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{PART 9} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Jungkook takes you shopping and you inadvertently give him a lesson on just how cruel humans can be to each other.

{Part 1} // {Part 8} {Part 9} {Part 10}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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Imagine pushing Dean out of anger, only for him to make fun of you, resulting in your anger taking over.

“Dean Winchester, I swear to God, if you don’t give me back my phone this instant!” you yelled out at the eldest Winchester as his boyish snickers rode sound waves to your ears.

“You might just have to jump for it, Y/n,” he smiled. The illuminated screen appeared above his head with a large smile across his face. Sam, with his arms crossed, was no help. In fact, it was almost like he enjoyed watching the scene that was playing out in front of him. “Aw, look, Sammy! She’s getting mad!”

You stomped over to him with your chest heaving up and down in an all too fast rhythm, your fist clenched by your side. Harshly, you shoved at his chest causing him to stumble backwards. “You jerk! Give it back!” The hunt had put you in a rather raw mood. Plus, for the past three days, Dean had done nothing put torment you relentlessly. This was the last straw.

“You hit like a girl!” Dean laughed.

“Dude, okay, I think she’s had enough. Just give her-” But Sam never had time to let the rest of the sentence roll off his tongue. Your fist had connected with Dean’s lip harshly. Needless to say, he was in shock, his eyes wide and lip dripping blood.

“Damn,” he hissed as he wiped away the crimson liquid, “I was just playing around.”

Grabbing your phone, you turned on your heel smirking. “And who said hitting like a girl was a bad thing? Try me again, Winchester. I dare you.”


Brett Talbot x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Nudity.
Word count: 1 792

A/N: Yet another one of @lazyneonmonster​‘s fantastic ideas, and I feel like I easily trail away with her ideas, BECAUSE THEY’RE AWESOME!

ALSO, sorry (not sorry) for only posting Brett fics lately, but aiming to be among (at least) the top three in the search results when searching “Brett Talbot”. heheh

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Act Like You Love Me - Part Three

A/N: Feedback would make my day. 
Read part one here. Read part two here

Word count: 3,647


January 11 th, 2023

“Hey baby” you said lovingly when Leah jumped out the black jeep and starting running towards your apartment door.

You opened your front door and met her in a huge hug, picking her up from the ground. You kissed the top of her head, hugging her as close to you as possible.

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With All My Heart - Part 5

Word Count: 2267

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol use 

A/N: Unbeta’d. All mistakes are mine. This isn’t really up to my typical standards. My writing is kinda sucking, especially lately. I dunno, guys.  

Again, tags are closed for this series but you are welcome to turn on post notifications or follow my writing blog @torn-and-frayed-writes for updates.

Feedback and constructive criticism always welcome

With All My Heart Masterlist

“So how do you wanna do this?” Jensen and you were currently sitting in the airport trying to figure out how best to go about bringing your relationship public. He knew you had reservations about it, you’d discussed them at length with him, but you knew it couldn’t stay a secret forever. You didn’t want it to be a secret. He assured you he didn’t have the same swarms of media attention that a lot of celebrities had. He kept his life private, and he’d certainly demonstrated that. He never had paparazzi following him around since you’d been together.

“What are the options?”

“Well, we could just wait until JIB and I could talk about you, bring you out on stage if you’re comfortable.” Jensen said. “Or we could take a picture together, post it and then explain more at the con. Then it’s not a huge surprise.”

“I kinda like option B.” You decided. “Plus, some of the people who follow you have probably seen me in pictures from San Jac’s Facebook and Instagram so maybe that’ll help? I don’t know. I’m so nervous.” You started ringing your hands together, forcing Jensen to grab them and pull them apart.

“It’s gonna be fine, Y/N.” He tried to reassure you, running one hand through your hair. “For every one person who says mean things about you another 10 or more are gonna stick up for you, including me.” You cast your eyes downward, staring at the floor and shifting your feet. “That’s not all that’s bothering you, is it?”

“No.” You whispered. “We’ve only really known each other a few weeks…I just…what if…”

“Stop talking.” Jensen leaned in and kissed you, smiling as he shut you up.

