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9 First Sins: Chanyeol

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Summary: reinterpretation of 7 First Kisses. With EXO and porn instead of dates.

Warning: biting, painplay

Best to read in order:

Interlude   Chen  Chanyeol   Sehun

You are laying on your back. You are disoriented, you are sure that a second ago you were reaching your orgasm on top of Jongdae, but you are laying on your back, with your top and flimsy pajama bottom on.

But even though there is no visible sign that your sex with Jongdae has happened, you feel hot, aroused, and ready to go anytime. You feel sweaty, but your skin is dry.

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Rogue One: Havana Nights

rebelcaptain week makeup weekend! | AU of your choice | 910 words | Ao3

Jyn Erso arrives on Jedha, a land fraught between Imperial occupation and those loyal to the rebel cause. As the daughter of high-ranking scientists, she fills her days with books and luxury, dreams of joining the Academy and dedicating her mind to the greatness of the Empire.

She sees little of the world outside.

Krennic. Jyn knows the name because her father does, Galen works for the very same man. And, like his father, Orson Krennic knows what he wants, takes no prisoners to get it. Their evening takes a turn at a local nightclub; Jyn is swept away by the raw, beating life of it. The Jedhans move with a feeling Jyn’s not sure she knows. But at its heart is the face of a friend, and it’s not Krennic but Cassian Andor who shows her what it is to dance.

In a life of rules and uniforms, she never felt so free.

Jyn has a plan.

“But it’s a Ballroom competition,” says Cassian, wary. “That’s not what I do.”

“It’s Latin Ballroom,” Jyn insists. “If we mix what I do with what you do, then we just might have a chance.”

A chance at winning first place. And Cassian’s freedom too.

They take their positions, arms up, backs straight, Jyn marches him stiffly through the routine.

“Why are you so afraid to let me lead you?” Cassian asks gently, and Jyn snaps that she’s not.

“You are,” Cassian answers quietly. “When you’re ready to say you’re afraid, let me know.”

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The Parent Trap - Part Three

Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,483

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Part One - Part Two

Summary: On a snow day, Mitchell asks to go to the park, but he’s got an ulterior motive.


   Monday comes, and it brings eight inches of snow with it, enough to close every school in the county. You and Mitchell indulge yourselves with extra sleep, and then you rise before him intending to make a pancake and bacon breakfast – one of the few things you can cook. Once the smell starts to waft down the hall, the nine-year-old shuffles out of his room sporting a bedhead and rumpled PJ’s.

   “Morning, sunshine.”

   “Morning, Mama.” He yawns.

   “Would you like your pancakes to look like anything special?”

   “Um, Mickey Mouse is fine.”

   “Taking it easy on me. That’s why you’re my favorite.”

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How to get the girl... Ask her (Parker x reader)

A/N: Just a cute idea at 2 am. Also totes listening to Gambino when I can’t sleep.

Tags: @imamotherfuckingstar-lord@courtneychicken, @thecupcakeconsumer, @bitch-m-fabulous

Warnings: language, situations of a sexual nature, too tired to be operating heavy machinery but I wrote this anyway

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Love At First Video Part 13: Alone Time

Misha Collins x Reader

1400 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

It was amazing how watching a man get tackled by two small children, while laughing all the while could make your heart flutter. He had crouched low to the ground, his arms spread wide and as soon as his kids noticed him they went running, knocking him off of his feet. You stood there, your hands full of milk, a huge smile on your face, a weird longing sensation in your heart.

You knew what it was, and it scared you more than you wanted to admit. You wanted to be a part of this family. Not just as the babysitter and the girlfriend of Misha. But you would love to have a permanent part in this family, and that frightened you. You had only known them for such a short time, and you were afraid you were letting yourself fall too hard too fast.

