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Atmosphere (Joy Division Cover)
Nine Inch Nails
Atmosphere (Joy Division Cover)
Walk in silence, Don't walk away, in silence.
See the danger, Always danger,
Endless talking, Life rebuilding,
   Don't walk away.

Walk in silence, Don't turn away, in silence.
Your confusion, My illusion,
Worn like a mask of self-hate, Confronts and then dies.
   Don't walk away.

People like you find it easy,
Naked to see, Walking on air.
Hunting by the rivers, Through the streets,
Every corner abandoned too soon,
Set down with due care.
Don't walk away in silence,
   Don't walk away.

never not the cutest.

even in the pit of vocal-pain-and-despair, stressed-to-the-max-I’m-sure, he remains the most-darling.

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Leaving Home - Derek Luh Imagine


Could I get a sad/cute imagine where Derek joins Nate On tour and then y/n gets sad and when they get on the bus she stands left and waves goodbye and their all so sad because they haven’t been separated since they started dating long time ago?




I fold my purple monster hoodie and place it in my duffle bag a long side of my black ripped jeans and a picture of my beautiful girlfriend Y/N. I trace my finger over the water mark lining the top left corner of the picture remembering when we took this on her polaroid and when we got into a fight how she knocked glass of water over spilling on our photos. 


“Derek you are being so immature!” She screamed at me throwing her hands through her long hair and sitting at the table throwing her head down and outstretching her arms causing her to knock over a plastic cup of water. 

I gasped out as she cried out and we both ran towards the photo album holding our treasured memories. 

She frantically grabbed a towel and started to dry the wet spots as I picked up as many photos as I could. We got all the photos and dried them out some water marked like the one we took on the night of our 4 year anniversary.  

We both sank to our knees next to each other leaning against the kitchen island. I reached my hand out on the hardwood floor taking her dainty hand in mine. 

“I’m sorry. I should have believed you and I’m sorry for acting so immature.” I whisper rubbing her hand softly. 

“I’m sorry for yelling and knocking the water onto our photos.” She cried  rubbing away tears with her free hand. 

“Please baby don’t cry, it was an accident.” I say scooting her body into mine rubbing soothing circles on her hand and back. 

“I love you.” She mumbles into my neck. 

“I love you too.” I whisper into her hair kissing it and then continuing my circles. 

“Almost done packing baby?” I hear her silky voice say from the door way. 

I nod my head and continue to fold jerseys and place shoes into my bag. She wraps her arms around my waist and places the side of her cheek in between the blades of my shoulders. I turn around and rest my head on top of hers, stroking her long hair.

“It’s only two months.” I say pulling her closer to me. 

“I know but that is the longest we have ever been apart.” She mumbles into my chest as I feel tears start to soak into my tee. 

“It’s going to be okay, I will call you, text you, FaceTime you everyday and just think when I get home we can amazing ‘I missed you sex’.” I say pulling her back to look at her reaction. 

She laughs and rolls her eyes then snuggles back into me. “I just don’t want to lose you.” She says pulling away going to sit on the bed next to my bag taking out the picture of us. 

“You will never lose me.” I say taking the photo from her hands putting it in the bag, zipping it up and placing it on the ground. “Lets go to bed. I don’t leave till the morning and we can cuddle all night.” I say taking off my shirt and pants. 

She nods her head and climbs into bed already in one of my tees, I pull the covers over us and pul her into my chest. She places her head on my bare chest and traces my tattoos that linger my body. 

I can tell she is listening to my heart beat since her fingers dance to the same beat as my heart. I kiss her forehead and pull her tighter into my body if that is even possible and slowly drift off to sleep with my girl. 


I wake up the next morning to the sound of Derek’s alarm going off signaling he has to get up since he leaves today. I sigh to my self and slightly shake his torso  waking him up. He rubs his face and looks at the time. His face fills with sorrow as he looks at the digital clock to my longing eyes.

“It’s only two months.” He says locking his lips with mine  and pulling me closer to him. 

I pull away and smile placing my forehead against his. “You need to get up you leave in 20.” I say patting his chest and getting up my self making my way towards the bathroom where I do my hair and light makeup. I throw on one of Derek’s oversized sweatshirts and black skinny jeans. 

