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Do you prefer Kurome end on the manga or that on the anime? Personally both! Because in the anime that scene is really well done..!

To be honest I prefer the anime ending. First of all I have to admit that I am not a big Kurome fan. Second I think it’s unfair that she is the only one who got a happy ending in the agk manga with her amazing boyfriend (I am also not a Wave fan but come on he is perfect).

Of course Mine and Tatsumi also still have each other but he is a fucking dragon as tall as a house. The only thing that Kurome bothers is that she sees the ghosts of the people she killed. Oh my god. Drama. So what? Like she is the only one who has a trauma now and needs to deal with it.

I mean Tatsumi turned into a dragon. Mine was in coma. Najenda lost the man she loved and has to deal with the fact that her subordinates died because she commanded them to fight. Wave can’t continue to be a soldier anymore even if that was everything he ever did and everything he ever wanted to do. And Akame is still in pain because of the curse she probably will never lose.

I am sure that all of them also see the ghosts of their victims but hey they know that everyone else has to deal with that problem too so they don’t really talk about it.

So yes I prefer the anime ending.


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