A kind follower reminded me of that ‘7 Cardinal Rules of Life’ post going around, and they asked me if I would ever do my take on them (that being, a writerly take). Well, seeing as how I’ve been running a Writer Positivity series for over 100 posts, I thought it would be a fun chance to collect some of my favorite advice!

PS: The above are not meant to be taken as 'literal’ rules for writing, but rather advice for leading the lifestyle of a writer~ ♥︎

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mousechanblogger-deactivated201  asked:

Mr. Kirin is it too big of expectations if you can already imagine your book up on the big screen? Even if you only have two chapters written but you have it all mapped out in your head? { ya can post publicly :) }

Hello there, writerly friend~ ★

I have been waiting for this question for a long time. So much, actually, that I know exactly what I am going to tell you. But, before we get there… I have a bit of a story to share.

Back before I began writing full-time, I used to work at this laboratory of sorts, doing work for this big evil company. I worked a lot there, I am talking 60-hour weeks. It nearly killed my writing. I spent so much time and energy working at this place where I was undervalued and underpaid. It was… a dark time. Full of uncertainty and hopelessness.

The only saving grace was that I often got to work alone. I could put on music, or Pandora, and listen to something other than the machinery. It was during this time that I picked up my love for audiobooks.

One day I was listening to comedians Pandora, continuing my eternal search for comedians that didn’t make misogynistic jokes, and — just like that — I stumbled upon a bit by Mike Birbiglia.

I was unable to find a clip of it, but I know for a fact that it is Track 5 of Sleepwalk With Me - Live.

During this bit, Mike talks about his first experience doing stand up. Basically, he lied to get himself the job— and when he get’s on stage he is so nervous that he reads his 11 minutes of material in less than 3 minutes. He runs home. Doesn’t even take the pay. And later that night he’s telling his girlfriend about how ‘great’ the gig was. He then talks about how he knew the gig had been a disaster— but he kept telling himself that he needed to be a little delusional, because the alternative was to never do stand up again and let go of his dreams.

I don’t like all of his material. I think he’s a problematic character. But that line stuck with me— it resonated with me as I continued to do that awful 10-hours a day, 1-hour commute in-and-out, get-up-at-5-AM, no-you-can’t-ask-for-a-raise, piece-of-shit job I had.

There is no sure-cure to depression. Hell, there is no cure to life stepping on you and keeping you pinned to the ground— but I can tell you how I got better.

I allowed myself to be a little delusional. Or, as I like to call it— I let myself dream. I would imagine myself doing TV interviews. I would imagine myself doing Q&A’s at conventions. I would imagine my stories as movies, TV Shows, comic books— everything.

And it helped, because I paired my hope with my courage. I kept writing, and I kept building this blog— all while telling myself “things are going to work out, I know it.”

People will tell you that you ‘shouldn’t get your hopes up’ but I disagree. They might as well be telling you to not dream. There is so much negativity and hopelessness in the world as it is — with things you have no control over — and yet people have the gall to look you in the eyes and tell you to not dream. Not to inspire yourself. Not to fuel your heart.

Sure, I get it. Dreaming alone won’t make things happen— and I know that firsthand, but dreaming helps. Hope is the fuel of change. It is the material dreams are made of. And I will say this now— because I need to say it. If you disagree with what I have said, consider this:

Despair has never achieved anything, and it never will.

To answer your question: No, there is nothing wrong with being a little delusional~ c;

Dream, writerly friend. Dream. Imagine your stories, and your art, out in the world touching the hearts of countless— but do not expect the universe to bring these to you. Pair your hope with your courage, and you will make your dreams a reality~ ♥︎


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