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8 Flash Villains The Arrowverse Got Right (And 7 It Got Horribly Wrong)
The Arrowverse adapted some Flash villains really well. Others, not so much. Join CBR as we select which is which.

People are going to agree and disagree with parts of this, natch.  The picks are listed here in case you don’t want to go to CBR, though you’ll have to read the write-ups and reasoning for each character at the site.

Got right:

Reverse Flash
Captain Cold
Heat Wave
Trickster I
Earth-2 Killer Frost
King Shark

Got wrong:

Weather Wizard
the Top
Dr Alchemy
Golden Glider
Atom Smasher

Some of these I strongly agree with and some I strongly disagree with, and others are just kind of “meh I guess”.

Updated rec lists

I heavily revised my rec lists, which you’ll find below.  I’m sure people will disagree with some of my choices, and that’s fine.  Hopefully it’s still helpful!

(Includes the core Rogues, plus Professor Zoom and Zoom)

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I remade the mosaic of kids for reasons (mostly because I have some better-quality images now).  Kind of wondering if I should use the same picture of Albert from the previous mosaic, though.  The other pic’s cuter.

Row 1: James, Evan, Roy
Row 2: Lisa, Len, Digger
Row 3: Roscoe, Hartley, Mick
Row 4: Albert, Alvin, Eobard


What you see…what you get..

mckatsims Nathan McDermott 


Traits: Athletic | Brooding | Genius | Grumpy | Hopeless Romantic | Flirty (if you have UL installed - Flirty might appear in CAS, too)
Occult: Witch
Favorites: Cheesesteak | Dark Wave | Brown
Lifetime Wish: Alchemy Artisan (SPN EP) - the “World Renown Surgeon” and “Heartbreaker” LTWs are also great choices if you don’t have SPN
Astrological Sign: Taurus”


Gimp note: Added “burn layer”  at ~60%