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so, just imagine in the middle of a freezing winter night on a frozen lake out in one of the zones a ton of joys ice skating! it wouldn't matter if it was in shoes, roller skates(such dare devils! ) or actual ice skates, and there'd be small fires and music and a bit of food to go around. everone's just there having a good time taking their mind off life for a little while

Fuck that sounds so nice! Like the desert would look so different too, with all the warm browns and yellows of sand covered by snow and ice. ‘Joys would be falling all over each other, covered in bruises and laughing their asses off. And people would FINALLY have a good excuse to wear their jackets 24/7. And the waveheads would definitly be hiding out indoors because the cold is too harsh on their sunburnt skin. Killjoys in winter is just fucking great

Rainstorms in the desert are rare but they’re definitely a beautiful sight. Glass bottles of every colour adorning rooftops, collecting the much needed water and saving it for future use. The gentle tick, tick, tick of droplets against the helmets and car windows of moterbabies. Bright colours bleeding and transferring from hair and cloths to skin and arms like a child’s pastel covered fingers touching everything in its reach. The waveheads poking their sensitive skin into the icy pellets, sizzling with discomfort and praying for the sun reappear. Bodies dancing in the rain, stomping and swaying their hips, washing out glitter and makeup and replacing it with the gloss of rain and sweat. The old souls, smiling from their shelter and the poor juvie halls watching from their window. What a thing to behold.

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I dunno if someone else thought of this already but i HC that bulletproof heart is about Blue and Red, seeing how much it talks about getting away, 'runaway scars' and at the end the whole 'i aint gonna be the one left standing' bit

Also, on another note, scarecrow makes me think of cherri. The odd vibe, the verses make me think of his broadcasts, and the line ‘heat burns my skin, nevermind about the shape im in’ makes me think of his wavehead days and how he apparently knows the phoenix witch from other live. And then the whole theme of protecting someone of course. 

Oh huh, that’s interesting :o SCARECROW really does sound like Cherri. It’s almost like something he’d read on his radio show. That’s such an eerie song–probably the best on the album, imo. It really captured a chilling, post-apocalyptic vibe.

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are waveheads just the people that get high on the radiation, or is the term used to refer to any "junkie" in the zones in general? like if a kj was on drugs that was imported from bat city, would they be considered a wavehead/junkie/summat else/etc?

I think the term “wavehead” is used only for people who get high off the sun’s radiation. I’m not sure what you’d call someone who’s hooked on BL/ind drugs, but that’s pretty interesting. I never thought about people getting high off those before.

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Do you think Cherri's wavehead days were before or after his soldiers for peace days?

Basically, in my headcanon, he was introduced to waves while he was in the Soldiers for Peace. After he left the Soldiers and went through a rehab camp, he tried to get back on his feet, but he was so wracked with guilt that he relapsed. (D and Pony eventually got him out of there.) :c