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aquarians  lose themselves amongst the wave of collective idealism and humanitarian vision… the element here is air, inhaled and exchanged by everyone, so they can really float through this spirit.. aquarius is the mother of humanity, they feel the responsibility of guardianship to the earth and all of its inhabitants, and aquarius largely relates to a utopian world view, so one they saw reflecting these values politically would probably move them…

✨🙏🏼✨Our prayers and hearts are with our brothers and sisters at Standing Rock. Protecting what is sacred. Beautiful Kirtan last night. Coming together with the highest intention for our planet in song and meditation truly makes a difference. Rippling a larger wave out into the collective than one can achieve on their own. This is called the doubling effect. We are in this together. Blessings and gratitude. Bless our water. Bless our protectors. Bless our future generations. Bless us ALL. Love. Peace. Patience. Harmony.✨🙏🏼✨
~Can you hold a meditation with family and friends at your hOMe for Standing Rock?~ The time is N:0W!!!

((Acrylic paint on wood))
Artwork through: Tori Bird Pope // @jah-feel

I want to be a hoe. I want to go out and have fun with my friends. Dance on a few guys. Kiss whomever, whenever, wherever. Get take out for date night. Have squad gatherings in a modern art museum. Dye my hair a funky color. Get a few piercings. Reinvent my image. Let my ass get fatter and my skin clearer. Buy cute well fitting bras and panties. Invest in nice sheets. Build sand castles. Go on a ghost tour. Wave at tourist. Collect men’s athletic wear from my lovers. Read one book a week. Sing in the shower. And most importantly love myself.

Sun in the 12th House - Saturated Sunlight

“Sometimes, however, this sense of isolation, like acid spilling out of a bottle, can unconsciously eat away at a person’s heart and dissolve it. You could see it, too, as a kind of double-edged sword. It protects me, but at the same time steadily cuts away at me from the inside.” -    Haruki Murakami

The twelfth house Sun person feels undefinable and seamless. The individual feels a dark shadow over his self expression and locked away from sunlight. He is born on the borderline of the visible and invisible worlds and attempts to integrate unconscious symbols with the material world. On the voyage through the twelfth house seas rationality is lost and replaced by confusion and disarray. Life is puzzling, and he struggles to establish himself amongst the waves of the collective. He tends to be a gentle and sensitive person who expresses a tremendous empathy and human awareness. There is an identification with suffering, a tendency toward self destruction, and acute receptivity that fringes on psychic. The elixir to his wound is developing intimacy with the spirit.

There is the sense of being locked away from the Sun in cold isolation. It’s as if he can’t access his true self and can’t access the world, like he is trapped between two states. The Sun represents the father, and in the desolate twelfth house there may have been an absence or abandonment by the father. Maybe he vanished for long periods, was emotionally unavailable, or left without another word. The individual spends his life searching for the paternal figure that can cradle his emptiness. In its highest octave, this leads him to find God the father, and his childhood deprivation is resolved by the reunion with the divine. He must learn to understand the well of riches that reside within and master his emotional instabilities. He may accept his own thoughts and self perception as universal truth and struggle with assertion and declaring his own needs. He runs to the rescue of others all while ignoring his own disturbances.

The individual with a twelfth house Sun can wear a mask in front of the world and remain very secretive and private. He requires copious time in solitude and may withdraw for long periods without a word. He can experience ripples of melancholy and easily slip into meditation during unsteady emotional states. There is porous receptivity to the circulating vibrations, whims, and moods of his company, and his emotions blend with other people’s to create indwelling watercolour pictures of pleasure and pain. His dreams are ultra prophetic and visionary, and in moments he fails to remember if events occurred during real life or dream. Maybe the individual feels rejected from the world, like he is watching all the joy of life from a desolate island. The individual here holds the torch that can light the twelfth house sea into a glowing masterpiece, and it’s all for him, the sacred sun baby.


I am not a well-rested morning.
I am a sleepless night, when your neck hurts and your mind is restless.
I am all wrong turns and sudden stops, mile after mile of rough edge.
I am not the softness of a sunrise or the sound of breaking waves; I am hot sand at noon, cotton sheets against sunburned skin.
I am not the thrill of a beckoning glance.
I am a roll of the eyes and an impatient sigh.
Always a little too much but never quite enough; I’m not as easy as they wanted me to be.
—  molliefox, Everything Else

Dear Lovely Lady,

You have been through pain,
had your heart bleached
by love,
felt its shards
between your teeth,
Its verbal abuses recorded
as echoes within your
heart’s chambers.

You have felt vacant,
unwanted in the past.

But you are so much more–

That’s when you erect beauty,
plant a fragrant garden in your mind,
weed out the tremendous lies,
insert hummingbirds and monarchs
and fireflies to decorate your art.

you are worthy;
paint your sunsets
in pomegranates
and blood red oranges;
dip your toes in every wave;
collect sand dollars and conch shells
to place on the ledges of your heart.

You are all the beauty and mystery
and incredible love you can conceive.

Cast your arms out wide and lie draped
upon the lapping waves.

Look up to the stars– dream of who you
are evolving into.

You– reborn from pain,
draw the richest fabrics of love
about you to adorn your happiness.

You are deserving. You are beautiful.
And you deserve love this season.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

These are my wishes for @thecursedbunny from your secret Valentine,


Illustration: Vladas Tranelis from @parappurathu


Neptune - Through the Loony Looking Glass

if you drink much from a bottle marked poison… its bound to disagree with you sooner or later                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

We are all strong until we hear the Neptune song. Idealisation and dream is always more powerful than reality. The seduction of symphony and dance and art can be impossible to resist, especially for people with emphasised Neptune, Pisces, and the 12th house in the birth chart. Tumbling down the void with Alice, Neptune is ascension and destruction. There is a loss of identity as we confront unusual experiences, colours rising from the unconscious, the collective family, waves of delirium and intoxication. And when we try to explain the experience we are lost for words or labeled as nonsense, it can only really be transmuted in art or poetry or sex. Neptune is gazing through the looking glass of a thousand dreams glossed in godly vision, creative genius, and enticing chaos. It is stillness that is only momentary, but worth sacrificing everything for, and to some, the lure is too captivating, and so there is addiction, or lethargy, or poisonous relationships. In mythology, Neptune was assigned to the ocean. Neptune’s gender is evasive, it symbolizes a oneness, the muse playing orchestras from the clouds. Neptune is the higher octave of feminine Venus, but Neptune is the brother of Jupiter and Pluto, and descended from Poseidon and his son, Triden. Mercury symbolizes androgyny and indeterminate gender, but Neptune ascends beyond this recognition to a place where experience is indefinable omnipresence. But the pathway to Neptune sovereignty is confusing and psychotic at best. On crystal heels the hall is frozen, cracking, and promising redemption but threatening madness. We so badly want to believe the deception. Although Neptune emerges to remind us that truth and lie are wrapped in each other, that life does not exist without death, and that you cannot be saved without falling