It Hurts - George Weasley Imagine



Hello can I have one where Paula just came back from Umbridge with “I must not tell lies” on her hand than she sees George so she starts crying and he starts telling Paula everything is going to be alright. Can make up the rest please!


Paula was walking down the empty corridor holding her throbbing hand which now said “I must not tell lies” because Professor Umbridge heard paula talking about her. But, paula was just making sure everyone was aware of umbridge and just telling the truth “Umbridge lives in a old shoe and eats children for dinner everyday” Everyone laughed and agreed but, Umbridge apparently only got her in trouble. “Password?” The fat lady asked “Wattlebird” Paula said gloomily; she climbed through the portrait hole and sat on the couch looking into the barley lit fire. Luckily, the common room was empty because she put her face in her hands and started crying for the horrible pain that umbridge gave her.

Paula looked at the words and started to dab it lightly for there was blood coming out of the letters. She then, heard footsteps come down the stairs and she wiped away her tears with her sleeves as quickly as she can. She made contact with brown dreamy eyes that belonged to her boyfriend, George Weasley, “Georgie, I thought you were sleeping” she sniffled. He sat down next to her and put an arm around her which she has to put her head on his chest to be comfortable “You think I’m going to leave you alone after a detention with that pink toad” she giggled at his comment.

He grabbed paula’s hand “Ow!” She screamed he jumped “I’m sorry sweetie I didn’t mean to hurt you” he said confusingly “No, Sweetie you didn’t do anything it’s just what that toad left me” she whispered handing george her hand. He touched it “Ouch george don’t touch it, it hurts” she mumbled “Sorry baby” he said calmly kissing the letters on her hand. “I think I should hex the toad!” George said as loud as he dared “Nahh, George lets prank her!” paula smiled “Yeah we should but first we should get some sleep princess” he said kissing her head “Yeah” paula said sleepily as she put her head up to kiss george. George and Paula got up super early set up Wildfire Whiz-bangs so that when their in class with umbridge it’ll go off and attack her.

~At Defense against the dark arts class~

Paula and George kept constantly looking at the clock waiting for exactly 9:30. Then, they both heard an explosion in the back of the class and looked back to see a bunch of multi-colored fireworks rise into the air and explode. Once the whole class room was filled with fireworks, George grabbed paula’s waist and put her on his lap. He leaned in and kissed her passionately for a while she pulled back trying to catch her breath “Ready for the grand finally, Love?” She smiled “More than ready!” George took out his wand and swished it then all the fireworks went up towards the center and when they were all together it exploded so loud paula snugged into george’s arms from the startling sound.

“It’s okay baby I got you!” he yelled over the sounds of fireworks exploding, she smiled and then looked up to see a giant lion made out of fireworks growl “OMG, Georgie that’s amazing!” paula screamed pointing at the giant lion up above. The lion was looking for someone and spotted a terrifying Professor Umbridge walking backwards the lion opened it’s mouth and started heading towards umbridge. Everyone laughed as Umbridge ran screaming from the lion but the lion was way quicker than her it ate her and when the lion disappeared everyone tried to hold in laugh as a very black and burnt Umbridge turned to look at everyone “WHO DID THIS!!!!” she screamed furiously at everyone.

 Everyone pointed at Paula and George “BOTH OF YOU COME HERE!!!” you both walked slowly to umbridge and she just gave her and george detention for the rest of the year. But, they both didn’t care at least they were together for the worst that the toad has planned for them. “Paula are you sure about this?” she smiled “Yes love just put your hand inside the bowl I read it in a book the other day it’s supposed to stop the stinging” he looked at the bowl filled with Murtlap Essence he put his hand inside and was instantly relaxed. “This stuff really works!” he said cheerfully “Yeah Good thing, the letters really hurt” he smiled “At least we got through it together” He said before pecking her lips “Yeah, I love you georgie” he kissed he top of her head “And I love you too”


June 23, 2015 - Huia (Heteralocha acutirostris)

Requested by: schmias

These birds once lived on the North Island of New Zealand. They fed mainly on wood burrowing grubs, filling the same ecological niche as woodpeckers do in other areas, and also eating small invertebrates and fruit. The largest species of wattlebird, they were one of the few birds with a sexually dimorphic beak, the females’ being longer and more curved than the males’. Their tail feathers were prized by the Maori, but bounties offered by wealthy Americans and Europeans led to overhunting. After the Duke of York was given a Huia feather to wear in his hat during a visit to New Zealand, demand for the feathers increased the pressure on the Huia population. Introduced mammalian predators and habitat loss also contributed to their decline. The last confirmed sighting of a Huia was in 1907.