Priests, therefore, were important members of society. They were not, however, spiritual leaders in the way that Christian and Muslim clergy are, they were not preachers, they had no congregation.
—  P75, The House of Horus at Edfu by Barbara Watterson

The Amazing World of GUMBALL! by *ClaraBacou

So I just started watching this cartoon, and I love it!
The animation is brilliant and I love how many different techniques they use in any one episode.
The Amazing World of Gumball makes me so happy when I watch it and keeps me inspired to be an animator. 

Ben Bocquelet is a genuis.

Also Cartoon Network I feel has been with me throughout my life and when I look back, I am sure is the first thing that ever got me into art. 
I was weaned on Cartoon Network, and all of it’s characters and animatic madness have stayed with me. 

So much love to you guys.