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Warnings - fluff, angst, smut, swearing.

Word Count - 3,399

Jefferson had seemingly lost everything when the Enchanted Forest transformed into Storybrooke, years playing on loop and nothing ever changing, all as a consequence for his betrayal, for falling in love. The punishment was simple, for him to idly stand by whilst he watched his daughter and one true love move on without him with no memory of his existence or their time together as a family, but the one thing that made it worse was the sight of seeing his wife and daughter pass one another in the street and not have the faintest idea of their relationship.

Little Grace would hop off the bus each day after school and he would watch her as she looked straight through him before heading home to her other family, he was a stranger, a nobody in her world. The reminder of his loss would bring tears to his eyes and his heart would break, shatter even, it was an unbearable pain. However, the worst pain of all was when he laid eyes upon his wife, his Iris, in the arms of another man. Regina had stuck her pointed heel into his soul and ripped it out when she gave Iris to a man she hated when she was in Wonderland, a man who pestered her with the hope of one day controlling her, a man she now looked so happy with.

Iris owned her own shop where she made clothes, something she had always been interested in, a hobby that they shared and bonded over. It was that factor which allowed him to speak to her, just hear her voice whilst he marvelled at her beauty. It was one of those days, the sun was shining which it always seemed to be when she was happy, and the birds perched outside the ledge by the window and sang their song to her, the door was wide open and welcoming and Mary Margaret sat with her legs dangling over the counter as she and Iris gossiped about their uneventful lives. The rattling bell over the door jingled, announcing the entrance of another person into the shop and the pair looked up from their conversation to see Jefferson stood by the doorway, smiling softly as he moved to approach them, “Ladies,” he acknowledged with a slight bow of the head as he snuck a glance at Iris, the dark waves which fell past her shoulders and her blue eyes which sparkled as she beamed up to him, “How are we?” He asked, Jefferson was considered to be a reserved man who rarely appeared from him house, nobody knew why but no one questioned it.

Mary Margaret grinned mischievously at Iris who rolled her eyes, “Better now that I’m going to be an Aunt,” she wriggled her eyebrows at the frowning Iris who shook her head disapprovingly but couldn’t stop the small smile from finding her lips as she turned to Jefferson who felt like crying, for she was truly lost.

Iris shook her head again as her fingers placed down the pencil which was sketching with, “Not yet,” she pushed her friend playfully as she stood up, her sketchbook scooped up into her arms, “Alex and I are trying, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen,” she teased as she moved around the desk.

The man didn’t know how he felt in that moment, all he knew was that he couldn’t show his true emotion, his true feelings. Iris already had a child, Grace, with him, they were married and he couldn’t stand the thought of his wife having another child that wasn’t his, even if she couldn’t remember their past, “You’re trying for a baby?” Jefferson asked with disbelief, the familiar feeling of agony swelling in his heart as she nodded sheepishly, looking unsure about the situation.

His Iris always spoke about how much she adored Wonderland, it was an ironic relationship, he was the mad thief with a talent in making hats and no morals, and she was a princess who adored everything she touched and saw, the one who taught him that it was alright to fall and have faith in love. Iris almost gave up everything for him, she proved to everyone that love was strong and unbreakable, and she refused to lay down and allow someone to own her life. Oh, how much Regina had changed her. The mere thought of it ruined him, “Are you ready?” Iris asked with her brows dipped in confusion and worry, Jefferson turned back to her with an expression mirroring her own, “The fitting? You want me to make that shirt for you, the materials are at your place, remember?”

Jefferson blinked hard a few times and nodded, that was the reason he had gone to see her, she was composing a new shirt for him so he had come to collect her, “Of course,” Iris smiled brightly and she ushered Mary Margaret from the shop so that she could lock up, the sky was painted orange as they left, she sighed contently as she said goodbye to her friend and walked alongside Jefferson, it stirring up something strange deep within her.

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Like Silver Glass

Part Two to this Part One!

