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My Personal Top 10 Moments of Johnnys Countdown 2015-16 (in no particular order)

Watta singing Chinen’s line from UMP (& Chinen’s reaction), Ohno’s (& Higashiyama’s) backflips, Tsuyoshi’s reaction to Tackey & Tsubasa performing a Kinki Kids song, Kanjani8 performing Cha-Cha-Cha-Champion in cosplay, cardboard Okada, the 4 older members of Sexy Zone going to visit Marius in the audience, NEWS performing Monster, Hey! Say! JUMP’s appearance from Kyocera, Mitsu & Ohkura rolling around on the stage, Fumi performing his famous Matsujun impression together with Matsujun

Bonus 11th Favourite Moment: Yamapi’s mic troubles sparing us from hearing his voice for the beginning of Seishun Amigo