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Things you shouldn't say to the Signs
  • Aries: "Simply follow the rules" / Aries often feel a deep need to explore and wander and do as they please, & these urges come in waves they can't control.
  • Taurus: "Change your ways" / Taurus have come a long way to build who they are, and will not easily adapt or adjust their identity for no good reason. Accept it.
  • Gemini: "Stay still" / Gemini is known for their (nervous) energy and involuntary restlessness. Drumming fingers, tapping, fiddling. There's so much to contain.
  • Cancer: "Stop caring" / The Lunar baby, Cancer, is filled with emotions at all times. Without feelings, the Cancer feels empty and devoid of life. Soulless.
  • Leo: "You won't make a difference" / Leos were born to be warm and bright, to cherish and be cherished. So remember them for all the warmth they always give us.
  • Virgo: "No need to try your hardest" / Virgos are never satisfied until they've done their best. No matter what they're doing- their work is a piece of them.
  • Libra: "You won't understand" / A Libra will often try to connect with you, converse and reach out. Almost like a reflex. Don't shut them out. They'll understand.
  • Scorpio: "Just let it go" / Scorpios hold on tight to the things that make them feel complete, and wanted, and not broken. They need time to heal- and that's OK.
  • Sagittarius: "Sugarcoat it a litle" / Sagittarius are often tremendously in love with the idea of truth. They search for it everywhere- specially within their words.
  • Capricorn: "You're a disappointment" / Their work-orientated mind and pragmatic energy are fueled by deep rooted insecurity & fear of not being or doing enough.
  • Aquarius: "Do it my way" / The person who wanted to do something but won't anymore because you told them to is an Aquarius. Close the door, they'll tear the wall down
  • Pisces: "You can't save the world" / Nothing hurts a Pisces more than being powerless when it comes to the suffering of others. They'll never give in to indifference.

Requested by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing​: A Misha x reader x Jensen in which the reader is Misha’s girlfriend, but has a thing for Jensen. Jensen returns the feelings, and they surprise the reader by telling her they’ve shared before.

Word Count: 2100ish

Warning: smut, threesome

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy! XOXO

Misha knows.

You tried to ignore it, and since you realized that wasn’t going to help, you’ve just been trying to hide it. But he knows.

You’ve been caught staring at Jensen one too many times, have laughed too loudly at his jokes, have let yourself text him about silly things in the middle of the night, and now Misha knows.

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scorpios have a powerful intellect. they can futilely attempt to control emotional waves through the intellect. but something exists in scorpio that dwells deeper than language and thought, and it won’t rest until it’s released 

Birds Make the Best Wingmen

When Stiles invites Derek over for dinner on their second date, it seems that Stiles’ pet parrot is determined to ruin his life. Then again, maybe birds actually make the best wingmen… 

aka: 3-in-the-morning-me read an unrelated text post on parrots and happened to be making sterek icons, and went hey, sterek plus parrots!

“Dude,” Scott sighs. “If it makes you this nervous, just don’t do it.”

“Excuse you?” Stiles scoffs. “Don’t go on my date with Derek? Is that what you just said? You’re not going to make me give you the speech on his eyes again, are you? Because I have it memorized, man, and-”

“No, no, no!” Scott says, waving his PS4 controller wildly. When his Titan gets shot, he mutters, “Worth it. I just meant that if you don’t want to have him over here, then don’t. Go out somewhere instead.”

“I can’t,” Stiles groans. “You know I can’t. He cooked me dinner for our first date, so I have to cook him dinner for our second.”

It’s only fair, really. The only problem is his and Scott’s apartment is a mess, his cooking skills are mostly limited to super healthy and not-date-worthy stuff for his dad, and—though Stiles doesn’t view it as much of a problem, considering the number of nights Allison has spent here—Scott’s being sexiled for the night. Technically Stiles told him he could stay in his room, if he wanted, considering the worst thing they’ll probably do tonight is kiss, but thankfully Scott was much more into the idea of making out with Allison than listening to Stiles potentially make out with Derek. 