ITS FINALLY HERE! The much awaited second installment to the Merman!Bucky fic that was originally a drabble, then grew to become a series is finally updated haha! I’m truly sorry for making you all wait so long, I’ve been in a weird funk lately which is why none of my fics have been updated and why I’ve been pretty silent over messages! Forgive me? Anyway I hope you enjoy xx

{also this music vid was inspiration for this part xx}

Chapter II - Wet Sand, Dry Sand 

Something calls for you. 

The wind whispering through the open window washes over your hot skin, brushing sure fingers through your loose hair and kissing your sticky temple, pressing cool palms to your burning cheeks and caressing its invisible lips against your ears. There’s an elemental inhale and –

The world narrows then stills. 

Thick silence engulfs you, like your head slipping underwater; your eyes softly close at the esoteric sensation swirling in your chest – ink in water, magic in blood, staining your insides. Awakened by the touch of invisible tender fingers your soul floats to a place far away, below crashing waves and rocky cliffs, down down to secret depths of blue darkness. Only once you’ve reached this place, sense the yearning that throbs under the deceptive layer of quiet peace, only then does the wind sing it’s song to you.

Go to him, it lulls in your ears like waves lapping at the shore, Go to himGo to him…Come to me, the wind hushes now with a new twist in its tone, Come to me

From the clench of your heart you know that the voice the wind carries is his. Basking in the brilliant belonging of his call you open your eyes and know that your soul is no longer yours. You feel it, feel him, in the very core of your being. There’s an elemental inhale and –

You go to him.

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Giant: Ch. 9

Our bodies are weak,
We’re tired and hurting
Will we ever get to the other side?
Dunno but I swear I’ll die trying.

The first date was enough to prove that she was certain Kara wasn’t going to escape how she felt about Lena Luthor. And it wasn’t just the thirty six hours of talking and reacquainting. It wasn’t even the way the CEO effortlessly accepted whatever happened, becoming Kara’s number one defender and supporter. It certainly wasn’t waking up next to messy hair tickling her nose or an uptick in her take out deliveries, though all were benefits in their own little way.

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This imagine brought to you for Supporting Character Saturday! :)

“Y/N,” Gabe said, pulling out the chair beside you and sitting down. He leaned back and put his feet up on the table.

You didn’t look up from the book in front of you. “Gabriel,” you replied. 

Gabriel let the silence stretch for a moment, simply studying you as you continued to study the text in front of you. “You know… I could find whatever you’re looking for instantaneously,” he said.

“Seems kind of like cheating, doesn’t it?” you said, flipping the page, still not looking up at the archangel beside you.

He laughed. “Alright. Well… I can do a lot more than that.” Before you could even think of formulating a response, Gabe raised his hand and snapped his fingers. The book in front of you disappeared. The bunker disappeared. The familiar cold fluorescent light disappeared. 

You glanced up, bewildered, and the sound of waves filled your ears. You looked down at your boots, which were tucked into sand instead of sitting on the tile floor. Your hair fluttered in a warm breeze and you were bathed in warmth and light. You snapped around to look at Gabriel who was simply smiling at you, a fruity cocktail in his hand. He raised his eyebrows at you, clearly proud of himself, and took a sip.

“Gabriel… what the hell?”

“You really need to learn to relax, Y/N,” he said. He leaned in toward you. “And if you stick with me, I could probably teach you a thing or two about it.”

You stared at him, blinking in the bright sunlight. “Gabriel–”

“Call me Gabe,” he corrected you.

You suppressed a smile and crossed your arms. “Gabriel… take me home.” You did your best to put a warning in your tone, but you felt as though it fell flat, giving away that you weren’t really angry with him.  

He wiggled his eyebrows at you and flashed you a cheeky grin. “Now that’s more like it.”

Your draw dropped partially open. “That’s not what I meant!” you said, smacking him on the arm.

He laughed to himself. “Really though? You don’t want to enjoy this? Sun, surf… Me,” he grinned at you. When you only stared at him he heaved a sigh and snapped his fingers again. You were back in the bunker, as though you had never left. “Is there, by chance, some other place that perhaps you’d like to go to that you’ve never been?”

