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✮  - must find a place where to spend the night (w/ tsundere!jungkook)
@workofteaguk bc jungkook is her main poison and i’m a horrible friend >:)
p.s. this is pretty fucken long i didn’t realize i went this far

When Jungkook’s mother told him to always look on the brighter side of things, he thought… that’s fucking impossible. How are you supposed to look on the positive when the negative comes shoving into your face? Is there enough self-control on every individual to make a decision not to run down the streets because life treated them poorly?

Yes, apparently, yes.

Jungkook stands outside the window of the convenience store, watching as a familiar figure pull over a hood on their head and find comfort in the corner of the table built. With folded arms, face down and legs folded up on the stool, Jungkook debates in his mind if he really wants to put himself through this. He waits, at least… five seconds before he decides to fuck it.

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◦ pairing: reader x hyungsik

◦ rating: m [warning: humiliation/degradation]

◦ word count: 5.3k

◦ request: oh man i love your blog !!!!11!!!!11!1111 tbh your hyungsik smut is making me t h i r s t y but can i please request a hyungsik angst with a fluffy ending? fsjgeoijns a highschool au with him as your bully would be amazing holy //yes i am very into cliche storylines thanks// i’ll really appreciate if you do it and i lov u!!!!


◦ a/n: I’m the worst; this was supposed to be the college!hyungsik but then it changed so much. It’s nothing at all like the request or a college!au but here’s a filthy, rough Hyungsik smut nonetheless xD

m a s t e r l i s t

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A reality sweeter than a dream

The sofa is the most comfortable thing that you’ve lain down on in months. As soon as your head hits the cushion, you drift off into a sleep that you wish could have never ended. That you could have stayed there forever, suspended in the delicious purgatory, the weightlessness of both mind and body. Sadly, forever doesn’t seem like an option. When you wake, it’s still dark, one beam of light falling across the carpet of the room from the large bay window. You shift and let your eyes lazily close again, bathing in the bliss of safety and that indescribable feeling that you only get upon wakening in the morning. You can hear voices across from you and you build up an image in your head.

“Is she awake?”

10k is splayed over an armchair, legs dangling over the sides. He’s watching you, putting his rifle down against the wall.

“No, she’s been asleep for hours” Addy replies. “Don’t you dare think of waking her.” She’s perched in another chair, Z whacker across her lap, head resting on her hand, staring out of the window. “She needs it, I haven’t seen her sleep in I don’t know how long.”

“She looks so peaceful” 10k mumbles, Addy looks over at him, pulling a gooey face and making a long drawn out awwww sound. He huffs in response.

“What?” he asks, in a tone that makes you think that he already knows the answer. What Addy says next though, is what hooks you on the conversation, you have to hear the rest. There’s a long drawn out period of silence in which you nearly drift off back to sleep, and then she sighs.

“I’ve seen the way you look at her.” She whispers in a teasing voice. Your cheeks redden and you thank God for the darkness in the room, the single light shining weakly in the opposite corner. What way does he look at you? You’ve never noticed anything out of the ordinary.

“You’re imagining things” He mutters.

“Oh, no I’m not, lover boy”

“Come on, be quiet” There’s an urgency in his voice. It makes you wonder whether there’s a grain of truth behind what she’s saying. You want to turn over and away from him, perhaps even leave the room. But if you did that now, they’d know you’d been awake the whole time. So you lay perfectly still, arms wrapped around yourself.

“She’s out 10k!” she reassures him. “trust me, you could scream and she probably wouldn’t stir, it’s what happens when you don’t sleep for five thousand years” A bright light passes in front of the window, Vasquez on patrol for Zs, It silences the two for a couple of minutes and then Addy pushes the conversation on.

“Tell me you don’t have feelings for her.” She teases. “Tell me honestly and I’ll let it go.”


“Don’t make me whack you 10k.”

“Fine, okay.” He sighs, shuffling in his seat to sit round and lean his elbows on his knees. There’s another gap of silence as he rubs his eyes with the heels of his palms. “I like her. I like her a lot.”

“I knew it!” Addy squeals, clapping her hands.

“SHHHHHHhh!” 10k pleads. “She needs the rest.”

“You guys are so damn cute” she tells him. “Everyone knows something is going to happen between you, so just let it happen!”

“It’s not as simple as that, she has to like me back, I can’t just assume can I?”

“It is obvious that she likes you too.”

“Not to me it’s not” There’s a sound that you imagine is him getting to his feet, steps pace across the room and back again. Addy watches him go, eyebrows raising. 10k isn’t normally the one to do stress, he deals with things as they happen, and then moves on when it’s not relevant.

