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Two Men, Three Angels, and a Baby, part 4

Part 3

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A few days later, the Winchesters returned home.

“Wonder how crazy the angels are,” Dean mused as he grabbed his bag from the trunk.

“I’m sure everything went well,” Sam said. “Y/N is…”

“Y/N was feisty as an adult. Imagine how it is with all that attitude compacted into such a tiny frame.”

Sam considered this. “Well… they’re angels. I’m sure they could handle it.”

“Well, the bunker is still standing and I don’t smell smoke. Good signs so far.”

The two walked into the kitchen, finding it clear of any major mess or damage. A few bottles were on the counter, a few half-eaten containers were there as well.

“Are you hungry, Y/N?” Gabriel’s voice carried into the kitchen. “What sounds good? Chocolate milk? Ice cream? Pie?”

“Don’t you dare offer her my pie,” Dean said.

“Please tell me you fed her something besides sugar,” Sam said, the ever responsible one.

Gabriel smiled upon finding the Winchesters, but it was nowhere matched to the smile on your face. You instantly began to squirm in the angel’s arms, flailing, desperately trying to get to Sam.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Sam said, stepping over and plucking you from Gabriel. “Are you excited to see me, Y/N?”


Sam kissed your cheek before holding you to his chest. He found that he’d missed this feeling more than he’d known. “How was she?”

“Perfectly fine! Did you honestly think anything would go wrong?”

Sam shrugged. “I just… didn’t know if you’d had any babysitting experience. With humans.”

“Lucifer and human babies are very similar.”

“I heard that,” Lucifer said, stepping into the kitchen.

“We were just asking how the babysitting went,” Sam said.

“Fine. Y/N’s alive, isn’t she?” Lucifer looked down and gave you a small smile, earning a coo from you.

“Dean,” Castiel said, stepping into the kitchen. “Sam. I have something to discuss with you.”

“Well, that’s our cue,” Gabriel said. “Come on, Luci. Let’s head home.”

The two archangels disappeared, causing you to wave at the spot where they’d been.

“What’s up, Cas?” Dean asked.

“Y/N has not grown since her change.”

“What does that mean?” Sam asked.

“I am unsure. I have found nothing in any sort of lore about this. But… it would appear….”

“Cas?” Dean prompted.

“Y/N is not growing, which would indicate that she is not aging.”


“I believe that she is… stuck. Nothing will change unless you can find the cure.”

“Wait,” Sam said. “Do you mean…”

“Y/N will stay in her current state with absolutely no change from time. Only the proper cure.”

The brothers shared a look. “Well,” Dean said. “I guess… that’s kind of good? This means we won’t have to potty train her.”

“And you’re no closer to finding a cure?” Sam asked.

Cas shook his head. “What about the witch you were hunting?”

“No go,” Dean said.

Cas sighed. “We’ll keep looking. I promise we will get Y/N back.”


A few hours later, Dean wandered into the living room to find the television on but muted. The room was quiet… too quiet.


Stepping around the couch, Dean found his brother stretched out on the couch. You were laying on his chest, kept tightly in place by Sam’s arms. The two of you were sound asleep, breathing in sync.

Dean couldn’t help but smile to himself as he settled into the easy chair next to the couch. But as cute as it was, he couldn’t help but feel a small sense of dread.

What would happen if they never found a cure for you? What if you were stuck in that tiny body for the rest of your life? Cas had said you wouldn’t grow or change… would they ever be able to teach you how to talk? That could maybe help… but then again, it would be incredibly weird to hear a baby speaking in full sentences (and probably swearing).

Dean was also worried about his brother. He knew Sam loved you, and he was proud of how much his brother had grown to adapt to this new role. But if you never came back… would Sam ever be able to move on? And how would you react if Sam did move on?


“Hey,” Dean said, approaching Sam a few days later. “You mind if I take Pipsqueak for a little while?”

“Um… where?”

“I don’t know. I just feel like she needs to get out of the bunker for a while.”

“And… you want to take her somewhere?” Sam studied his brother, unsure what had brought this on.

“What, don’t you trust me? Jeez, I’m just trying to give my brother a break and this is the thanks I get.”

Sam turned to you. “Y/N, do you want to go with Dean?”

You looked from Sam to Dean, finding the elder Winchester nodding at you. “Yah.”

Dean winked and gave you a thumbs up just before Sam turned back to him.

“Fine,” Sam said, picking you up and handing you to Dean. “Have fun. Be safe. Make sure you buckle her into the car seat. Don’t let strangers hold her. Be sure–”

“Sammy, take it easy! I took care of you, didn’t I?”


Dean ended up taking you to a small ice cream parlor. He ordered himself a dish of apple pie-flavored ice cream and a small dish of chocolate for you. A worker happily pulled a high chair over to a table for Dean.

“All right,” Dean said, sitting next to you. “Now… don’t tell Sam, but I’ve got an ulterior motive for bringing you out today.”