“Look, it’s pretty clean in here for two college guys,” Scott reasons, for the tenth time today. Stiles is pretty sure it’s just because he doesn’t want to stop playing Destiny in favor of vacuuming. “I seriously doubt he’ll care if you order takeout, anyway. You just gotta chill. Right, Iago?”

“Right, Scott!” Iago squawks. “Right, Scott! Right, Scott!”

Scott had taught Stiles’ parrot to respond ‘right, Scott’ anytime he hears ‘right, Iago?’ two years ago, and still takes far too much pleasure in having a bird agree with him.

Stiles feels very little sympathy when Scott gets gunned down again as he beams over at the cage.

“Scott’s an overly-optimistic knucklehead who doesn’t understand the woes of us normal people who aren’t dating our first love five years later, right, Iago?” Stiles asks.

“Right, Scott!”

Close enough.

“Nice place,” Derek says, hanging his jacket on one of the hooks by the door. “And dinner smells great.”

“Ah, it’s nothing,” Stiles says, despite having slaved over the stove for three hours. “Lasagna. Here, c’mon, let’s sit down.”

Derek follows him to the living room, but when he sits down on the couch, Derek doesn’t join him. Instead, he walks over to Iago’s cage, peering in.

“You have a parrot?”

“Oh, yeah,” Stiles says, adjusting himself so he’s facing them. “His name’s Iago.”

“Does he talk?”

“Yeah, actually. It’s kinda awesome. He only understands about as much as a dog, probably, but if you say something enough times he’ll start to repeat it, and he understands a few basic things. Like, um- Iago, hello!”

“Hello!” Iago squawks.

Derek smiles–the amazing, warm one that makes his eyes crinkle—and Stiles never wants it to go away. And if that means playing with his bird instead of making small talk? Well, he’s not going to complain.

“Iago, this is Derek,” Stiles says, even though he won’t really get that one.

Unfortunately, he does seem to remember the word ‘Derek’.

“Derek is the best!”  

Stiles’ eyes practically bug out of his head, because that’s actually something he says all the time, and the last thing he needs is for Iago to start parroting everything he’s ever heard about Derek, because… no.

Derek glances over at Stiles, eyebrow raised.

“Just a trick we taught him,” Stiles explains, with a nervous laugh.  “If you say ‘this is someone’, he’ll say they’re the best.”

He stands and rushes over, grabbing the towel they use to cover Iago’s cage before Derek can get a chance to test that lie.

“Say bye, Iago,” Stiles says, draping the cloth over his cage.

“Bye! Bye!”

Crisis averted.


“He’s cute,” Derek says, as Stiles ushers him over to the couch. “He’s named after the bird in Aladdin, right?”

“Yeah, he’s great,” Stiles agrees. “And yep. How’d you know?”

Derek’s awesome, but something about his leather jacket and black Camaro doesn’t give off much of an I-watch-Disney-movies-in-my-spare-time vibe.

“I’ve got a lot of nieces and nephews,” Derek says. He smiles again at the thought, which is far too adorable. “I’ve seen every kids’ movie more times than I can count. Or would even want to count.”

“Aw, that’s cool. I’m an only child, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Scott and his girlfriend start planning-”

The ding of the oven cuts him off.

“Um, gimme one sec,” he says, patting Derek’s knee–don’t ask why, dear God, he has no idea why—and getting up to check on dinner. “Be right back.”

Stiles takes the pan out of the oven, setting it down on the countertop.

“Derek?” he calls.  

“It’s ready?” Derek calls back, at the same time Iago repeats, “Derek!”

“Iago, stop it!” Stiles orders, poking his head into the living room.

“Stop it!” he echoes. It’s another of his favorite things to say, unfortunately. “Derek! Stop it! Derek!”

