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Astronomy and Astrophysics: Facts

Here is a list of some curiosities of astronomy and astrophysics. From our solar system to interstellar space.

Ganymede: Ganymede is the largest and most massive moon of Jupiter and in the Solar System. It has a diameter of 5,268 km and is 8% larger than the planet Mercury. Is the only moon known to have a magnetic field.

Supersonic Wind : Neptune, the eighth and farthest planet from the sun, has the strongest winds in the solar system. At high altitudes speeds can exceed 1,100 mph. That is 1.5 times faster than the speed of sound. 

Io: Jupiter’s moon Io is the most volcanically active world in the Solar System, with hundreds of volcanoes, some erupting lava fountains dozens of miles (or kilometers) high. Io is caught in a tug-of-war between Jupiter’s massive gravity and the smaller but precisely timed pulls from two neighboring moons that orbit further from Jupiter - Europa and Ganymede. 

Magnetosphere of Jupiter: The stronger the magnetic field, the larger the magnetosphere. Some 20,000 times stronger than Earth’s magnetic field, Jupiter’s magnetic field creates a magnetosphere so large it begins to avert the solar wind almost 3 million kilometers before it reaches Jupiter. The magnetosphere extends so far past Jupiter it sweeps the solar wind as far as the orbit of Saturn. 

A scary future - Sun: A red giant star is a dying star in the last stages of stellar evolution. In only a few billion years, our own sun will turn into a red giant star, expand and engulf the inner planets, possibly even Earth. 

Supernova: Supernovas can briefly outshine entire galaxies and radiate more energy than our sun will in its entire lifetime. 

OJ 287: The rotational rate of this massive black hole is one third of the maximum spin rate allowed in General Relativity. This 18 billion-solar-mass black hole powers a quasar called OJ 287 which lies about 3.5 billion light-years away from Earth. 

Olympus Mons: Olympus Mons is a big volcano. It is almost unimaginably huge. It is 550 kilometers (342 miles) across at its base, and the volcanic crater (the technical term is ‘caldera’) at the peak is 80 kilometers (53 miles) long. If you were standing at the edge of the caldera, the volcano is so broad and the slopes are so gradual that the base of the volcano would be beyond the horizon. That’s right, it is a volcano so big that it curves with the surface of the planet. 

Neutron star: A neutron star has a mass of about 1.4 times the mass of the sun, but is not much bigger than a small city, about 15 km in radius. A teaspoon of neutron star material would weigh about 10 million tons. The gravitational field is intense; the escape velocity is about 0.4 times the speed of light. The collapsed star is so dense that electrons and protons do not exist separately, but are fused to form neutrons. The outer layers form a rigid crust surrounded by an atmosphere of a highly energetic electrons and excited atoms. 

Gravitational waves: Gravitational waves are ‘ripples’ in the fabric of space-time caused by some of the most violent and energetic processes in the Universe. Albert Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves in 1916 in his general theory of relativity. Einstein’s mathematics showed that massive accelerating objects (such as neutron stars or black holes orbiting each other) would disrupt space-time in such a way that 'waves’ of distorted space would radiate from the source (like the movement of waves away from a stone thrown into a pond). 

Sources: Wikipedia , laspe.colorad, nasa.com, Futurism.com, LIGO & Universetoday.com

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In terms of bonding- stuffed animals? Like, we crave affection so much that we make little fake animals to cuddle with. We use them for comfort when we're young and can even get distressed when we don't have them with us. As well as the fact that we save them and pass them on to younger generations. Even when their eyes have fallen out and all the fur is loved off, we love them, in fact, they may become even more precious at that point.

Yes, that is a mass-produced piece of cloth, stuffing and buttons. Yes, it is identical to thousands of other items. No, you can not get the human a new mass-produced piece of cloth, stuffing and buttons to fill the same function. Only this mass-produced item can fill the function.

The function is somewhat unclear.

The mass-produced piece of clothing, stuffing and buttons must always be in a place of honor in the living quarters. The mass-produced item is not allowed to be covered with other items or fall over. That is bad for the mass-produced piece of clothing, stuffing and buttons even though it is not physically harmed. Items indicating actual honors, such as certificates or medals, can be covered or fall down. That is acceptable.