I walk out to see Derek dressed and eating some breakfast. He looks at me with sad eyes. “Your tour is going to be great. You can cuddle with Skate.” I laugh walking over to him embracing my self into his sturdy arms. 

“I aint cuddling with that giant!” Derek remarks causing both of us to giggle. 

We head to the car and I sit in the passenger seat as Derek sits in the drivers seat. He places his hand on my thigh moving it up and down as we drive to where the tour bus is leaving from. 

I look out the window holding back tears just reminding my self that its only two months. I know I sound pathetic but thats the longest I have ever seen apart from him. It was going to be hard. 

We pull up to the large parking lot and see Skate, John and the other fabulous crew joining them on tour. Skate is running around jumping up and down causing his gold chain necklace to bounce. I smile at the scene. Derek squeezes my thigh and we hop out of the car.

“D LUH! Y/N!” Skate yells obviously high and runs over and hugs us both. 

I laugh and his him back. “Be careful with him Maloley.” I say giving him a warning glare. 

“Mami, I don’t need no babysitter I’m a man!” Derek says lifting his arms flexing. 

“Your my man Luh.” I say kissing him passionately causing groans to come from the crew. 

We smile and hug one last time as they all board the bus. Derek is the last to get on and once the doors close I can feel my heart rate increasing and tears forming. Derek stands in the window with his hand against the glass and crestfallen expression on his face. I wave goodbye as the tour bus drives away. 

“It’s only two months.” I whisper watching the bus drive away. 


Here is a cute little sad Derek imagine! 

Requests will be open soon I have lots imagines for you guys! 

Love you all, 


My friend’s Brother - Luke - Part 2

luke is more in this one, and i can’t wait to develop the story and share it with you guys 

part 1 here 

The rest of the day went fast it consisted of: eating, reading, a bath and then sleep. The morning approached and it may have been the second day, but you were contempt staying here for the rest of the day. You were on the verge of going back to sleep, when your mum yelled out for you to get up and go to school. You begrudgingly did. You got dressed which consisted of a short black shirt, an long grey shirt, with combat boots. You pulled on your leather jacket and left. Yelling out a goodbye to your parents. You exited the house and strolled up to your bike, swinging your leg over and pulling your motorbike helmet on, you turned it on and revved it. you pulled out of the drive way and sped to school.

You had reached school and were heading to you locker to grab your books for your next 2 classes: Justice studies, and English. As you were pulling out your books, your phone buzzed and you pulled it out of pocket. It was from Morrigan ‘I’m out the front’ you remembered the deal you made, so you texted her back that you were on your way over there. You were on your way over there, when you ran into Ashley and her minions. She shoved you into a locker.

“fuck off Ashley” you grit out and kept moving.

“excuse me?” she glared at you.

“you heard me” and you walked off.  You finally made it to the front of the school and saw Morrigan with that blue eyed boy she was with yesterday, they both looked at you and smiled. “um hey?” you said a little awkwardly.

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Day 16 - Favourite NIN Group Picture

I always liked this photo of the Wave Goodbye tour band as it kind of reminds me of the old Pretty Hate Machine days in which there were only around ¾ members of the band on the earliest tour dates, it wasn’t supposedly at all planned (due to Alessandro’s visa running out at that time and Josh Freese leaving the band after touring from 2005) but it just kind of reminds me of those days.

Nine Inch Nails - Wiltern Theatre - 2009 (HD)
NIN in Los Angeles / Wiltern Theatre on September 10th 2009. An epic performance... enough said. ___ I made this edit in 2010-2011, also because the Wiltern-...

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would like to show you what is my favourite Nine Inch Nails concert of all-time.
The 2009 Wiltern Theatre show which was Nine Inch Nails’ final concert before Trent brought back NIN for 2013′s Hesitation Marks.

This show features guest appearences from The Dillinger Escape Plan, Dave Navarro, Atticus Ross, Mike Garson and of course, Gary Numan

If I had a time machine, I would love to have been here as well as obviously Woodstock ‘94, but for some reason I have always loved this show better than Woodstock. Call it blasphemy but I will stand by my word. 