“Sorry, Derek,” Stiles sighs. “He’s a jerk sometimes.”

“It’s fine,” Derek says, standing from the couch. “Not a problem.”

Before he reaches the kitchen, though, Iago interrupts again.

“Derek! Derek! Derek is so hot!”

Derek freezes. Stiles freezes. Iago, unfortunately, does not freeze.

“Derek is so hot!” he repeats, from underneath his towel. “Derek is so hot! Derek is so hot!”

Stiles’ cheeks are probably as red as Iago’s feathers.                  

“That another trick?” Derek asks, raising an eyebrow as the bird continues his ode to Derek’s hotness in the background.

“I- uh…”

“Or just one of the things he picked up by repetition?”


Stiles is going to die. He is actually, literally going to fall on the floor and have his heart stop beating from sheer embarrassment.

Or he would do that, except then Derek winks.

He fucking winks, then smirks, then walks back over to the birdcage, pulling the cover off.

“Derek is so hot!” Iago repeats vehemently upon its removal. “Derek is the best! Derek is so hot!”

“Stiles is so hot,” Derek tells him seriously.

Stiles gapes at him, but Derek doesn’t even look over.

Stiles is so hot,” he says again. “Stiles.”

“Stiles is so hot!” Iago agrees. “Derek is so hot! Stiles is so hot!”

“Smart bird,” Derek says, finally glancing over at Stiles.

He’s smiling again, and Stiles decides he very well may die, but perhaps not for the reason he thought.

When Scott gets home the next day and asks how the date with Derek went, only for Iago to squawk ‘Derek is so hot! Stiles is so hot!’, he flops down on the couch, muttering, “I take it back. I don’t even want to guess what that’s about.”

Today I can’t look at myself in the mirror,
today I feel as if the world has smothered me in it’s lands and oceans.
Today I recognize space is vast and endless,
it makes me want to live forever and explore the depths.
Today I can’t say a word, I turn away and hide when people ask,
today I feel emptiness and loneliness around my family so I hide away.
Today I explode aggressively,
words flow out of my mouth like lava
and I can’t hold my tongue.
Today everyone asks me why I look so down,
today everyone asks me why I scream instead of speaking.
Today I question why I ever questioned my existence,
I think I’m a beautiful individual
and that I can control the waves if I wanted to.
Today I can’t eat,
today I love my body and stuff my face.
Today I realize I am wasting away,
nothing more than a rotting corpse
so I’ll hide in the sheets of my bed,
I’ll cry out for something.
Today I’m sick and I can’t blame it on the weather,
today I am happy and I’ve never felt better.
—  mixed episodes

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Prompt: Blue and Ronan acting like idiot asshole siblings. Including a scene where Blue is sitting on Ronan's lap and Adam comes by and says "Blue that's my seat" and shoos her away so he can sit in Ronan's lap. (this actually happened in my friend group omg)

Hello friends ♥ I got up early to write prompt fills for y’all! enjoy. 

Read here on ao3

Never let it be said that Adam Parrish doesn’t have a type. He’s painfully aware of that himself whenever he sees Ronan and Blue together. Their friendship has been growing with time, like everyone else’s. But since they are so alike in many ways, carved out of the same wood, they are starting to seem like siblings.

Not in the way Gansey and Adam do, with deep understanding and trusting each other with their secrets. More like real siblings: affection, hidden under insults and sneaky punches or pinches, snarky remarks and in-jokes. 

Currently, Ronan is teaching Blue how to play video games after she complained about Henry and Gansey playing and not teaching her properly (”They always let me win! How am I supposed to learn anything, then?!”). Adam is typing a report on his laptop in the kitchen. 


“Hah, maggot! Pay some attention!”

“Fuck you, Lynch!”

Adam grins and takes a sip of his tea. He can hear them brawling and playing in the living room. Something crashes, Ronan laughs. 

Adam slowly closes his laptop to look if the living room is still intact. 