“Just ask her.” Addy pushes, getting to her feet as well. Her Z- whacker carves through the air as she throws it up into the air once and catches it again, before moving slowly towards the doorway. She’s obviously going out to take over watch from Warren and Vasquez, but first she turns back to 10k and points a finger at him, giving him a soft smile.

“Hey, Just sit and talk to her.” She whispers. “Everyone needs someone, forever isn’t assured these days.” The door swings to a shut, and there’s quiet except from the ticking of a clock somewhere nearby, and 10k’s pacing. Finally his steps stop. You jump as his hand touches your shoulder. Your eyes fly open, and meet his.

“Hi” he whispers “sleep well?” He rubs your shoulder a little, raising Goosebumps all over your arm. You manage to nod and pull yourself up into a seated position. 10k waves a packet in front of you, eyes glinting.

“We’re on the move in a couple of hours, but I found some protein bars” A smile lights up his face, The orange glow from the lamp hitting him in a way that makes him look like a piece of art. Chiselled out of marble maybe, painted by hand.  You pull yourself up more, making room for him to sit down next to you. He crosses his legs and starts to open the packet, the metallic paper making the most gorgeous ripping sound.

“I wanted to share them with you before we had to start moving.” He breaks off half of the oatbar and passes it to you, hand visibly shaking. Your fingers brush his as you take it and you take a deep breath.

“Thank you” you sigh, placing it on your knee and brushing your hands off on your top. You watch as he peels the wrapper down further and then sits still, considering the food without touching it. His eyes remain fixed on it, but you don’t think he’s really seeing it.

“You okay?” you ask him, worried about what he’s thinking. A blank look on his face, he looks at you and then away and out of the window.

“Nothing.” He mutters.

“It’s something.” You state. “You can talk to me.”

He doesn’t move, and so you bite your pride, and use one hand to turn his face towards you. His eyes focus on you, wide with shock. You smile, embarrassment making your skin burn. You take in a deep breath and then move your hand from his head down to his hand, taking it and intertwining your fingers.

“I like you a lot too.” You tell him. He blinks once and then doesn’t blink again for what seems like longer than you thought would be possible. It takes a while for him to realise that you must have heard his earlier conversation, and then he blushes as well.

“Oh” he breathes. “You do?”

“Yeah 10k, I do.”

You squeeze his hand gently and then lean forward to peck him on the cheek gently. A smile breaks out onto his face, and then he kisses you, on the lips this time. It’s fleeting and soft, but it means the world. His lips hover for a while above yours, and his smile gets wider.

“can we just… just savour being together while we have this?” he asks gently, voice a little husk. “While we know that we’re safe, because I could lose you tomorrow and…”

You cut him off, kissing him again, pressing into him, arms sliding up and around his neck. His arms go around your waist, and he rests his forehead against yours. Your hot breath mingles between you, skin on fire wherever it manages to touch. He holds you so tightly that all that exists to you is him. You’ve never felt safer in your life and it’s heaven.

“I love you.” You let slip on a sigh. He doesn’t move except to try and pull you even closer.

“I love you too, please just stay here. Stay in my arms?”

You tuck your head under his chin and he squeezes you, his heart beat almost merging with yours. It feels as though you’re becoming one entity. You can hear everyone moving about the house. But it seems so far away. It feels as though you exist in a bubble with 10k, and you’re going to remember this moment as the best time of your life for forever more.

You’re never leaving this bubble.

You’re never leaving him.  

We actually all create our own universe because we are all operating with our own private languages, which are only very crudely translatable into another person’s language. There’s even a physical analogue to this, which will further reinforce this notion of alien nation. It is that your picture of the world impinging on your eyes is made of photons. Photons are tiny wave packets, so closely circumscribed energetically that they can be thought of as particles. That means that every single photons which falls under the back of my eye is different from every single photon which falls under the back in anyone of your eyes. This means that I am using 100% a different perception of the world than anyone of you is, to get a picture of the world. And yet we are sitting here, with a naive assumption that our pictures of the world differ only by our perspective within the space of the room.
—  Terence Mckenna
Brace Yourself

Genre: Fluff

Member: Chanyeol

Words: 317

Request: hi! i just got braces a little but ago and im feeling really insecure about them. do you think you could write about chanyeol or sehun helping the reader not feel as embarrassed and insecure? its okay if you dont want to :)

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Maybe - Michael Clifford Smut

Summary: Michael and you are childhood friends who grew apart but that doesn’t mean that you forgot about each other.

