konnichibot asked:

By any chance were you inspired by Bill watterson's art? Your art is absolutely enthralling and your inking especially reminds me of his art with the great use of detail and shadows

Hi!! Sorry for the late reply, moving has kept me preoccupied. >< 

I drew most my inspiration from Frank Frazetta’s b&w work!! As well as other artists I know/see constantly on my various timelines. I try to apply little things I see that just work to my own art. I plan on looking more at Mark Schultz’s art now though because it’s absolutely stunning in use of pattern, texture, and value! Thank you so much!!!


/co/ Drawthread Deliveries for May 2015 pt.5

  • Ms.Baker being clumsy, like this one enough to clean up the lines and throw some flat colors on it.

  • Gumball Watterson going through some grueling training under Bills

  • Daredevil Toph in both comic and live action flavors.

  • And good ol’ Aang as Vision, putting his powers to good use.

The Amazing World of GUMBALL! by *ClaraBacou

So I just started watching this cartoon, and I love it!
The animation is brilliant and I love how many different techniques they use in any one episode.
The Amazing World of Gumball makes me so happy when I watch it and keeps me inspired to be an animator. 

Ben Bocquelet is a genuis.

Also Cartoon Network I feel has been with me throughout my life and when I look back, I am sure is the first thing that ever got me into art. 
I was weaned on Cartoon Network, and all of it’s characters and animatic madness have stayed with me. 

So much love to you guys.