When he enters, he finds Ronan plastered against the couch, holding one of his long arms up, controller in hand, while Blue, who has climbed him and is pretty much straddling him right now, reaches for it with her significantly shorter arms, pushing at his chest and insulting Ronan in rather colourful language.

Adam cocks one eyebrow. “Blue, that’s my seat.” 

Blue turns around, a little startled, and Ronan cackles, pushing her off of him. 

“I’m not trying to steal your man here, Adam-”, Blue defends herself after a shriek, “but this is foul play!” She accusingly points at Ronan who is waving the controller in her face, pulling it out of her reach as soon as she makes a grab for it. 

Adam considers them for a moment. Then he walks around the couch so he’s behind Ronan, leans forward and kisses Ronan, hard and deep and with tongue. 

Ronan’s breath hitches, and Blue next to them falls very silent. 

Adam breaks the kiss, emerging with a smirk- and the controller in his hand. 

He tosses it at Blue. “Here.” 

A huge grin pulls at her slightly pinked cheeks. “…you two really are a match.”

“Foul play.”, Ronan grumbles, trying to hide his blush. 

The Weird History of Batgirl

Because I can let’s talk Batgirl, shall we? 

It all starts in 1954 with a horrible book called “Seduction of the Innocent” a psychiatrist named Fredric Wertham claimed in his book basically everything wrong with society came from comics. One of his most famous claims was that Batman and Robin were gay and in a relationship and Batman comics were making young boys gay. The book blew up, there were Congressional hearings and the adoption of the “Comics Code”. DC was left with a major issue, millions of Americans had heard that Batman was gay and making their sons gay, so in 1956 they gave him a girlfriend. 

Kathy Kane, Batwoman. She was… um… you can imagine a woman hero in the 1950s made up solely to give Batman a case of the not gays? she was about as effective as you can expect, rather than an utility belt she had a utility purse. Basically she was there to tease Batman, or to need to get saved by Batman. Now Dick’s age between 1940 and the late 1970s was a little vague but the first 20ish years Robin was very young (9-10 years old). Starting in the late 1950s and early 1960s to reflect a slightly different age demographics of the readers DC started to shift him to be more of a middle school age. As a result the question was raised “Does Robin have a case of the not gays?” 

In 1960 DC answered that question and gave us Bat-Girl (note the spelling) Betty Kane was Kathy Kane’s niece. She was basically the same as Batwoman in being basically useless, teasing Dick (as you can see) and needing to be saved by him. She didn’t last long She showed up a number of times between 1960 and 1964 when a new editor thankfully canned the fainting doormat love interests. Betty wasn’t seen or heard from for about 10 years, briefly she appeared in the Teen Titans in the 1970s 

(wait is her hand on Dick’s butt?) I don’t think they explained where she went or anything. After Crisis on Infinite Earths Batwoman and Bat-Girl were written out of history. Bette Kane (note the spelling) would return as the hero Flamebird with a new history 

in 1966 Ratings were struggling in the live action Batman TV show and Executive producer William Dozier asked Batman editor Julius Schwartz to come up with a female hero to help attract women to the show. It was Dozier to came up with the idea that she’d be the daughter of Commissioner James Gordon. Selling the idea of Batgirl (note the spelling) to ABC is a big part of why they got a 3rd season of the show. in 1967 DC comics rolled out the first comic appearance of Batgirl

As you can see she still had an utility purse but at least she wasn’t in a skirt. Unlike Batwoman and Bat-Girl Babs refused to retire when ordered by condescending male Batman on grounds of her gender. Shortly there after Yvonne Craig brought Batgirl to life on the Batman TV show, the character was so popular she almost got her own spin off TV show (which would have been great) 

Sadly Batgirl was not enough to save the Batman TV show and the 3rd season was it’s last. But Batgirl was here to stay, She was a hard working Ph.D head of Gotham City public library, who appeared regularly in comics. She was very much her own crime fighter and a career woman which ruffled some feathers in 1971 DC published an open letter to people who had a problem with an empowered lady hero. 