Hope you guys enjoy! 

anonymous asked:

You listed johanna mason as one of your fave characters. I was like why? Because she's badass and stuff but that's it haha!

okay i’ve had people ask why i like johanna and yeahhhh part of the reason is because she’s a complete badass, but there’s so much more to her omg. johanna is a queen okay and i don’t know why it’s only after the movie released that people are beginning to realize what a beautiful complex character she is. i mean, think about it:

  • johanna as a toddler throwing axes into the trees; she and her family carrying home loads of wood every day
  • johanna watching with wide eyes as two crying children not much older than her as dragged away by the people in white uniforms
  • johanna listening to the capitol anthem and thinking murderous, murderous thoughts, and if she’s reaped she’ll show them
  • twelve year old johanna announcing to her classroom that she’s going to run away - thirteen year old johanna clenching her fists in both defiance and fear - fourteen year old johanna asking her mother why people are still listening to the capitol - fifteen year old johanna trying to find weak spots in the peacekeepers’ armor - sixteen year old johanna wondering what the world would be like if the guns were in her hands - seventeen year old johanna thinking she’s almost out, almost done, when her name is called out to the crowd
  • johanna literally having split second to think: she looks down, nearly smiles, and then throws a world-class tantrum
  • johanna crying all the way to the train: she stops her bawling the moment the train begins to move. her mentor chugs a bottle of liquor and doesn’t even look the slightest bit impressed; she realizes she’s on her own
  • johanna running from the cameras when the train pulls into the capitol station, holding her head down during the opening ceremonies, scoring a 4 in the private session, bursting into tears at the interview, even when she’s sometimes disgusted at the weakling she’s playing
  • johanna fleeing from the bloodbath, cries whenever possible. when three sniggering careers corner her she scrambles away, whimpering, only nobody sees the blade she’s concealed in her palm.
  • johanna “accidentally” wandering, snivelling, into more enemy tributes for the pure satisfaction of watching their shock as she slits their throats
  • johanna yelling, “YEAH! HELL FUCKING YEAH!” and swearing at the capitol when she wins
  • johanna talking as little as possible during the final interviews - instead, she glares into the camera and says, fairly bluntly, exactly what she thinks of the games
  • johanna hugging her family before the victory tour, waving goodbye from the train. president snow meets her in the capitol and makes her an offer she turns down out of sheer disgust; when she gets home every person she’d called close is dead
  • johanna smelling the forest in the air as she burns her parents’ belongings
  • johanna heaving dry tears into her pillow the day after the next reaping. her tributes look so hopeful, but she can’t save them, she doesn’t know how, don’t they understand?
  • johanna meeting finnick and feeling nothing but disdain for him, who has evidently accepted snow’s deal; but then they begin to talk and she begins to care for him in a way she’d sworn to never do again
  • johanna eventually loving finnick in the meagre way she’ll allow herself to, even though he will never be able to love her back
  • johanna watching katniss pretend to love and peeta actually loving - these idiots don’t know what it’s like to have it snatched away, she thinks, and she bites the inside of her cheek so hard it draws blood
  • johanna listening to the plan for the quell with apparent disinterest, but she will die to bring snow down
  • johanna swallowing blood and swearing at the top of her lungs; her whole body reeks of metal and she wonders if the blood had belonged to someone she knew
  • johanna heading off into jabberjay territory alone - and hearing nothing.
  • johanna thinking, for a moment, that it’s the rebels who are lifting her up in the hovercraft, but then president snow appears above her and smiles his snake smile
  • johanna and peeta screaming alternately as the peacekeepers torture them - and one day, johanna sees the pail of water and her whole body shrinks in fear - is this what she’s become?
  • johanna plunging herself into the morphling, and into training. every shot she fires she imagines she’s killing a peacekeeper, another peacekeeper, president snow.
  • johanna seeing the rain and steeling her heart because katniss can’t know her fears; johanna seeing the tidal wave in the block and losing it, curling into a ball, shivering and screaming
  • johanna lying in the hospital bed in 13, staring at her shaking hands, wondering how she let herself become so weak
  • johanna accepting the bundle katniss holds out to her. johanna smelling the forest in the cloth and remembering and finally, finally, crying.