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“Gumball and Darwin are confused when they meet Kiki and Quack, a pair of siblings that copy everything they do and say. Then they find out this copycat family is making money online from imitating the Watterson family! When they fail to encourage them to find their own identity, the Wattersons realize they need a more permanent solution.”



I honestly though that was just a Chinese version approved by CN 

(  ु˃ᗜ˂) ु The wonderful Penny from The Amazing World of Gumball is here to bring some cheer!

I couldn’t resist hopping aboard this FANTASTIC Cartoon Network collab michaeljruocco is hosting. It’s Twitter only, but don’t let that hold you back! There are still a bunch of characters up for grabs!

My idea

Hey guys. I would like to tell you about the idea that last bit I thought. So quite often I find a au where Penny and Rob swapped places. I really like this au and I eagerly looking for related images. But I got a different idea. What would happen if Gumball and Rob swapped places? I think it would look something like this: 

Rob would be the main protagonist of the series and we gonna watched his adventures. He’s would be a very close friend of the Watterson family, but always would have trouble remembering the name of the oldest child an Penny’s boyfriend (Gumball), at least when Gumball was not erased, or somewhere on the season 1. His two closest friends would be Darwin and Penny. From Darwin was connected to him almost brotherly bond, and Penny was that his best friend, no romantic overtones. After the Gumball would be regarded as an error and sent to the Void, his relationship with Wattersons even more to be deepened. However, after the episode “The Void”, Gumball would comback to the world, deformed with a deleted memory. However, he’s does hide in his old hause, because he dosen’t remember that he had a family. He retreated to near the Rob house, until Rob found him. However, the Gumball it took a week to recall who he is. And in that time, watched Rob’s life and his relationships with his friends. And when he finally remembered to who he is, and after seeing how Rob, that person who is in some way responsible for his condition, being friend with his family, girlfriend and friends who have forgotten about him, Gumball alone, without any incentives swore revenge.

But Rob does not understand him unaided what he meant, because Gumball would be too busy planning his revenge to explain to him why he hates him. However, after many failed attempts to Rob at the end would help him be an effective villain, including a complete success. Then the story had been going to the same way as in the tv series. However, in the episode “Re-run” Gumball in the end would explain to him why is he hates him. He would tell him about it as every day must pass key for it people who have forgotten about it. That pop just wants to get back with his old life, which had a loving family and a girl. Then again, action was fought by the same way as in the tv series.

I think that Rob as the protagonist would be much more carefree and relaxed than as an antagonist. He would be a lot more intelligent main character, but with a great tendency to indulge emotions and a spur of the moment. Would be also the type who says then thought, which often put him in trouble. I think that often would say the things about which the falls did not speak, and always would say what he thinks, regardless of the situation.

I also think that Gumball would be the same person, but that would not be the main character. However, after escaping from the Void and remember everything, would become more embittered and vengeful. Would become more tenacious and ruthless, at any cost in order to get revenge on Rob. But in the Middle still would have been a nice compassionate person who simply wants to his loved ones remember him. And he would become more serious and mature, by his experiences with the Void.