“I’d like to say a few words about the reaction some readers have to Batgirl. These are readers who remember Batwoman and the other Bat-girls from years back … They were there because romance seemed to be needed in Batman’s life. But thanks to the big change and a foresighted editor, these hapless females are gone for good. In their place stands a girl who is a capable crime-fighter, a far cry from Batwoman who constantly had to be rescued [by] Batman.“

In the early 1970s Babs became a Congresswoman (only one term), retired, came back, went on a blind date with Clark Kent and come out as Batgirl to her dad. In 1975 DC started a comic called “Batman Family” which co-stared Batgirl and Robin starting the iconic partnership that would define both characters for years

Batgirl would also partner with Supergirl, she would give the eulogy for Supergirl during Crisis on Infinite Earths. Some things got changed about Babs after Crisis (for example she was Jim’s adopted daughter) Since the early 1980s struggled to find a place for Batgirl, and post-Crisis it got worse. in 1988 Alan Moore wrote The Killing Joke

In which Barbara is shot and crippled by the Joker in an effort to drive Commissioner Gordon insane. The story is still deeply controversial since Babs’ feelings about the attack are not explored in any way and her suffering is only about the emotional impact it has on two male characters (Her father, and Batman). In 2006 Moore apologized calling the story “shallow and ill-conceived” He recounted the react from DC editor Len Wein and Dick Giordano when he asked if it was okay to cripple Barbara. According to Moore they told him “Yeah, okay, cripple the bitch.” a line that has become iconic of comic’s disregard and downright hate of female characters. 

While many (male) writers and editors at DC assumed this was the end of the character and she would be retired the husband wife team of DC editor Kim Yale and writer John Ostrander refused to allow this to be the end. Revamping Barbara’s character as the wheelchair using super hacker, and brains of the DC, Oracle

11 years after Killing Joke DC did a major year long cross over event for all Batman books/characters. It was called No Man’s Land, Gotham City suffered a massive earthquake and after years of getting bailed out by the federal government. Gotham is evacuated and closed off from the rest of the US. However the poor, the criminals and a dedicated force of Gotham’s finest refuse to leave the city. Batman is missing at first and the city is protected by a new Batwoman

Batman returns and the two work together for a time till it’s revealed that the new Batgirl/woman is Helena Bertinelli, the Huntress. She took up the Bat mantle to keep hope alive in a battered city and to win approval from Batman who had been against her violent ways. They have a falling out and Bruce demands the suit which Bertinelli gives up. 

Meanwhile during No Man’s Land Babs took in a mute girl who they find has extreme fighting skills. This is Cassandra Cain, the daughter of the assassin David Cain. After Bertinelli gives up the Batgirl uniform it’s passed to Cain.

Cain would be the first Batgirl to get her own comic book (Batgirl Volume 1 and Volume 2) She would learn out to talk and read, build friendships with Barbara Gordon and Stephenie Brown as well as other Batfam members, have a brief relationship with Superboy, and prove herself maybe the most skilled fighter in the Batfam (even giving Bruce a run for his money) 

Of course all good things must end and DC turned her evil in a really dumb way that I won’t go into, and was hand waved away as “mind control” She bounced around between being and not being Batgirl in the middle 2000s before passing the job on to Stephenie Brown, Cassandra would return as Black Bat, the Batman of Hong Kong, and in DC rebirth as Orphan, now a much less talkative version of herself who seems not to really do full sentences 