Word count: 4K

“What are you doing here?” Michael asked with his eyebrows risen, looking me up and down before unpausing his video game and concentrating on the screen in front of him again.

“It’s not by choice. I’m grounded and mum was coming over to see your mum and she thought I’d sneak out, so here I am.”

Michael snickered as I sat down next to him on his bed.

“It’s not funny. I should be at a party but instead I get to spend my Friday night with you and your video games!”

I pushed his shoulder, making his concentration on his game waver momentarily. His eyebrows furrowed together as he tried to concentrate on his game once again.

“You should feel lucky that you’re even in my room you dick!” He quipped.

I scoffed as I stood up wandering around his room. It’s not changed too much in the past few years. I use to be in here all the time, our mum’s were pretty close so most of our time was spent together as kids but once we reached puberty we kind of drifted apart. I started to rebel against my mum, doing anything and everything that I shouldn’t be doing and Michael didn’t. He kept to himself, still playing his video games and stuff but we didn’t mix in the same circles really. Meaning that now I only see him once in a blue moon when our mum’s somehow drag us along to meet each other.

“You have so much shit in your room Mikey” I ran my finger along the wall which was littered with band posters. Michael didn’t even respond, he just kept his eyes on the screen. His tall body hunched over with his grey hoodie and sweats on. His hood was up and his bright red hair poked out the front of it, framing his porcelain white face. His lips matched his hair now, his lips were always so red looking, like they’ve been bitten. He had his headset on too, talking to whoever he was playing with about their strategy. I wandered over to the top of his drawers, seeing a few old pictures in their frames, smiling when I saw a big family one that I was in too. I spotted a ceramic dish next to his bed with some money in it and a few condoms too. I grabbed one out the bowl and walked back over to him blocking his view of the TV.

“Now what does precious Mikey need condoms for, hmm?” I waved the packet in front of his face, trying to taunt him but he just tried to look around me.

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krispino  asked:

Gimme a surgeon!bones and physical therapist!jim working together at a hospital AU :3

