lizbethanne ha respondido a tu publicación “man, the finale of the wolverine and the x-men cartoon was super good….”

I didn’t see the show until this year, and I am SO MAD AT PAST ME for not watching it when it was new. It was so good! I’m so sad there’s only one season.

yeah i just got to it, it’s surprisingly watchable for a cartoon supposedly centred on wolverine (who apart from being overexposed just isn’t well-suited to cartoon format, lbr). it got to really quality levels in the marrow-rover episode, the archangel episode, and the finale.

i really would have loved that season two where they go into an apocalypse plot! apocalypse is my favourite x villain other than magneto (who was ooc anyway) and mystique, and i loved the buildup they had with archangel and sinister.

it’s just a shame :( every x men cartoon that gets taken off the air is disheartening, because not only does all the worldbuilding and plot they do all get erased, but there’s that much less chance that we see that stuff in the next cartoon–if there ever is another cartoon on the same topic.