“Gabriel…” you said, shooting him a knowing look.

“Not asking for me! Just–asking for a friend…” He grinned at you and you had to bite your cheek to stop from grinning back at his playful and charming air…


“Step back a bit (Y/N).” Barry muttered as you stood as high as your tiptoes would let you and tried to look down at the Raptors.


“Why can’t I go help, Blue listens to me to.” You insisted and he chuckled.


“She wants you to think she listens, now just watch your father.” Barry ruffled your hair as you watched Owen work the Raptors.


Delta spotted you and started to wonder off, making soft chitters at you knowing that you were the source of secret treats, Owen whistled and after a hesitant complaint she rushed back into formation.


Twenty more minutes and the Raptors were bored and no longer paying attention so Owen rewarded them and headed over to where you were stood, grinning ear to ear, waving at the Raptors when they all started to stare at you.


“You been giving them mice again?” Your father asked as he stopped next to him and crossed your arms.

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Lucky Swap

A very very late @mlsecretsanta gift for @teddy529. You had a pretty open-ended request, so I went with a temporary kwami swap!

The day began simply enough. An afternoon wandering around the streets of Paris with Alya by her side and a little money to spend on something to reward herself for her much improved attendance record at school. They even managed to find one of many small shops with a collection of Ladybug and Chat Noir merchandise, primarily intended to appeal to tourists and younger fans. Alya, however, was immediately taken by some of the earrings on display.

“Marinette, look! This one’s perfect for you!” The pink ladybug earrings were exactly the style Marinette typically wore, but Marinette shook her head.

“No, that’s okay. I already have the perfect pair.” She picked up a plastic ring that looked similar to Chat Noir’s. “I really love what I’m wearing.”

“Tell me about it.” Alya rolled her eyes. “I’ve never seen you wear anything else.”

“They were a gift from someone really important.” Marinette chuckled as she set the ring aside.

“Yeah, so you keep saying.” Alya waved the earrings in front of her. “You could at least try these on, though.”

“But I’m not going to buy them,” Marinette insisted.

“Why not? You can like a pair of earrings and still have some variety.” Alya frowned.

Marinette hesitated, caught between her duty to keep her earrings safe and the simple desire to indulge in trying on something new after months of wearing the same accessory every day. Besides, they’d just defeated an akuma last night, and Hawkmoth was probably still sulking over his latest defeat. Surely, she could take the chance to remove her miraculous for a little bit.

Unfortunately for her, the universe seemed to have some different thoughts on the subject. Almost as soon as she’d taken them off and tucked them into her purse, she was interrupted by the sound of shouting outside the small shop. Alya dragged her to the street before Marinette even had the chance to snap her purse shut, and they both stared up at the sight of an akumatized man on stilts, kicking over carts and stomping on cars that didn’t move out of the way fast enough.

So much for a day off.

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a niall oneshot

The Sound of Your Love

this was originally posted on niall’s 23rd birthday

word count: 4764

warnings: sexually explicit content

Do you ever hear one of those sounds, a sound that trickles through your skin and pricks every nerve, every sensation that your body is able to capture and hold onto. A sound so intricate and particular that it sits in the deepest part of your chest, pumping through your veins and swirling around your beating heart, wrapping it in the memory of your senses so that every time you heard it, the emotions would all come crashing back. The goosebumps would rise over the tiny hairs of your arms and across the back of your neck, the air would cinch in your lungs as you struggled to maintain a steady breath and the pupils of your eyes would dilate, overpowering the bright ring of color and helping your mind picture the exact thing that was producing the inescapable sound that was slowly settling in your ears.

His voice was that sound for me.