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How To Trade The Elliott Wave Extensions Like A Pro Part 1

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Josh Dun | first date

,,Hey.“ You nervously chew on your lip when you see Josh and he embraces you with a tight hug.
,,How have you been?” Josh smiles and you look up to him, staring into his brown eyes.
,,Fine and you?“ You start to get more comfortable with the situation and put a hair strain behind your ear.
,,Not too bad, was just nervous for today.” He blushes and stretches his Neck.
,,Why?“ You put on a charming smile and take a few steps forward since the line in front of you was moving.
,,I don’t want to mess it up. I really like you.” He stands right next to you and you could smell his cologne and feel his hand next to yours. You decide to grab it and intertwine your fingers with each other.
,,I like you too.“ You move closer to Josh and he draws small circles with his thumb over your sensitive skin.
,,Have you ever been on this rollercoaster before?” Josh grins down at you and you shake your head.
,,No, I actually don’t do rollercoasters.“ This time you blush and Josh chuckles slightly.
,,Why not?” He holds eye contact with you and you feel this heat in your whole body and the intense feeling in your stomach you get every time you see Josh. You two met in a restaurant, when a friend of yours spottet one of Josh’s friends who happened to be her cousin. You’ve spend the whole night talking and eating with them until Josh asked for your number. And here you are, holding hands with a boy you never expected to like that much in such a short time.
You snapped back into reality when you feel Josh lightly squeezing your hand and you decide to answer him.
,,I’m afraid of heights.“ You look up to the rollercoaster and try not to get sweaty palms.
,,Really? We don’t have to do this if you feel uncomfortable.” He smiles and you close your eyes for a second.
,,No I want to do this. I mean it’s just a rollercoaster. Plus I feel save with you.“ you blush once again.
,,Well you can squeeze my hand as much as you want during the ride.” He winks at you and laughs which you join.
Josh was so handsome. He makes you feel safe and important, since he always wants to make sure you’re okay.
,,Thanks I think I’ll come back to that.“ You lean your head on his shoulder and he wraps an arm around you.
,,I like where this is going.” Josh jokes with a smirk und you playfully role your eyes, your smile growing even bigger.
A few minutes later one of the workers guides you to your seats and makes sure they are secured. Your feet aren’t touching the ground anymore and you take a deep breath. Josh seems to notice that you’re nervous and takes your hand again.
,,You don’t have to be afraid, it will be over before you realised what actually happened.“ He holds your gaze and when the rollercoaster starts to move you squeeze his hand tight, your other hand holds the rod in front of you.
The way up isn’t to bad, but when the rollercoaster starts to get faster and slowly reaches the climax, you let out a scream as soon as it crashes down. You feel a pressure in your stomach and want to throw up.
,,Woah Y/N are you okay? You squeezed my hand to death.” Josh asks as soon as the seats were unlocked and you could get up.
You just shake your head while going threw your now messy hair.
,,I’m never going to do that again.“ You mumble shocked but also relived.
,,I actually enjoyed it.” Josh walks over to your side and casually wraps an arm around your waist.
,,Want something to eat?“ He points his head to the left and looks at you.
,,I heard they have nice cotton candy.” He grins like a child and you look at him with excitement in your eyes. You love candy.
After Josh bought one big cotton candy for both of you, you two decide to leave the free time park and take a walk to the beach that was nearby.
,,Do you have any other fears than height?” Josh asks you after some time of comfortable silence.
,,Ehm yeah, I’m afraid of spiders, just like most girls I think, and I’m afraid of jellyfish.“ You look to the ground and take another piece of the candy.
,,Why Jellyfish?” Josh asks interested.
,,When I was younger, i got engraved by them a few times. It hurts a lot. I just start to feel anxious when I see one.“ You feel a bit embarrassed about your fear but Josh seems to understand.
,,Yeah I know what you mean. Sometimes I freak out when I see bees.” You two stop by a bench and take a seat.
,,I guess you got stabbed by them?“ You ask with a small smile.
He just nods and actually stands up again.
,,What are you doing?” You ask confused.
,,Lets go down to the water and sit there. It’s way more prettier down there.“ He offers you his hand you take it before throwing the cotton candy in a trash can.
The sand makes a cracking sound underneath your shoes and you shiver slightly. The ocean breeze blows right into your direction and your sweater wasn’t thick enough to warm you.
,,Are you cold?” Josh asks as soon as you two sit down. The waves swing back and forth and make a calming sound.
,,It’s fine.“ You keep your gaze focused on the water and the way the moonlight shines down to them.
Suddenly you feel a soft fabric against your shoulders and look to your side.
,,Josh you’re going to get sick.” You want to give him his jacket back but he just wraps it around you even tighter.
,,Keep it, I don’t want you to be cold.“ His hand wouldn’t leave your waist and you decide to move closer to him, slowly leaning onto his muscular shoulders. He lifts his arm so you could cuddle yourself into his chest and you lay your head back.
,,I really enjoyed today.” You whisper only for him to hear, even tho you were alone anyways.
,,Me too. I feel like I know you way longer than a month.“ He lets out a sigh and you look at his yellow hair. It looks good on him, just like his piercing and tattoos. You feel yourself getting lost by his lips and by the way he would press his tongue against his teeth when he had to laugh.
You adore Josh, more than you might want to admit.
He looks at you too, thinking about what you’re probably thinking right now before he sees you staring at him. He sees the way you’re focused on his lips, and closes his eyes.
He gently lays a hand on your jawline and wraps it around your neck to carefully lift you up to him.
As soon as your lips meet, you feel this now all to familiar feeling in your stomach again and focus on the way your lips move in synchronisation. His lips are so soft and gentle that you just couldn’t get enough of them. They feel so nice against yours and you start to wrap your arm around Josh’s neck, deepening the kiss. After some time you two pull away, both breathless with red cheeks. Your whole body feels like it’s on fire, and you could still feel Josh’s touch on your skin.
,,That was awesome.” You both say at the same time. You can’t help but laugh and burry your head in his Chest. You feel his torso rising and lowering fast, showing you that he laughs too.
,,Mind if we go back to the car? It’s getting cold as Frick without a Jacket. Much colder than I expected. “ Josh rubs his arms and you nod.
,,Sure.” You get up and want to hand him his jacket, but he denies again.
,,Keep it. You can give it back to me on our next date.“