Then there’s Stephanie Brown. Steph was originally the hero Spoiler. She was the daughter of a D list villain named “Cluemaster” (think a shitty Riddler) and was motivated to spoil his crimes. Despite Batman’s misgivings Tim Drake as Robin (without revealing his identity) helps her and they become friends, partners and boyfriend and girlfriend. She suffers through being kinda a member of the Batfam but not really, Tim girlfriend, an awkward teen pregnancy subplot that was all about Tim’s feelings and not hers. Things got better as Steph became a regular in Cass’s Batgirl. In 2004 there was a story arch where Tim Drake’s father Jack Drake learned he was Robin and forced Tim to retire. As a result Batman took Stephanie on as Robin. DC did what it tends to do to Lady characters and screwed her over. Steph was apparently tortured to death during the War Games crossover event (also the only black member of the Bat stable of characters was also murdered during that event, good times) Many fans reacted very poorly to this, and to he disrespect executive editor Dan DiDio showed in 2007 when he said that “She was never really a Robin”.

In 2008 Steph’s death was revealed to have been faked and she returned to the DCU. In 2009 Cassandra Cain handed over the title and uniform of Batgirl to Steph. Steph would soon rework the outfit to include her iconic Spoiler purple, she’d work closely with Barbara Gordon and was now a College Freshman rather than a high schooler, she dealt with Tim as Red Robin, Daman Wayne, and Dick Grayson’s Batman at different points during her run in Batgirl Volume 3 between 2009 and 2011

in 2011 DC rebooted reality for the New52, despite fan protests like Cassandra Steph was retconned out of reality till DC rebirth where Steph has returned as Spoiler, seemingly once again a high schooler and Tim Drake’s girlfriend

Finally in 2011 DC rebooted everything. In the new reality Barbara Gordon’s paralysis only lasted 3 years. DC has never really managed to clear up the story if she was or wasn’t Oracle, how she got to walk again etc. She’s also depicted as much younger than the past and her relationship with Dick Grayson was erased. This new Barbara has proved controversial with fans, many of who object to removing one of the only handicapped characters from DC. As well as moving Babs from an arguably central role in the DCU and Batfam to more of a side character. Others have struggled with the texting teenager characterization of this Batgirl. 

I finally saw The Lightning Thief Musical yesterday!!! It was so much fun and totally worth it, 10/10 would watch again. It was very accurate to the books, obviously they had to skim a lot to fit everything in 2 hours, but the tone/feel was spot on and there were tons of little references for fans.

Best performances imo were Chris McCarrell and Carrie Compere who both have incredible voices, but the entire cast is great. Everyone (except Chris) had so many costume changes and also doubled as stage crew haha. Sarah Beth Pfeifer as a squirrel and Jonathan Raviv as Chiron made me laugh so hard. Honestly tho, Chris is the perfect Percy, his portrayal was amazing.

I sat in the first row so I got to experience the actors’ spittage up close lmao, also we got showered with golden confetti and covered in toilet paper via leaf blowers, it was awesome. My fave songs were Good Kid (obviously), Strong, and DOA. Tl;dr where is our cast recording???

BTS reaction to their GF annoys them for attention

Anonymous said :

BTS reaction when their s/o is bored so she’s trying to annoy them in order to get scolded, thank u :)))

Hi lovely~thanks for requesting ! .. here’s your requested reaction and I hope you like it >< .

Jin :

Originally posted by yoongiski

*just ignore the caption >< *

Jin was focused on the dish he was experimenting with for hours. You were becoming annoyed, he had promised to watch a movie with you but he was too caught up. You finally decided to get up and go to him.

“Jin?” His focus never shifted from the vegetables he was chopping, You rolled your eyes.

“Oppa” you whined but you still didn’t get any reaction from him.

You noticed he had some chicken on the counter and a light bulb went off in your head. So you begun to eat the pieces of chicken, his attention shifted to you.  

“Stop eating all the chicken” but you just continued .

“Stop eating the chicken already, I’ve been trying to do something nice for us” you felt bad for doing that.

You stopped immediately and wrapped your arms around his waist .

“I’m sorry, is there any way I can help?”

“Well you can start by cooking some more chicken” .

Suga :

Yoongi had been up in bedroom since this morning. You had just finished cooking dinner and didn’t want to eat alone.

