We had a lot of fun doing a costume breakdown for The Abominable Bride trailer last year, so we thought we’d try it again with the recently released Series 4 teaser

While there are obviously fewer (okay, zero) period pieces to talk about here, this does give us an opportunity to post about some of the wardrobe pieces from the upcoming series before they’re all sold out! Please beware of potential spoilers, although everything is still speculation at this point.

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My concept art for Provincial Belle in the 2017 Beauty and the Beast film. I wanted her to look simple but still beautiful.

Sherlock s4 trailer: observations recap

I’d like to recap a bit about some things about the trailer, and add new ideas that came to my mind since yesterday, now that a day passed and that my mind is clear. And I thought that’d be nice to have all my thoughts about the trailer on one post instead of making one for each frame. You can consider it a masterpost.
If you haven’t seen the trailer yet: here it is. I’ll try to stay chronological.

Warning: that’ll be a long post. Hence the cut.

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anonymous asked:

i don’t know why but i love in fanfics when one character has like just awoken in the hospital and they’re confused or scared and they try to sit up but another character has to hold them back so they don't hurt themselves, like if john is injured and starts to panic a little when he wakes up, and he tries to get up but sherlock is there to gently lay him back down and run his fingers through his hair and whisper “shh, john, it’s alright, just lie down.” i dunno i just really love those moments

Those are some of the best bits! you aren’t alone. I love them as well :)