If the mass-produced piece of clothing, stuffing and buttons has unacceptably fallen on the ground where it may be inadvertently nudged with one’s mobility appendages, that is very bad and disrespectful to the item. Apologies are required, but should be directed at both item and human. The item will not reply.

The human may engage the mass-produced piece of clothing, stuffing and buttons in conversation. Most mass-produced items lack the capability to make any sound, and those that were produced with the capability are limited to prerecorded generic comments not indicative of sentience. Furthermore, the mass-produced item is incapable of any other response type, including movement, radio wave transmission, or temperature manipulation. The human will not appear to notice. 

Further study is being done to determine if there is another dimension of life humans are attuned to but have not recorded in the scientific literature.


Agnès Varda b.  30 May, 1928

Varda was born Arlette Varda to Greek and French parents. She is the first cousin once removed of the painter Jean Varda who was the subject of her 1967 documentary Uncle Yanco

In 1954, eschewing the more conventional career path of camera assistant working their way up to director, Varda shot her first film La Pointe Courte. The film was screened at the 1955 Cannes Film Festival and is considered a precursor to the French New Wave film movement causing Varda to be dubbed “the grandmother of New Wave” despite the fact that many of the New Wave directors were her contemporaries. 

Her 1962 film Cléo de 5 à 7 competed for the Palme d’or at the Cannes Film Festival. For her 1965 film Le Bonheur Varda won the Prix du jury at the Berlin Film Festival. 

Varda worked steadily throughout her career but her films did not often break through to mainstream success. She was only nominated once for a César Best Director award (for her 1985 film Vagabond, which she did not win). 

In 2000 she filmed the documentary The Gleaners & I, about scavengers living on the outskirts of society. Prior to this period she was known more for being the wife of fellow filmmaker Jacques Demy however the critical success caused Varda’s work to be critically reappraised and interest in her to renew. Following this period she began to receive many honorary awards including an honorary César in 2001 and an honorary Palme d’or from the Cannes Film Festival in 2015.

if you ever wondered why critique of femininity has largely disappeared from mainstream feminist discourse, just look to the way corporations have exploited feminism for their own benefit. they have a vested interest in making sure femininity, particularly the whole beauty / appearance-focused aspect, goes unchallenged even in feminist movements. 3rd wave feminists generally recognize the toxicity of diet culture, how the diet and weight loss industry exploits the insecurities of women for their own financial benefit (at the expense of our health), but they’re strangely silent on a lot of other aspects of the beauty industry. and i mean, it makes sense, with the way companies like dove, for example, have made use of pseudo-feminist language in order to appear benevolent towards women. and female socialization, in which we’re groomed to associate being attractive to men with self-worth and ‘feminism’ becomes an idea that goes against everything we’ve been taught, makes those sort of ad campaigns even more seductive. 

Taking Chances [Part 8]

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Warning: none

Wordcount: 2402

*A/N: okay, so for now this is supposed to be the last part unless anyone wants more than the bonus chapter I wanted to add. :)

Aaaalso AGAIN thanks to @jaxonah for going over ideas with me. this part would definitely be different if she didn’t help me. ILYSM bby 💘


You were sat in the back of a taxi to the Korean BBQ place the boys had picked. This was a bad idea. Recently it seemed like you were always making the wrong choices. You shouldn’t have agreed to sleeping with Jungkook and again, you should have stayed home tonight. The conversation you’ve had with Namjoon weighed heavy on your mind. Was it possible that Jungkook actually had feelings for you? You had never even thought about it. The last two days you had franticly been piking your brain, trying to remember times when you had hung out with the boys. It all didn’t make sense, he had never made a move on you, nor had he been really shy when you were around. Could this be a prank to scold you for agreeing to the dumbest idea ever?  It was possible but unlikely; you knew the boys well enough that this wasn’t the type of prank they’d pull on you.

When you got out of the taxi, you straightened out your clothes and readjusted your bag on your shoulder. You were hoping that the nervous feeling, which was brewing in the pit of your stomach, would subside once you were actually hanging out with them. Maybe you were overreacting, it couldn’t possibly be that bad, now could it? They were your really good friends after all.
You made your way inside; the restaurant was quite busy for a weeknight. “Noona, over here.” Jungkook got up and waved with a bright smile on his face. “Hey.” You said shyly and made an awkward wave-like movement with your hand when you arrived at the table. Normally, they’d all get up to hug you but Namjoon and Hoseok didn’t this time. So it definitely wasn’t a prank, they were clearly not happy to see you tonight. Jungkook pulled you into a tight embrace. “You look so pretty.” It was a faint whisper in your ear, so no one could hear him apart from you.

