When you find a good fanfic with just the right amount of smut with the rigth person topping, with fluffy fluff here and there and it’s well written and you’re just like damn

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It looks like Wattpad is saying:

“You actually thought you were going to have a happy Christmas and spend it with your family?”

“No bitch, I’m your motherfucking Christmas present”

“Have fun crying through the holidays moron”

when you’re in a really tiny fandom/ship a really rare pairing and have already read the entire ao3 tag multiple times so you have to start looking for fics on other websites with lower standards of quality: 

Harry Potter The Cursed Child
  • What we expected from Cursed child: Badass Harry and Draco, Badass Albus and Scorpius, scorbus, Harry being a great Dad, and the whole family carrying about each other.
  • What we got: A shitty fanfiction we could have found by looking up time turner AU on wattpad.
Sei proprio una bugiarda. La verità è che hai sempre avuto paura di affezionarti alle persone, temi di innamorarti. Guardati, ti mette ansia anche il solo pensiero che la tua felicità possa dipendere da qualcuno. Dimmi, cosa ti spaventa tanto?
—  Hurricane