The Truth

A Ryan Sitkowski Imagine

Word Count: 1,771

Warnings: smut

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Today you were hanging out with your best friend Alli. You were a few years older than her, but you guys got along really well. You had a lot of similar interests and enjoyed a lot of the same activities. Today you guys wanted to lay around. You planned on watching some cheesy romance movies and scary horror movies.

When you got to Alli’s house, her older brother Ryan answered the door. He was about a year or two older than you. You guys had a kind of love/hate relationship. Ryan would tease you and Alli a lot, but you could tell that he didn’t hate you as much as he lead on. In fact, you teased him back because you think he actually likes you a lot.

“Hey loser.” Ryan greets you.

“Hi jack-off.” You retaliate.

Ryan laughs and you walk inside the house.

“Where’s Alli?”

“Upstairs in her bedroom.” Ryan tells you.

“Alright. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome, Jessa.”

You walk up the stairs to Alli’s bedroom. You guys hug and pick out some movies to watch. Then Alli turned her tv on and yelled down to Ryan to make you guys some popcorn. You doubted that he would do it, but you didn’t say anything.

You both sat on Alli’s bed, wrapped up in a fluffy blanket. You guys soon started to watch the first movie. A few minutes passed and someone knocked on the bedroom door.

“Come in.” Alli says.

Ryan opens the door, walking in with not only popcorn, but with other yummy snacks and soda.

“Wow Ryan, I’m impressed.” Alli says.

“What movie are you guys watching?” Ryan asks, handing you guys the snacks.

“The Exorcist.” You tell him.

“Cool. Can I watch?”

“Fine. Only because you brought us snacks and drinks. Don’t be annoying.” Alli says, making you laugh a little.

Ryan sits on the floor at the end of the bed, looking up at the tv. You and Alli snacked on popcorn and drank soda as the movie played. About halfway through the film, Alli started to get tons of texts. She ended up being on her phone for a while, getting obviously irritated.

“What’s up?” You ask her.

“My friend Courtney’s bugging me. She wants me to come over to her house and help her with something.” Alli explains.

“She can’t wait?” Ryan asks.

“No, she says it’s urgent.”

“Do you want to go help her? We could always do this later tonight or another day.” You offer.

“But we’ve had this day planned out.” Alli says.

“It’s not that big of a deal. Really Alli, if you need to go it’s fine.” You say.

Alli sighs, then replies, “Yeah…I should probably go. I’m sorry Jessa.”

“It’s alright. How about we do this again Friday?”

“Sure, that works!”

Alli ties her hair up, then heads to her friends house. You and Ryan decided to go ahead and finish the movie. It only had a little bit left, so you guys snacked and watched. Since Alli was gone, Ryan sat on the bed next to you. You were kind of weirded out by this, but you figured the bed was probably more comfortable than the floor.

Once the movie ended, you and Ryan grabbed your empty dishes and trash. You both went downstairs into the kitchen. After putting things away and tidying up, you two started talking.

“So what are you planning to do for the rest of the day?” Ryan asks you.

“Why do you care?”

“I don’t. I’m just curious.”

“Sure, Ryan.” You reply.

Ryan scoffs at you, rolling his eyes. You pull out your phone and check the time. It was only mid-afternoon, so you actually didn’t know what you were going to do for the rest of your day. You and Alli had planned to watch movies until the early morning.

“I don’t really have any plans for the rest of the day. I was just planning on watching movies with Alli.” You tell Ryan.

“We can watch the movies instead, if you want.” He offers.

“No, I want to wait and do that with Alli.” You say.

“Buzzkill.” Ryan mutters, going on his phone.

“What are you talking about? You don’t even like me, why would you want to hang out with me?” You ask, irritated.

“I’ve never said that I didn’t like you.” Ryan says.

“Well you act like you don’t.”

You then took a minute to think. Did this mean something? A new thought erupted in your mind. What if, all this time, Ryan actually really did truly like you? You had always teased the idea that he liked you, but you didn’t really think that it was possible.

You and Ryan scrolled on your phones as you stood in the kitchen in silence. However, you weren’t thinking about the words on your phone screen. Instead your mind was racing with thoughts of Ryan’s possible admiration for you. You also questioned yourself. Do I like Ryan? Well, he definitely is attractive regardless, you thought.

“What are you thinking about?” Ryan asks you, disrupting your state of mind.

You just noticed that you had stopped scrolling on your phone. You had been staring at the distant wall in front of you.

“Um…” You mumbled.

You mind raced again, trying to make up some sort of alibi. Before you could say anything, Ryan slowly approached you.

“You wanna know the truth, Jessa?” He asks you, now just inches away from you.

You stayed still and silent, nervous about what Ryan was about to tell you.

“I do care, and I do like you.”

Your jaw drops slightly as the words slip from his mouth. You turned off your phone and slid it into your back pocket. Ryan stared at you and came even closer. Your mind couldn’t process your thoughts, but you knew what was about to happen. And you were going to let it happen.

Ryan leaned in slowly, staring into your brown eyes until they closed. He kissed you with passion. You put your hands on his chest as he held your waist. You let him take control. Ryan soon slipped his tongue into your mouth, making you moan softly.

Later on Ryan lifted you up and set you down on the counter. You slid your hands over his shoulders as you both continued to kiss. Your kisses became sloppy as you the two of you grew more lustful. Ryan’s hands traveled to different places on your body, further arousing you.