You went up to the bedroom, knocked on the door but there was no answer. You opened the door, Yoongi laid motionless on the bed .

“Yoongi?” He responded with a grumble .

Sometimes you truly hated it when he stayed in bed for this long. You sat on top of him, his eyes shot open. He glared at you .

“Can’t you let me rest, I haven’t been sleeping well because of the door. Get off of me now Y/N” his words struck your heart, you got up and went back to the kitchen .

You sat at the table picking at your food, Yoongi’s hand fell onto your shoulders .

“I’m sorry, you know I hate not getting sleep” you looked up at him .

“It’s alright I should have been more considerate. I made food” he kissed you on your forehead .

“Thank you jagiya” .

J-Hope :

Boredom was the word to describe what you were feeling. Hoseok had been practicing the same dance over and over again. You were stuck at the dance studio since you and him were supposed to go out.

You played with the keys of the laptop, Hoseok was midway through the song. You stopped the song, it got you a sigh from him. You started it again and he continued, a minute passed before you stopped it again .

“Stop that Y/N I’m trying to practice and you’re being really annoying” you rolled your eyes and started the song once again, you left the room in frustration .

“Y/N!, where are you going?” .

“Home” you didn’t stop walking ,Hoseok ran up to you and grabbed your hand .

“You promised we’d go somewhere ” he sighed .

“I’m so sorry jagiya. How about I take you out to eat?” you smiled .

“You’re paying” you sped away from him with a laugh .

Namjoon :

You were laying on the couch eating chips and watching TV. Ever since Namjoon got home he’d been in his studio, leaving you alone.

Your annoyance was through the roof, hadn’t seen him in weeks and as soon as you did he hid himself away. So you were hurt and most of all bored .

You went up to his studio, he was sitting in front of the computer, his eyes glued to the screen.

You spun around his chair, so he looked up at you with a frown .

“I’m busy Y/N, I don’t have time right now I need you to leave” you were caught off .

You left the room rolling your eyes, Namjoon wrapped his arm around your waist before you could go outside.

“I’m sorry babe, I didn’t mean to be so mean and I’m sorry for not giving you any attention” he kissed you cheek .

“Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?” You smirked .

“Well I’ve really been craving pizza” he chuckled .  

“Alright pizza it is, my treat” .

Jimin :

Four hours, Jimin had been dancing for four hours straight. How he did that amazed you.  

However seeing him do the same dance over and over again had become aggregating.

You finally grew weary of this, your eyes scanned the room. You begun to whine his name repeatedly, he groaned when he couldn’t take it anymore .

“Behave yourself Y/N I need to get this right” you released groan of your own .

“You got it right the first time, stop stressing” he chuckled .

“Why don’t you come help me ” he held his hand out for you which you took happily .

V :

Originally posted by lesbianjimin

Taehyung had been playing video games for the whole day, leaving you on your own.  

You rolled your eyes at him as he shouted. You walked over to the computer and unplugged

“Why did you do that, I was almost done” you folded you arms and walked away .

“Whatever Taehyung” your ears caught the sound of your favourite video game .

“Oh jagiya. I’m pretty sure I’ll beat you again” he waved a controller .

“You’re on” you grabbed the controller and sat next to him .

Jungkook :

Jungkook begun to sing again, you passed your hands roughly through your hair .

You sunk into the couch, the constant changing in the pitch of his voice was horribly annoying now. At first it sounded wonderful but now you just wanted peace and quiet .

“Jungkook shut up already!” His voice stopped ,he appeared next to you

“Y/N are you serious?, can you not bother me” .

“Your voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard right now” .

“And you sound better” you gave him an uninterested look, he dropped himself next to you and smirked .

“How about we sing together?” He rested his head on your shoulder ,you turned up the volume on the TV .

“How about we watch TV” you placed the bowel of popcorn you were eating on his lap .

“Well I did need a break” he stuffed his mouth with popcorn .

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