wave hill garden


Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it!

- Maya Angelou

How is everyone? Spring sprung in your neck of the woods??? Here in NYC…We’re finally seeing the sign of Spring. Honey bees are busy tasting flowers already :))) I waited to absorb myself into this beauty so long. YES!

Seeing all the pretty flowers and tiny new green sprouts makes me smile. Their amazing healing energy gives me a peaceful state of mind. I try to still my busy mind and make a space for my true self and the essence of others. Life unfolds its mystery moment by moment as we live. We don’t force it to happen, we don’t hold it back. We just let it happens as it is. Just like four seasons comes and goes.

I am breathing into a freshness of present moment today. I’m grateful for where I stand in my own life. Looking forward to more happy tears and laughter ahead :)

Have a happy spring, my dear friends. Love you all so much!

Much gratitude,

Hana the flower child