Last November Michigan-based florist and floral artist Lisa Waud of Pot & Box spent $250 at a public auction to purchase an old, abandoned house in Detroit. Every room of the house contained a knee-high sea of broken bottles and trash. But despite all the garbage, Waud looked at the neglected house and saw a beautiful vision. She intended to invite florists from Michigan, Ohio, New York, and Canada to turn the house into a temporary art installation using tens of thousands of flowers.

It took a year of planning and three days of non-stop work by dozens of volunteers to make Waud’s marvelous Flower House an enchanting reality.

“Flower House now contains room after room of independent flower designs and installations that flow together to create an immersive blooming environment. The piece is part art installation, part memorial to Detroit’s history, and an effort in sustainability and responsibility to American-grown flower farms.”

The flowers were donated by flower suppliers California Cut Flower Commission, Mayesh, and Nordlie. Tickets quickly sold out for the 3-day exhibition from October 16th-18th.

“When the installation is finished, Reclaim Detroit will demolish the house, leaving only an empty field. Materials taken from the structure will be repurposed into new objects like cutting boards, guitars, and tables. Waud intends to then utilize the land as seasonal farm to help supply flowers like dahlias and peonies for her floral business Pot & Box.”

For more photos and to learn more about this wonderful project visit the Flower House project website.

Photos by Heather Saunders

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Due to a struggling economy, the city of Detroit has its fair share of abandoned houses. Lisa Waud decided to do what she could to convert just one of those homes into something positive. 

Teaming up with florists from across the country, Lisa transformed the deserted and run down home into a gorgeous installation. 

Abandoned Home in Detroit Transformed Into Floral Installation

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Abandoned Detroit home scooped up from foreclosure to be festooned with flowers
This October, a team of florists from around the country will converge on a dilapidated two-story house in Detroit and fill it to the brim with fresh flowers and greenery.

Flower House, the brainchild of Detroit-based florist Lisa Waud, is just one of many projects that grapples with the challenge of revitalizing a struggling city while also honoring and respecting its complex history.


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The short story (written by D.C.Waud), in the same vein as Scucca, reinterprets a creature from British folklore in an early-American context. This one follows a sailor who lost his mother as a boy but learns her secrets many years later.

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