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(  ु˃ᗜ˂) ु The wonderful Penny from The Amazing World of Gumball is here to bring some cheer!

I couldn’t resist hopping aboard this FANTASTIC Cartoon Network collab michaeljruocco is hosting. It’s Twitter only, but don’t let that hold you back! There are still a bunch of characters up for grabs!

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Takes Place after The Rerun

Rob couldn’t fix the mistakes he made with the remote, so the world fixed itself

The Watterson family, save for Gumball, was erased from existence

Anything they did is reversed as never happening

And Gumball and Rob are the only ones who know what was before this mess

Gumball is beginning to glitch out, driven near crazy by all the things he knows should be but not longer is

Now with that out of the way, who wants to rp?!

anonymous asked:

(stabs, dabs, then calls a cab)

Gumball was still by Darwin’s side and he tried to prevent this from happening, but it didn’t work and Darwin still got hit. “No! Darwin! Not you too!” Gumball shouted. He started crying while holding onto his best friend. He eventually called an ambulance and another member of the Watterson family was rushed to the hospital.