“I want you to be my wing-woman.”

Your brow furrowed, your lips pursed. Dean held a spoonful of ice cream up to you. After a moment, you swallowed it down.

“Come on, Y/N. You used to help me out all the time. And women love babies.”

You blew a raspberry at Dean, indicating that you didn’t think highly of this plan.

“Don’t give me that. You know it makes the ovaries explode to see a handsome hunk of a man taking care of a tiny little baby.”

You scowled at him.

“Oh, here comes a hottie.” Dean scooped up some more of your ice cream, holding the spoon out to you. “Come on, Y/N.”

You wanted to be mad, but you liked chocolate too much. You opened your mouth and let Dean slip the spoon in, just as the ‘hottie’ stepped up.

“Oh, my gosh, she is just the cutest!” the girl cooed, her voice syrupy sweet.

“Well, thank you,” Dean said, smiling a thousand-watt smile up at the stranger. “I wish I could take credit, but she’s just my niece.”

You rolled your eyes before reaching out, trying to grab the spoon. If Dean was going to focus on this bimbo, you might as well enjoy your ice cream.

“Easy, Y/N,” Dean said, his voice taking on its own syrupy quality. “You don’t want to make a mess.”

You blew another raspberry, causing a peal of delighted laughter from the strange woman (why was she still here?).

“Do you want to join us?” Dean asked, pushing the spoon into your mouth before you could squawk in protest.

“I would love to!” The girl stepped over to the counter, giving Dean a small wave.

You glared at Dean. No amount of chocolate would make you like this.

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“If you’re ready to wake up, you’re going to wake up; and if you’re not ready you’re going to stay pretending you’re just a poor little me. And since you’re all here, and engaged in this sort of enquiry, and listening to this sort of lecture, I assume you’re all on the process of waking up…” ~ Alan Watts

Into the Void l-Vl | Oil on wood | 25x25cm⠀
| Originals and prints available on www.christianklute.com (clickable link in bio) |⠀

To perceive that form reveals the void, and to see that the void reveals form, is the secret for the overcoming of death.⠀
-Alan Watts ⠀

The void yields up nothing. You have to be a great poet to make it ring.⠀
- Jules Renard⠀

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I don’t say that you shouldn’t lay down the law to children if you want them to play the social game. But if you lay down the law to your children you MUST make provision later in life for them to be liberated—to go through a process of curing them from the bad effects of education. But you can’t do that unless you too grow up.
—  Alan Watts

NHK Trophy 2016: Tessa & Scott + post-FD hug

Sharing a bathroom with Tyrian is unpleasant.
  • Watts, banging on the door of the bathroom: TYRIAN! You've been in there for over an hour! I know you're done showering; I heard the water stop running forty minutes ago! What are you doing in there? I require use of the facilities!
  • Tyrian, coming out of the bathroom: Tail maintenance is delicate business, my friend.
  • Tyrian: *shows off shiny tail*
  • Watts: Hmph.
  • Watts: *enters bathroom*
  • Watts: *picks up his mustache wax and notices the jar is empty*
  • Watts: TYRIAN!!
Things we learned from PINOF8

-Phil doesn’t know how to spell Whiskers.

-Phil has an Uncle named John, Jam, Dangaland. 

-Snails breathe through their snoses.

-Dan’s dimple is approximately 17 feet deep.

-Dan has a lot of stress.

-Dan is more Yuri and Phil is more Viktor (supposedly)

-”Yo watt up it’s, Cog Boi. KILL ME”

-Water is important and Phil is hydrated. 

-They can play ‘The Internet Is Here’ with their noses.

-No Face looks great with Dan’s fringe.

-Honey comes straight from the bees teet.

-Dan doesn’t believe in the Tooth Fairy.

-Phil likes big butts and he cannot lie.

-AmazingPhil  is a ‘thicc’ channel.

-Phil’s fan account would be named “PhilsEyelash

-Dan is an ace Jazz singer.

-Dan scrubs his arms first in the shower

-Phil has a third ear, which he scrubs first in the shower.

-”His names Phil Lester, thankfully not Moe. He never made this YouTube video. He’s so perfect like a cake, He’s a better rapper than Drake.” 

-Phil put Dan’s phone charger inside of a horse.

-Dan’s butt is $$ and everyone looks at it.

-Phil has a sleepy butt.

-They each have 27 chins.

-Dan thinks sniffing a flip flop is flag worthy.

-Phil hates beginning aware of his own breathing.

-Dan can fit a whole banana in his mouth.

-Phil has sensitive lips.

-Dan can say ‘Yeah Boi’ for 26 seconds straight.

-Dan’s a ghost and doesn’t believe in humans.

-Dan can pick Phil up.

-Phil thinks he’s going to break his legs while Dan is picking him up.

-They will be back next year for number 9, unless they die.