Soon Ryan moved his mouth down to your neck. You let out small moans as he started sucking on your sweet spot. You gripped his shoulders and moved your hands up and down his chest. You pulled on the collar of his shirt, teasing him. Eventually you slipped your hands underneath his shirt, pulling it up.

Ryan finally got the hint and took his shirt off. He took yours off as well, revealing your sexy bra. You could see the look in Ryan’s eyes as he saw your chest. You could see the lust.

Both of you quickly moved back upstairs, going into Ryan’s bedroom. You had only been in there once or twice before. Ryan shut the door behind you both, then forefully grabbed you and pulled you onto him. His dominance made you want him even more. He was so sexy and arousing.

You could feel Ryan’s boner through his black skinny jeans as he held you close to him. You two kissed each other harder as you became needier. Ryan suddenly pushed you down onto the bed. Your breathing was unsteady as he unbuttoned your jeans, pulling them down your legs. You bit your lip and stared deeply into his eyes.

Ryan took off his jeans next, then removed your underwear. He pulled you down the bed a bit, his hands gripping your hips. You closed your eyes when he started to tease you. Ryan kissed your inner thighs softly, moving closer to your wet core. You moaned when he finally licked your clit, beginning to eat you out.

You gripped the sheets as Ryan continued to pleasure you. As time passed and you came closer to your orgasm, you gripped the sheets even tighter. A loud moan escaped your lips as you came to the edge of your climax. Ryan gripped your thighs as you came and moaned, vibrating your pussy. You continued to cry out as pleasure rushed through your veins.

Ryan left you breathless as you laid on his bed. You closed your eyes and he crawled over your body. Ryan kissed your bare chest and sucked on your collarbones. He marked you with hickeys, making soft moans escape your mouth. You kept your eyes closed and focused on the pleasurable feelings on your skin.

Once Ryan was satisfied with his markings on your skin, he lined up to your entrance. He pumped his length a few times before pushing into you. Your eyes shot open and a moan left your lips as he entered your body. You held onto his shoulders, moaning as he continued to thrust into you. Ryan started out slow and deep, but then progressed.

Minutes passed and Ryan had begun thrusting into you at the fastest possible speed. His bed shook as moans and cries came out of you. Your orgasm was growing near and the pleasure felt beyond amazing. Ryan stared into your eyes as he thrusted into you. The look on his face was daunting and ever so arousing.

Soon you felt Ryan’s cock twitch inside you and your walls started to close in. Ryan reached a hand down and started to rub your clit, maximizing the pleasure you felt. Your voice was uncontrolled as things continued. You cried out profanities and dirty phrases as you orgasmed. Ryan came just moments after you, letting out a low string of moans and curses.

As you both came down from your highs, Ryan sucked on your neck. Later he laid down beside you. You both breathed heavily as the minutes passed. Ryan’s tattooed arm snaked around your waist, pulling  your body close to his. You licked your lips and looked into his eyes.

Ryan kissed you, holding your body close. He slipped his tongue into your mouth and your lips lazily collided. Quite some time passed before you two finally got out of bed. You both took turns showering, then decided to go out to a nice dinner together. You had a great time and you both grew much closer. Turns out Ryan had liked you for a very, very long time.

Consider this

Ratite harpies

Kiwi harpy. Tiny stubby useless arm nubs. Whiskers. Great butt.

Ostrich harpy. Leg so hot. Neck so hot. All neck and leg. Males do the dance. You know the ostrich dance.

Cassowary harpy. Always angry. Killer wattle and crest. Also literal killer. Death claw.

News in from tour leader Gareth Robbins who has recently been leading a South African tour:

The final full day of the Budget Eastern South Africa II tour took place in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands where all three species of Southern African Cranes were seen, namely the Blue, Grey Crowned and Wattled Cranes. Sightings of Orange Ground Thrush, Bush Blackcap, Knysna Turaco, Forest Buzzard, White-starred Robin and six Cape Parrots made it a spectacular ending to an unforgettable tour. Other tour highlights included the Pel’s Fishing Owl, Mangrove Kingfisher, Lesser Jacana, Pink-throated and Green Twinspots, Green Malkoha, Crowned Eagle, Black Harrier and Red-chested Flufftail.

Photo - Wattled Crane by Gareth Robbins

Group portrait of young women and their teacher, wearing high-necked blouses and long skirts. Embossed on front: “D.D. Spellman, 220 Woodward Ave., Detroit.” Handwritten on back: “Charter members of Girls’ Literary Society at "Old” Central, about 1907. Back row, right to left, Irene Lorimer, Janet C. Thorpe, Ruth Clements, Mildred Williams, Carol Dow, Marguerite Bieber; middle row, right to left, “Tina” Campbell, originator, Frances Doty, Marjorie Monroe; bottom row, right to left, Katherine Hine, sponsor, Mercedes de Goenaga, Nellie Griffin, Helen Wattles, sponsor.“

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

anonymous asked:

Almost every culture has the superstition of the dead coming back to life in the form of spirits and/or dead, decomposing cadavers. Why do you think that is? It seems like a common theme across cultures. I remember you explained zombies with plague victims. What about spirits and ghosts?

There are a lot of unexplained phenomena out there in the wide world. People see things which are inexplicable. People have a difficult time believing that dead is dead. When our ancestors were huddled in their mud and wattle huts and the wind was howling and things were shaking, of course, the spirits of the dead are blamed. 

I have a pet theory for which I have exactly zero proof. Maybe it is possible for there to be bleed-throughs from one dimension to another.

I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree,
And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made:
Nine bean-rows will I have there, a hive for the honey-bee;
And live alone in the bee-loud glade.

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