  • Jim spends an awful lot of time in Bones’ office. Even before they’re really friends. Bones is just reading through a medical report for his next patient when this guy walks in. He doesn’t even knock, he just walks in. “I have a patient who just had a Hamstring Repair surgery in a different hospital and I want you to take a look at him. Don’t think it’s done well.” And Bones looks up from his file at this blond stranger. “Who are you?” “Jim Kirk, physical therapist on floor 2.” Jim says. “Ah,” Bones replies, putting his files down, “why’d I look at one of your patients?” “Because I’m asking. Thanks, I appreciate it!” Jim says, and he’s off just like that. Bones just thinks he’s not gonna go check out this patient. This is ridiculous, and it’s not according to the hospital regulation. 
  • But he does check up on that patient’s records, and Jim’s right. Something had gone wrong, and so Bones schedules a surgery. It goes fine. Jim’s in his office a lot more afterwards. Bones finds it annoying, the peace and quiet from his office gone because of this stranger invading his private space. Bones starts doubting if Jim ever works, so he goes and visit him at floor 2. 
  • And Jim’s definitely at work. He’s standing over a guy, helping him bend his knees properly, and he’s talking sweet yet firm encouragements at him to keep him going. Bones finds himself shamelessly staring at the way Jim works. It’s the kind of post-surgery profession Bones doesn’t really get to see a lot. Bones takes them out of their life threatening positions, but Jim is the one actually turning them back to their old selves. Jim catches him staring, and he throws him a grin. “C’m here,” he says, gesturing Bones over, and Bones shakes his head. “No thanks.” “Come here,” Jim insists, and Bones finally walks over. “Mr Sulu, this is the doctor who performed the repair surgery on you.” Jim explains, patting Bones’ shoulder, and Sulu slowly sits up straight. “Thank you,” he says, and he’s shaking Bones’ hand and Bones smiles awkwardly. He’s really not usually personally involved with patients. “Well,” Bones starts, “Jim’s the one who’s gotta help you get back to normal.”
  • And Bones is lying on the couch in the break room. His feet hurt from standing during a 4-hour surgery and he doesn’t want to move, not even when someone else sits on the couch near his feet. “What’s up, Doc?” Jim asks, and Bones replies mostly in a groan. Mindlessly, Jim’s hands fold around Bones’ feet and he puts his feet on his own lap. Bones almost jerks his own feet away but Jim doesn’t budge. “Let me,” Jim says, “it’s my job.” and Bones lets him. It’s instantly relaxing when Jim massages his feet, the strain in his feet just slowly easing away and he’s pretty sure he just falls asleep for a while right there.
  • Jim and Bones just spending time together in Bones’ office. They often talk about nonsense, they watch TV, sometimes they even study together quietly. Jim pulls Bones down to his floor to meet the patients Bones saves, or just people he likes in general. And when Sulu’s back to his old self he leaves a bouquet of flowers for both Jim and Bones in Bones’ office, and a box of chocolates. Jim eats most of them.
  • “Just let me take a look at you,” Jim argues when they walk out of the hospital together. Bones is limping just a little because he twisted it over the weekend but Bones shakes his head. “No, I’m fine. I’m just gonna do groceries and then take a nap, I’ll be fine.” “Okay well, at least let me join you because I gotta do groceries too.”
  • And they’re still discussing a big surgery Bones is scheduled to perform tomorrow which is a pretty graphic discussion about human intestines, and Jim is making jokes while waving a packet of spaghetti at him and damn it Jim this is a patient’s life we’re talking about, but Bones laughs anyway, and they only stop when Sulu approaches them. He’s holding a little girl’s hand and a basket with groceries in the other, and he thanks them both again for enabling him to go hiking with his daughter in the summer and both Jim and Bones are briefly speechless. But then Jim’s like: “Yeah don’t worry about it, we’re here to save daddies like yourself.” and Bones smiles and agrees. And Sulu looks to his daughter and he says “Look, these are the two doctors who fixed daddy.” “Are you two married too?” Demora asks and both Jim and Bones are instantly like what? No. We’re not together. That’s crazy. And Sulu raises an eyebrow. “I thought you two were dating.” “No, no, that’s not a thing,” Bones says, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. “I mean, we could be a thing,” Jim counters. “But we’re not,” Bones repeats, and Sulu excuses himself, thanks them again, and they’re just out of there. “Bones, did you ever think about us being a thing?” Jim asks and Bones feels like dying because why here? “What? No. Of course not. Why?” “I have,” Jim says so bluntly that Bones doesn’t even know how to respond other than: “Okay.” “Okay? That’s your response? “Okay”, what does that mean?” Jim asks, and he opens his mouth to discuss that, because God, does Jim want to discuss everything. So when Jim’s about to protest, Bones just leans in to kiss him. And it catches Jim completely off guard. Even when he pulls away, Jim looks at loss for words. “Okay.” Bones repeats, and Jim nods slowly, lips tugging into a grin. “Okay.” He agrees, before kissing him again, shamelessly, in the vegetable isle. 

Rating: T

Prompt: “Why would you say that to me?” “Because I love you.” Requested by @riarklemedia

By: Nicole / @riarklevevo

Word Count: 3274

Warnings: None

A/N: This took five years b/c I rewrote it so many times just to get it right.

Farkle Minkus had his fair share of bad days, failed experiments, and embarrassing moments. All of that combined was nothing in comparison to the amount of anxiety Farkle felt when he had to sit next to Riley Matthews. 

It wasn’t that he didn’t like her, the problem was how much he liked her. Every single time he was around her, he felt so at peace and he was so painfully aware of it. Every time her arm raised to tuck her hair behind her ear, he was so tempted to just reach out and do it for her. Sometimes, she would lean so close to him and he swore he could feel every single cell in his body suddenly ignite. And since they were partners for projects so often, there were moments that he could become so stressed with the work. When Riley noticed it, she would always start rubbing his neck and he would instantly soften. He was so comfortable around Riley that it made him feel uncomfortable.

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We actually all create our own universe because we are all operating
with our own private languages, which are only very crudely translatable into anyother person’s language. There’s even a physical analogue to this, which will further reinforce this notion of alien nation.
It is that your picture of the world impinging on your eyes is made of photons. Photons are tiny wave packets, so closely circumscribed energetically that they can be thought of as particles. That means that every single photons which falls under the back of my eye is different from every single photon which falls under the back in anyone of your eyes. This means that I am using 100% a different perception of the world than anyone of you is, to get a picture of the world. And yet we are sitting here, with a naive assumption, that our pictures of the world differ only by our perspective within the space of the room.

– Terence Mckenna

Dr. Jongin and Mr. Kai - Part 10


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“Well I love you Kai.” You replied against his lips, your breath tickling him. He felt his heart skip a beat at the sound of those words.

