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I smiled, sitting crisscrossed on the bed next to Wes, our knees brushing slightly. The camera was recording, the red light at the top indicating such. I gave a slight wave, and began saying my usual introduction to my videos. 

“Hey, hi, hello. It’s Y/N here! I’m joined with my boyfriend Wes,” I paused so I could let him speak if he wanted, smiling when he talked excitedly.

“Hey guys!” He waved, before quieting down and allowing me to continue.

“Today we are going to cover “Tale as Old as Time” from Beauty and the Beast in honor of the new movie! This video is sponsored by Disney, but I don’t get any commission. Anyway, let’s get to it!” I grabbed my acoustic guitar that was to the right of me, counting quietly to four before I started playing the beggining notes. 

The song went by smoothly, the two of our voices blending nicely and melding together perfectly. The song ended before I knew it, or even before I wanted it to. I could listen to Wes sing all day, his voice was just very soothing and comforting, like a warm blanket on a cold day.

I smiled gently, placing my guitar back down on the bed beside me, and clapped my hands once. “Well, I hope you guys liked that! This has been Y/N and Wes, and I suppose that is the end of this video!” Wes cleared his throat before disagreeing. 

“I actually have something else to do before we end this video.” He looked at me, his cheeks flushed a light pink. 

“Okay, what’s up?” I asked him, laughing a little out of confusion and excitement. 

Wes stood up, and kneeled down infront of my, all of his weight situated on one knee. I gasped, my heart racing and tears sprung to my eyes. A hand covered my mouth as I looked at Wes on the ground. 

“I had this whole speech planned out, but I forgot it. When we started dating, I knew we would last a while because you and I got along so well. I realized that I loved you when you met my friends and immediately just blended in so perfectly that it made me so proud to be able to call you mine. I don’t know why but soon after that I would just imagine the future and you were always in it. I love you Y/N, and I want you to be in my life forever.”

“Will you marry me?” He asked, his eyes slightly glassy from tears and his voice a little wavey from nervousness. 

“Yes, yes, a million times yes!” I jumped on him, knocking him down to the ground with me on top. “I love you Wes.”

“I love you too.” I blushed heavily when he slipped the ring on my finger, and kissed his nose before I placed my lips on his, kissing him slowly and sweetly.

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Rosie sat on the floor, looking up at the scene around her with wide eyes, probably not taking anything in.

Sherlock and Mycroft were yelling at each other. Molly was holding some toys in front of her face to get her distracted from it, but she just watched with rapt attention as the brothers bickered.

John was at his laptop at the desk, ignoring the scene completely - it was one he had seen hundreds of times. It had lost it’s interest after the second.

Rosie opened her mouth and started making noises.

Molly put the toy down and waved John over.

“I think she’s starting to talk.”

“M-” Rosie choked out the M sound. By now both Mycroft and Molly were smiling - Mycroft’s rather bored, like he was doing it only because he thought he had to - and Sherlock looked on like he was watching at tennis match between the three. John nodded his head at her.

“Yeah Rose?”


“Molly? Are you trying to say Molly?” she said to the young girl.


Sherlock laughed as if he knew something the others didn’t. John didn’t have the time to be suspicious as he tried to coax his daughter into saying her first word.


By now John was looking at Sherlock. “You didn’t. Please tell me you didn’t.”

Sherlock smirked. “Oh, but I did.”

Rosie clapped her hands on the floor.


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Candy Hearts || Bucky x Reader

Summary → A year of silently pinning over your best friend and neighbor Bucky Barnes ends happier than expected when you spend Valentine’s Day together.

Word Count → 2.9K (I’m a wordy bitch, okay?)

Warnings → Cursing, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex (don’t be silly, wrap your willy!). Fluff? Definitely fluff.

A/N → Happy #FreakyFriday y’all! I apologize for the delay, but I had an unplanned twelve hour work shift today. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought I’d try my hand at fluffy smut (it’s a first for me - so go easy on this fic). Other than that, enjoy!

A nervous giggle flew from your lips as you twirled on your toes to face the full-length mirror hung over the back of your bedroom door. Your usual untamed knot of hair had been brushed and curled into effortless beach waves that cascaded down your shoulders and back. You wore nothing but Bucky’s trademark, burgundy Henley, which you’d confiscated the last time you’d done laundry together. It hung loosely over your frame, hitting mid-thigh and creating an innocently sexy, ‘girl next door’ type of vibe. You undid the first few buttons of the V-neck, to show off just the right amount of cleavage. You opted for some mascara and pink chapstick, making your lips appear fuller. Thoroughly satisfied with your appearance, you exited your room and tiptoed excitedly down the hall.

Over the past eighteen months, as your friendship with Bucky had grown closer, the both of you had developed several traditions. Every Sunday you’d get together for pasta, you’d lift weights with each other three times a week, and Tuesday nights were spent on Bucky’s couch with abundant amounts of junk food while binge watching television shows. Unless there was a particularly lengthy mission for the team or some other out of the ordinary incident, neither of you ever bailed on your plans. And tonight, Valentine’s Day, was not about to be any different. You had been secretly ecstatic when Bucky double-checked you’d still be getting together for takeout and Netflix, despite the holiday.