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Negan’s Runaway

Request:  I was wondering if I could request a negan x reader in a total non-con way. Like reader tries to flee. But negan is like “you can’t run away from me” kind of mood. And he finds her and teaches her a harsh lesson, pretty please. Hoping your day is amazing! ;D ;D

 This is for @ashleywinchester69

Warnings: THIS IS A RAPE/NONCON STORY. Please do not read if this offends you.

Pairings: You X Negan

Words: 3k

Summary: Plot? What Plot! PORN!

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            The moonlight was all you had to guide yourself as you sprinted through the trees. There was no doubt someone saw you. Sneaking through the gates at shift change wasn’t as easy as you hoped, but it was worth it to have the chance at freedom.  

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MAY 1: The Lavender Menace (1970)

Happy May 1st everyone! Today, we’re going to celebrate the iconic civil rights group The Lavender Menace and how they fought back against homophobia in the Women’s Rights Movement by protesting the Second Congress to Unite Women on this day in 1970.

Three members of The Lavender Menace celebrate after having successfully completed a Zap during the Second Congress to Unite Women. A Zap is a form of political protest pioneered by LGBT Rights activists which involved the public embarrassment of a celebrity or public figure (x).

In high school, you may have read about Betty Friedan as the brave author of The Feminine Mystique and as one of the women who launched the second wave feminist movement. Although to some, Betty Friedan is a feminist hero, if you ask most lesbians what they think about Betty Friedan you’ll probably get a completely different reaction. In 1969, as the president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), Betty gave a speech in which she identified lesbians in the Women’s Rights Movement as the “lavender menace,” a villainous group that was holding back the movement from being accepted by mainstream society. What followed was a careful plan for NOW to distance itself from lesbians and lesbian issues by blacklisting the Daughters of Bilitis.

Rita Mae Brown stands defiant in her Lavender Menace shirt amongst a group of NOW members (x).

This clear act of homophobia enraged one lesbian activist by the name of Rita Mae Brown. Scorned and impassioned, Rita and other lesbian activists left NOW and formed their own group that would welcome lesbians in and focus specifically on lesbian civil rights issues. The name they chose for themselves? The Lavender Menace. For the groups’ coming out party (no pun intended), the organizers of The Lavender Menace chose the Second Congress to Unite Women, which was being held in New York City on May 1, 1970. Decked out in lavender colored shirts and holding protest signs, the women of The Lavender Menace infiltrated the auditorium where the Congress’s opening remarks were being made, cut the lights and the microphone, and hijacked the stage. Although there were members of the crowd who booed, many of the women at the Congress listened to what the Menaces had to say and allowed their protest to continue. Karla Jay, one of the women who was a part of the protest recalls that “the audience was on our side.”



Happy Women’s Equality Day

Unfortunately film directing is one of the least equal professions for women. Here are nine women who helped to make it more equal. Since nine is so few in a profession filled with ground breaking heroes please comment with more women!

Alice Guy-Blaché (1873 -1968 ) First female director. One of the first (by a matter of months) fictional film directors. 

Bodil Ipsen (1889 -1964) Danish director whom the Danish Oscar called the “Bodil” is named after. First and only woman to win the Grand Prix at Cannes, a prize that was later retired and replaced by the Palme d’or.

Dorothy Arzner (1897 - 1979) American director who to this day remains the only woman to have directed 17 films for Hollywood. Inventor of the boom mike.

Esther Eng (1914 -1970) Openly lesbian Chinese American director who was the first woman to direct Chinese language films in the US.

Agnès Varda (1928) French director credited with started the French New Wave movement. Honorary Palme d’or winner.

Lina Wertmüller (1928) Italian director who was the first woman to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Director in 1977.

Kathryn Bigelow (1951) American director who was the first (and so far only) woman to win an Oscar for Best Director.  

Jane Campion (1954) New Zealand director and first woman to win the Palme d’or at Cannes. Second woman to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Director.

Ava DuVernay (1972) American director and first black woman to direct a film nominated for Best Picture, first black woman to win Best Director at Sundance.