“You don’t mean that. You love Jongin. I’m just in the way.” He replied, pulling away from you, and looking you in the eyes. You shook your head, mumbling something about him being stupid, before pulling him down for another kiss.

“It’s not like I’m happy about this Kai, I didn’t ask to fall for you. But somewhere between the cocky attitude, and the constant saving me, you found yourself a place within my heart” you told him, as you kissed him hungrily, your hands tangled in his hair.

His lips moved roughly against yours, as he pushed you against a wall, one of his hands placed by your head, and the other snaking around your waist, bringing your body closer to him. He wanted you, he needed you, and most of all, you wanted him, and that drove him crazy. You had feelings for him, you had finally told him you had feelings for him.

Someone wolf whistled at the two of you, making some rude comment about you, which Kai turned to face with a scowl on his face, his chest puffing up immediately. You tugged on his arm, bringing his attention back to you.

“Let’s go home” You told him, your eyes dark and lustful. He looked between you and the guy, before sighing and following you like a loyal dog. You watched the girls give you the dirtiest of looks, as the saw you holding hands with Kai, and you secretly relished in the feeling. You might not have looked as good as they did, you might not have been as sexy as they were, with their ridiculously high heels, and their stupidly short and tight dresses, but you were the one holding Kai’s hand, not them. And that made you feel so much better.

You watched him, his messy dark hair flying in all directions, his clothes all in black, with chains on them, and the leather jacket covering his torso over that black wife beater, you could understand how other girls found him irresistible. It almost made you laugh how your first impression of him was that he was simply a dick. You still thought he was a dick, but at least now you understood why, and you realized there was so much more to him than met the eye.

Kai smiled at you, not being able to hide the happiness he felt inside. He didn’t mind sharing you with Jongin, if it meant he got to have you. He would give up on all the girls he slept with from the clubs, he would give up on the heavy drinking, the drugs, the smoking, he would give it all up, if he just got to hold you in his arms.

“Kai…” You whispered, as you reached your apartment, while you fumbled with the keys.

“Yes?” he asked you, caressing your cheek with his hand, worry beginning to fill his thoughts, maybe you wanted to take back what you had said earlier.

“Did you mean it? What you said about doing things to me…” You asked him, heat rising to your cheeks, as you looked down at your feet. He smiled softly, before forcing your head up with his hand so you could look him in the eyes.

“Oh Y/N, there is so much I want to do to you…” He told you, his eyes dark and lustful, as he licked his lips suggestively. You swallowed harshly, before opening the door, and leading him in. He closed the door behind you.

You took him towards your room, before turning back to look at him, a shy smile making your lips curve upwards.

“Are you sure you want to do this Y/N?” He asked tentatively, before caressing your arm with his hand. You closed your eyes, and nodded.

“What about Jongin?” He asked again, he hated having to bring him up in a conversation with you, he hated knowing he had you there, and yet he had to ask about him. Jongin didn’t even know he existed. This wouldn’t hurt Jongin. But it could hurt you, and that’s all you cared about.

“I want you, Kai.” You told him, opening your eyes to look into his precious dark eyes. He smiled, before closing the space between you, his lips moving against yours in such a way that it left your body tingling.

He undressed you quickly, his hands expertly removing the clothing from you, unzipping the dress without even breaking the kiss, and letting it slide down your body. He pulled away for a moment, to admire your cute sexy lingerie. He licked his lips again, as his eyes raked through your body. It was better than he had imagined, and he wanted it. Now.

“Oh, God Y/N. You don’t know what you do to me.” He groaned, as he kissed your shoulder, slowly moving his lips up the curve of your neck, towards your jawline, biting down every so often just to hear you whimper.

His expert hands quickly found the hook of your bra, and undid it, tossing the material onto the floor, before quickly unbuckling his belt, and removing his trousers and boxers off. He pulled away from your body, smirking at you, before tugging at the collar of his shirt, pulling it over his head, and throwing it at the floor. You stared at his body, marveling in its perfection. You stared at his perfectly chiseled muscles, and his gorgeous tan skin, and without you meaning to, your eyes wandered down towards his length, widening once you noticed his size.

“What’s wrong cutie? Never seen one so big?” He asked, noticing your lingering stare on him. He wasn’t one to feel embarrassed by such things, instead, he bucked his hips slightly, proud of himself. You gulped visibly, before looking down at the floor. Kai noticed something was wrong.

“No I-I… I’d just never seen one before…” You said shamefully, your eyesight still glued to your feet. Kai’s  heart stopped beating, as his eyes widened, sudden realization hitting him like a cold slap to the face.