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Imagine Sam being called Daddy by your daughter....

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“Sam where are you?” You called as you wandered through the bunker, your daughter, Carlee, following behind you as you called throughout the bunker looking for your moose of a boyfriend. 

“Mommy let’s face it, Daddy isn’t coming out.” She pouted as you quickly looked at her little face, her brown waves hung down around her face, her cheek was slightly pink and her eyes were hazel, but even though she looked like Sam, she wasn’t his. 

For you met Sam after the birth of your daughter, he was working a case with Dean when you met him, at the time Carlee was two. She knew that Sam wasn’t her father, for her father checked out before Carlee was even born, but Sam had been there for three years. She however had never called him daddy before, and he wasn’t even there to hear it.

“Well Carlee maybe he is with Dean.” You said, trying to hold back the tears as she looked at you.

“DEAN!” She said running down the hall towards the kitchen, where she knew he would be drinking a beer and making her favorite for dinner, The famous Winchester Burgers. At the sound of the little girl calling for him, he exited the kitchen, wiping his hands on a towel, and looked for the little girl.

“Carlee, I promise the burgers will be done soon honey, I just have to finish…”

“Do you know where my Daddy is?” She asked as his face went white, he looked to you for help, which you worded to him, “Sammy”

“Well honey, I haven’t seen Sammy, last I knew he was in the library hiding from you.” Dean smiled as she went running down the hall, leaving you to look at Dean.

“So that’s new.” Dean said as he leaned against the door.

“Yea, she just started doing it.” You said as you looked at him, “I mean though, it makes sense. You and Sam, are the only father figures she has ever had. I am just shocked she….”

You were cut off by the voice of Sam, “HONEY!” 

“Better go make sure Carlee hasn’t tickled him to death.” You smiled as you started walking away.

“Wonder when I will be called uncle Dean?” He asked you as you started walking away, laughing as you replied, “One day, probably not today though.” 

You jogged to the library to see Sam had Carlee seated on the long chestnut table. His back turned to you, however Carlee saw you, “Mommy!”

“Yes Sam?” You asked as you looked up at him, a small smile on his face.

“She just called me Daddy, she has never…”

“Actually she has called you Daddy twice today already, once to me, and again to Dean, but looks like you are now Daddy Sam.”

“So does that mean..”

“Yes Sam, you are a better father then John ever was.” You whispered as you kissed his check.

“Now can we go eat some of Uncle Dean’s burgers?” Carlee asked as she swung her legs of the side of the table, your mouth hung open as you thought of the words you said less then five minutes ago.

“Yes you may honey, if you ask him exactly what you just asked me.” You answered as she ran towards the kitchen, your hand reaching out to stop him, “Wait for it.”

Several Seconds later you heard Dean run into the entryway, “She called me Uncle! I am Uncle Dean now.” and then he ran off, leaving you laughing at the little family you had made.

do u guys even realize how silena went into battle dressed as clarisse mimicked the way patroclus headed into war dressed as achilles and how clarisse went full on fight frenzy mirrored the way achilles exploded in all out killing rage when they found out about their loved one’s death

I will be patient with you even when you push my limits. I will listen to you even when you don’t know what you’re saying. I will talk with you when there’s nothing to say and I will hold on to you even when you tell me to leave. I will be something solid and grounded for you to hold on to when the waves come crashing down. I will be present and consistent. I will be at least one thing in your life that never leaves or changes. I will grow with you and learn with you. I will be by your side in the hardest times and the greatest times. I am yours. Honestly and truly.
—  Fate; or something like that, anyway.
Sign Imagery

Aries is the sunset; the moments during the evening where the sky is illuminated in an orange color. Taurus is a dark green forest, with vines and poison ivy in every direction. Gemini is a breezy afternoon, with strong winds blowing in the air and swirling around people. Cancer is an ocean - the soothing waves crashing down against the sand and representing profound depth. Leo is the night life, in a busy downtown city, with taxi drivers honking at bystanders and eager tourists shopping in cozy stores. Virgo is the light drizzle of rain, spreading all across a land and leaving dew drops on the fresh grass of the earth. Libra is a sunny morning, with the sky a color of azure and birds chirping, and the smell of tea coming from inside the house. Scorpio is a desert, with isolation in every corner and the subtle beauty of being surrounded by comforting silence. Sagittarius is a college campus, with students ready to learn and the overall sense of a future that entails endless possibilities. Capricorn is a dark night on a quiet neighborhood, with blackness on both ends of the street and a foggy haze creeping in. Aquarius is a place with cosmic-styled neon lights and lava lamps to light up the room, and giving the feeling of spontaneity. Pisces is the clouds, above the realm that we are familiar with; they are the soft fluffs that change shape and take multiple forms.