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northern lights; prologue

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Romance ( Smut | Angst ) | auras!AU
Summary:  In a world that strives for homologation and demolishes any sign of individualism, Park Jimin is nothing but an outcast since the very early years of his life for he can see people’s auras in shade of colors that tell him so much about their personalities; all it takes is a glimpse of their true colors in the form of colored energy that surrounds them as northern lights in the night sky, to know even their darkest secret. He has learned the hard way that his ability is something it’s better to hide, to deny for he has no desire to be deemed as crazy. He has learned that solitude is a far better place to live in and he’s determined to not let anyone inside his walls. That is until she comes and asks him what her color is. And that’s when he decides pink is his new favorite shade.
Word Count: 2.030 K
AN: this story finds its origin in a dream I had after listening non stop for hours to “Colors” by Halsey (listen to it, it’s a beautiful song).

Originally posted by lostinbangtan

The sand is warm against his feet, infiltrating between his toes as he puts the whole pressure of his body on them, sighing in relief as the warmth engulfs him whilst his eyes fix on the cerulean expanse in front of him. His knees push against his ribcage as he encircles his legs with his small hands, his chin resting on the bare sun-kissed skin whilst the sea waves fill his ears erasing all the mean voices swirling in his rattled mind.
This is his safe haven, the desolated coast where no one will approach him, disturb him or accuse him of being crazy, an outcast that this world will never be ready to comprehend or accept.
Park Jimin is a peculiar ten-year-old boy whose best friends are shriveled books that won’t ever point a finger at him but, instead, welcome him in the worlds enclosed between the yellowish pages. Books don’t lie, don’t mock and most of all: they don’t have anything secret to reveal behind what’s already there.
He has learned the hard way that solitude is a far better place to live in when you hold in your heart a secret so ludicrous not a single person is ready to believe what you say it’s the utmost truth. Not even the people that claim to be your parents, and therefore supposedly able to love you no matter what abilities you’re born with.
In his ten years of life he has learned that people lie quiet often and expect to get away with it by being exceptionally eloquent with their words. They always doubt someone is going to be able to see right through them, especially when they are under a kid’s gaze. They do not believe, because they fear a reality where someone could spill all their darkest secrets with a simple glimpse in their direction. Deeming him insane is nothing but a convenient approach to dismiss the real matter.
In a society that strives for homologation and demolishes any sign of individualism there’s simply no place for someone like him, for he’s a nuisance, an inconvenience, an error in the perfect structure of what is claimed to be human and mundane.

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7 | Red Skies

WORD COUNT: 2,855 sorry it’s not v long


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“I missed you.” Jungkook whispered into the crook of your neck, his hot breath against your ear sending waves of excitement through your body, the two of you were hugging on to each other as though your lives depended on it.

“I missed you too…” Your arms wrapped round his thick muscular neck as you buried your head into his collarbone. Both of you were stood up in the middle of the room, neither one of you willing to let the other go.

“Thank you,” Jungkook pulled away from you, his big hands still gripped on tightly to your hips. He eyed your frame up and down before his gaze found your own. “For bringing me back… I thought, well I thought I’d never see you again.”

Smiling up at Jungkook you couldn’t help but notice he had changed, something about him was different, though you couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was. He still looked like Jungkook, still walked and talked like Jungkook. But you were certain that he wasn’t Jungkook.

“I never thought I’d see you again either… Jungkook-, you seem different…” You explained, your hands resting on his large bicep muscles as you looked up at him through your watery eyes.

“Well I mean I have just come back from the dead Y/N… Maybe you should cut me some slack.” He cocked his head to a side as he laughed, exposing his perfect white teeth in a breathtaking smile.

“Yeah, you’re right…” You grabbed on to one of his hands and made your way to the door, “The others will be so happy to know you’re alive! Come on-”

“No. I don’t think that’s a good idea. Not yet.” Jungkook glared through you, his black eyes were piercing and cold. What did that even mean?

“I don’t understand, they all thought you were dead-, the least you could do is say hello?” Your eyebrows frowned in confusion, why was he being like that?

“I’ll say hello in the morning, I promise. For now I’ll just sneak into my room and sleep, if that’s okay? I’m oddly tired for somebody who was dead ten minutes ago.” His features were soft and delicate as he smiled shyly, even after death he was still perfect.

“Of course… Yeah.” You smiled at him wearily as you opened up the door, silently guiding him to his bedroom.

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