“You’re a virgin?!” He semi-yelled, semi-whispered, completely taken aback by his sudden discovery. Somewhere inside him, he began to feel conflicting emotions again. You looked at him with tears in your eyes, before nodding again, painfully slowly, as if you were scared of disappointing him.

“Oh God… Oh my God Y/N that changes things. Y/N are you sure you want to do this? I- I… We don’t have to do this. I’m really not the right one to do this with…” he stumbled over his words, suddenly fearing the situation. He didn’t want you to give your virginity to him just because he had pushed you to it, or because you didn’t want to disappoint him because of his reputation.  Most of all, he didn’t think he was worthy of taking your virginity. He wasn’t pure, he wasn’t good, and he couldn’t take something so important from you. It should have been Jongin, not him. His heart thumped in his chest so harshly he thought it would break right through it.

“Kai, I want it to be you. I want you to be my first.” You confessed, a lone tear rolling down your cheek from the embarrassment. He looked at you, and smiled warmly, his heart aching from a mix of pain and happiness, although he had never been able to tell the difference between the two.

“You are beautiful Y/N… You really are…” He told you, before pushing you down onto the mattress gently. He took in your body underneath him, so beautiful, so pure, and he felt his heart fluttering in his chest. You wanted him to be your first. You wanted him. You wanted to give him your virginity. Not Jongin, not some other guy. Him. He was going to treasure this moment for the rest of his life, even if in the end you still chose Jongin over him.

You smiled at him encouragingly. He smiled at you, a bubble of pure bliss expanding in his chest, as he leaned down to capture your lips with his, this time a lot softer than before. His hands ran up and down your sides, caressing your skin, making you sigh in pleasure.

You were nervous, that was obvious, but you felt safe in Kai’s arms. He kissed down your jaw, making his way down your neck, past your collarbones, which were going to be spotted purple and red the following morning, onto your breasts. He cupped one with a hand, massaging it lightly, while his lips grazed the other, sending shivers down your spine. His mouth worked wonders on your sensitive bud, turning you into a moaning mess underneath him. Your back raising from the mattress.

He continued kissing down your body, until he reached the hem of your lacy panties, he smiled at you, before grabbing the flimsy material with his teeth, and tugging it down your legs, until he could grab it with his hand and pull it away. You blushed a deep red, suddenly feeling completely exposed. No man had seen you liked this before.

He stared at you lovingly, before placing a kiss onto your core, his fingers playing with you, teasing you, before entering you gently, while his tongue continued to work on you, causing you to moan louder, until you were practically screaming his name. His fingers pumped in and out of you, while his tongue swirled around your clit. You started feeling an unfamiliar feeling of pleasure and tension in your lower abdomen. Kai felt you clench around his fingers, so he began pumping faster into you, bringing you to your climax.

“AH KAI!” You yelled out, your hands gripping onto the cheeks until your fingertips were white, and your back was almost completely lifted from the bed. He smiled at himself, content with succeeding with his wish of having you scream his name.

He quickly got off the bed,  to through his wallet for a silver package, before climbing back onto you, his body hovering over yours, as he looked you deep in the eyes, waving the silver packet in front of you.

“Are you sure?” He asked you again and you nodded. He rolled the rubbery material onto his length, before positioning himself at his entrance.

“This might hurt… If you want to stop, please tell me.” He begged you, and although you were so nervous, you let out a laugh.

“You don’t sound like Kai, you are being too sweet.” You told him, opening your eyes to look at him.

“Shut up” He said before carefully sliding himself inside of you. You hissed at the sudden sensation, the pain coursing through your body, and you bit your lip, trying to hold back a scream. But you couldn’t hold back the tears from rolling down your face. Kai noticed them, and quickly wiped them away, as he stood still, inside of you, waiting for you to tell him what to do next. With your eyes still closed, and a frown on your face, you nodded at him, signaling that you wanted him to continue. He hesitated, until you bucked your hips upwards.

He smiled, as he began pushing himself in and out of you in a rhythmical manner, making the tingly sensation return to your body. His movements perfectly synchronized with your body, as he hit you in all the right places. He didn’t know if it was because you turned him on so much, or because he was nervous because of this being his first time, but he felt himself building up to his climax faster than he had ever done before, so he snapped his hips faster against you, earning a loud moan, as you too began to reach your climax.