ninjagirl08  asked:

Could u do a lil story about Murasakibara Hanamiya and Kagami x chubby fem(s/o) reader That fes/o of him doesn't feel rly good in her body but Murasakibara tell and show her tht he loves her like she is??please❤️🙈 Besides I LOVE UR BLOGGGGG❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘

Aww thank you so much, this is so sweet of you! Here we go, fluff for Kagami, Murasakibara, and Hanamiya! (*^v^*)ノ゚

Your room was quiet as the two of you studied for the upcoming exam.

“You there?”

“Hm?” You perked up and looked at Kagami, who apparently had been staring at you and tried to get your attention for a while until he resigned to place his hand on your shoulder.

“I was asking if you were feeling well,” he repeated with worry in his voice. He withdrew his hand and blushed like he suddenly realised the was touching you. He was still not used to it. “You seem down.”

“Oh, I just…” You smiled awkwardly and made a vague gesture instead of continuing your reply.

“Just what?” Kagami tilted his head in confusion. Your smile washed off. You averted your gaze.

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Ms. Frizzle Arrested!

According to recent police reports, elementary school teacher Ms. Valerie Frizzle has allegedly been sneaking LSD and psilocybin mushrooms into her students’ lunches and convincing them they’re on magical school bus rides around the universe—doing everything from surfing on sound waves to swinging through stars. Regarding the allegations, Frizzle has stated that she “only did it to help the children learn” and that “no matter how intense the trip”, she at least made sure they wore seat belts. One student was quoted as saying, “At my old school, the teachers never would’ve drugged the kids.” Several students are pursuing legal action against Frizzle for long-term neurological damage.