The Notebook

Tw: Suicide. I’m pretty sure that tells you this is a sad fanfic. Also, it’s Roball. Hope you enjoy!
It was incredibly late at night, and Gumball should have went to be long time ago. But the guilt keep him from sleeping, it made him unable to think about anything but the notebook that his parents tried to hide in the kitchen. He had found it, and he had been tempted to read it, but he was too stubborn to accept the facts and face things. Until now.
Doing his hardest to be silent, the young cat went downstairs and started to search in the bookshelf, until he finally found what he searched for. Slowly, he grabbed the notebook and a flashlight. He sat in a corner of the house and considered for a second the idea of skipping everything and just reading what was actually important, but he was unable to do it. He wanted to know when things got sour.
The first pages were so dirty it was impossible to actually understand anything, but all the numbers and drawings showed that they were evil plans of some kind. Inspectioning further, he noticed that some pages appeared to be missing, but it was impossible to know if they had been important or not. Too tired to actually give it much thought, the feline decided to let it go and continue reading. Finally, in page 29, he got to the “fun” stuff: Rob’s diary. Why he felt the need to write all the things in his life was beyond him, but it didn’t really matter that much. At least it had served a purpose at the end.
“My life has been really shitty lately” Started the first entry, without any kind of introduction. There wasn’t a date, and the calligraphy was awful, but Gumball wasn’t going to back up now that he finally had the courage to actually read the damn thing “I’m living in the streets, I nearly got erased from existence because I’m a mistake and I just learned I’m in a TV show. Basically, everything sucks” He couldn’t help but roll his eyes at how dramatic his nemesis was. Were did he even got such weird ideas? How could he be in a TV show without knowing? The idea was simply ridiculous.
He slowly went page after page, checking for answers to his questions and laughing slightly when the cyclops mentioned him, until he finally reached the point were things started to go downhill. The words in page 37 were even harder to read, and they seemed like they had been written in a rush “I made a discovery, I finally know why I always get hurt, why things always go wrong. It’s part of a joke, my suffering is for the entertainment of the viewers. I’m still not sure how dark the humor can get, but I’m worried about what will happen next” That was all. It worried him to no end how wrapped up in his own paranoia the other boy had been. Had he know how serious the situation was, he would had helped.
The next entry was completely unreadable. He guessed his nemesis ruined it out of embarrassment, because the only words he could understand indicated something private had been written there “crying…Watterson…I’ve tried…mine…” Whatever, it probably wasn’t that groundbreaking. What could Rob probably think about him that he didn’t know? Nothing, of course.
“I murdered Gumball yesterday” Was the disturbing start of page 40. It scared the cat to death, but his curiosity took over and he ended up continuing his reading “He’s okay now, and he doesn’t remember, but it’s driving me crazy. I should apologize, maybe, but I’m scared. Are we really trapped forever, no matter what I do? What’s permanent, and what would be restarted the next episode?” Apparently, his dear enemy had a dream and he thought it was a reality. He didn’t exactly remember dying horribly, but he remembered when the cyclops awkwardly apologized for… whatever he thought he had done. And wasn’t killing him the other’s goal, anyway?
Feeling a headache coming from all the overanalyzing, the feline decided to just continue “I think​ I’m going insane” You think? “This is too much for me. I need help, but nobody believes me. I feel like it's​ time to give up. I didn’t want things to end like this, but I don’t think I have another choice”
-You had me- Whispered softly the cat, feeling tears forming in his eyes. The next page was the last one, but he wasn’t ready to end the book yet. There probably were a lot of things Rob didn’t write, things that were important and interesting. But now it was too late to ask for that. Breathing slowly to calm down, he continued.
“It’s kind of funny how little I have written in this notebook. Guess I didn’t really last that long, eh?… Anyway, this is a goodbye. If you are reading this, I’m not alive anymore. Which would mean I made a permanent change, finally. Looks like I wasn’t that important of a character after all… Whatever” There were a few words that were crossed, making them hard to read. Luckily, they didn’t appear very interesting “So, I’m leaving this note for someone to find. So… Uh, I hope my family is OK (If I had one, that is. I don’t know) My classmates were interesting so I guess that’s something. The Watterson family was a pain for me, but at least I could use they basement and stuff” That’s it. Not a mention of him directly, not some kind of threat, nothing. So much for them being nemesis.
He prepared to close the notebook, when suddenly he thought of something. He checked every single page, one after the other. All of them were blank, until he reached page 64 “I wasn't​ going to write this, but… I’m going to die so it doesn’t really matter. Gumball Watterson, if you’re reading this, I need you to know something: You ruined everything in my life, and I really wish to get my revenge. But you also gave me a purpose, a distraction. Kind of like friends, I guess. And I know this doesn’t make sense, I know we’re nemesis and that I should hate you, but… I love you. I hope at least you remember me” It wasn’t exactly what he expected, but it did bring him to tears. Hugging the notebook to his chest, the cat cried and slowly waited for the pain to dissipate, or at least to become less overwhelming.
-I’m sorry- He said to himself, trying with all his strength to calm down. If days actually reset, he wanted to remember. He wanted a chance to listen and help. But looking at the calendar, all the hope left him. Just how many days had passed already? Probably too many. At least he could do one last thing for his enemy- I’ll remember you, Rob. I always will.