He knew he wouldn’t last much longer, his body tensing, as he tried to focus on getting you there first, so he supported himself with one arm, while his other hand found itself against your clit, rubbing on it gently, trying to get you to get there first. You gasped loudly, before screaming his name, your toes curling, and your vision cloudy, as you came undone underneath him. He released himself soon after, riding off his high by gently moving in and out of you, before removing the condom, and tossing it away.

He plopped down onto the bed beside you, your body snuggled up next to him, as you listened to his quickened heartbeat. You felt sore, your legs ached, and you felt embarrassed, but you were happy. Happier than you ever had been. You let your fingertips trace patters on Kai’s chest.

“Was that okay?” He asked you, his voice trembling. He had never felt anything like that before, he was still shaken.

“It was perfect. Thank you Kai.” You told him with a smile, as you drew hearts onto his skin.

“I love you Y/N… I love you.” He told you, kissing the top of your head. You noticed his heartbeat quicken once he said those words.

“Please be here in the morning…” you begged him, and he knew exactly what it meant. But he didn’t mean not getting any sleep, if it meant being able to hold you close for a while longer. Jongin was going to have to wait.

Snowed In (Ashton Irwin)

REQUEST: OK can you do one and you guys are spending the weekend in like a log cabin and it’s like really snowy and u just stay inside the whole time and do it¡¡¡¡

* * *

“How the fuck did this even happen?” You groaned out in frustration. You were pacing back and forth in the cabin, your boyfriend Ashton sitting on the couch.

He decided to surprise you and take you on a getaway to a cabin in New York and your mind was blown since it was the beginning of April and the two of you woke up to 6 inches of snow covering the ground and extreme cold warnings urging you to stay inside. But there’s global warming for you. You didn’t know to pack any sweaters or jackets since you were expecting it to be nice and sunny.

“Y/N just calm down.” Ashton tried to reason.

“Ash, you spent all this money and we’re stuck in here for who knows how long. I just-”

You were cut off by the lights and everything else in the cabin turning off. You felt the heat disapear as you heard the furnace turn off and cold air filled the atmosphere. The only light that was currently filling the room was the bright white reflecting off the snow, through the window. You could see Ashton holding in a chuckle as your face dropped and your eyes narrowed. You shivered at the crisp air since all you were wearing was a pair of panties and one of Ashton’s old, worn out t-shirts.

“Is this a joke?” You screeched, frustrated. Ashton got up from his spot on the couch, walking over to you and wrapping his arms around your waist. “Ashton, the trip is ruined.” You pouted, letting out a sigh.

“No it’s not, stop stressing.” He comforted, kissing your head. “Besides, I know a few ways we can stay warm.” He teased, his hands sneaking down to your ass. You narrowed your eyes at him, pushing him away, pissed off.

“Ashton, are you serious? You wanna stay warm? Find firewood or something. I can’t believe in a disaster like this, that’s what you’re thinking about?” You questioned, shaking your head. You turned around to walk away but his hands grabbed your waist, pulling you back towards him.

“You know how much it turns me on when you’re mad too, right?” He asked, chuckling a bit as you felt his growing hard on against your back. He spun you around so you were facing each other again and you saw his innocent look.

“You make it so hard to try staying mad.” You huffed out, smiling a bit.

Ashton grabbed your hand, intertwining your fingers and taking you over to the bedroom. The atmosphere grew colder since the windows in this room were covered by curtains, preventing the sunlight to come in. You quickly ran over to the bed, wrapping yourself up in the blankets since you were so cold. You giggled as you saw Ashton stalk over towards you.

He positioned himself in front of your center. He hooked his fingers into the waistband of your panties and slowly pulled them off you, tossing them onto the cold hardwood floor. His cold hands felt around your thighs as he lowered his face closer towards the small opening in the igloo of blankets surrounding your body. His hands snaked under the shirt and rested on your bare hips. You giggled as his hair tickled your lower half as he pecked light kisses up and down the inside of your thighs.

His soft lips finally connected to your center, leaving butterflies in your stomach. He kissed up and down your slit slowly, his tongue occasionally poking out and dipping itself into your growing wetness. He hummed against your skin, finding your clit and toying with it. You let out a soft moan as his finger slowly entered you. You bit your lip, curling your fingers into his soft hair as his mouth and fingers worked together. He added another finger as your ache started building up more and more.

As you moaned out his name, you quickly moaned out in disappointment when his touch was gone. He licked his finger, smirking at you before crawling underneath the covers to join you. He moved you around so your head was close to the headboard, against the pillows and he was straddling your hips as the blankets pooled over the two of you. He pulled the t-shirt off your body, making you shiver at the sudden exposure to the still missing warmth. He quickly stripped off his t-shirt and sweatpants right after, bringing his boxers down as well as he threw the pile of clothing on the floor.

