Alfred R. Waud- The World Came To Understand The Civil War Through The Eyes Of Battlefield Artists

Photographer Timothy H. O'Sullivan took this photo, one half of a stereo view of Alfred R. Waud, artist of Harper’s Weekly, while he sketched on the battlefield near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in July of 1863.

Alfred Waud was recognized as the best of the Civil War sketch artists who drew the war for the nation’s pictorial press. Waud could render a scene quickly and accurately, with an artist’s eye for composition and a reporter’s instinct for human interest.

At a time when the shutterspeed of cameras was not fast enough to capture action, the public’s only glimpse of battle came from the sketch artists. Waud’s apparent courage under fire and passion for the men he depicted drew him dangerously close to the fighting, and his drawings portray more intimately than those by any other artist the drama and horror of this country’s most devastating conflict.