“Would you like to do the honors?” He asked, chuckling a bit. You smiled shyly as he reached over to the nightstand, digging through the nightstand drawer. You took him in your hands, jerking him off a few time before his face hovered back above yours. “Found it.” He winked, waving the foil packet in front of your face.

You grabbed it from him, locking eye contact with him. You slowly ripped it open with your teeth, trying to be as seductive as possible but by Ashton’s chuckles, you could tell that wasn’t going to well. You threw the wrapper on the floor, sliding the condom onto him as teasingly as possible.

“What was that again about ‘the power’s out and all you think about is sex? Find firewood Ashton.’” He mocked, trying to imitate your voice. You rolled your eyes as he nuzzled his face into your neck, making you giggle as his eyelashes tickled your skin. “Ready?” He asked, positioning himself in line with you. You nodded and he wasted no time.

He entered you, causing your first reaction to grip his shoulders and dig your nails into his skin. He waited a few seconds before building up a pace. His face was still digging into your neck, leaving light kisses around the same area. Your hands re-found his hair, tangling your fingers through his curls as he worked over you.

“You’re so beautiful.” He breathed out, his voice muffled by his mouth being covered by your skin.

His hands grabbed your waist, letting your hips move to meet his halfway as his pace became quicker and sloppier. You felt your high building again and could tell you’d reach it soon. You moaned out as your walls clenched around Ashton, who started breathing quicker at the feeling of that. As you did it again, you felt yourself let go, Ashton joining you seconds later.

You threw your head back, trying to catch your breath as you and Ashton rode out your highs. You felt him smile into your neck as he collapsed on top of you, snaking his arms around your waist. You turned over to the side, moving Ashton beside you as you smiled at each other. You cuddled into the layers of blankets and Ashton in attempt to keep yourself warmer. He moved his head to meet yours and caught your lips with his, sharing a passionate, long kiss. When you pulled away, you rested your foreheads on each other and cuddled, tangling your legs together and waiting for the power to come back on, which you hoped wouldn’t be for a bit longer.

* * *

I made this all cute and fluffy/smuttyish and it makes me feel all cuddly and shit lol bye. Legit writing this makes me wanna find a cute cuddly 8tracks playlist and my own Ashton Irwin please and thanks. I wrote most of this in class today, you can probably tell how interesting school is at this point. Hope you guys liked it! - L


“All right, all right! I know you’re excited it’s the end of the day but we still have five minutes.” Thomas waved a packet over his head. He knew a lot of college students hated history, they thought it was boring and at times it could be. He, however, tried to make it interesting and somewhat fun and let the students engage in discussions. The homework part of it though… that’s where some seemed to be failing to complete.

“Page eight of the packet is to be completed by Friday so you have three days, guys. It should be plenty of time to answer a few questions. You have my email and my office door is always open if you need any help. I know History is hard.”

The bell rang to which students started to file out the door. “Ah, Ronan? Stay just for a few minutes?”

We actually all create our own universe because we are all operating with our own private languages, which are only very crudely translatable into any other person’s language. There’s even a physical analogue to this, which will further reinforce this notion of alien nation.
It is that your picture of the world impinging on your eyes is made of photons. Photons are tiny wave packets, so closely circumscribed energetically that they can be thought of as particles. That means that every single photons which falls under the back of my eye is different from every single photon which falls under the back in anyone of your eyes. This means that I am using 100% a different perception of the world than anyone of you is, to get a picture of the world. And yet we are sitting here, with a naive assumption, that our pictures of the world differ only by our perspective within the space of the room.
—  Terence McKenna
'Worth It' (SNK; JeanMarco) NSFW

Okie dokie, so after the warm reception Number Seven received, I had numerous requests for a sequel, most of which were asking for some NSFW. So since my birthday is tomorrow, I figured I’d post this as a little gift back to you guys, as a thank you for all the love & support. :)

Notes: Let’s just say both boys are 18 here, since seniors CAN technically be adults, and since this is really NSFW.

Title: ‘Worth It’ (Sequel to ’Number Seven’) SNK; JeanMarco - NSFW


“Let’s go, number seven,” he said between messy kisses. “We’re on a tight schedule, remember?”

In which cheerleader!Jean & jock!Marco enjoy some locker room alone time.

Warning(?) - This is a little rougher than I usually write, but OH WELL WHY NOT? 

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