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Mofftiss’ Masterpiece

(Or: How The Watson’s Marriage Was Done So Right, It Hurts - A Johnlock Perspective)

When Mary was first introduced into the show, we very graciously welcomed her into our hearts, trusting that the writers had some kind of plan. We knew that they were facing the difficult task of staying true to canon while further developing the relationship arc between John and Sherlock. Not an easy feat, but we had faith: Eventually, we would see Mary’s true colours, John would return to Baker Street - all would be well.

But, alas, it did not happen. And the fandom was flabbergasted. What were Mofftiss playing at? However, there are actually two really good reasons for doing what they did:

One, you can’t just turn one of the very few original female characters into something negative. I mean you can, but I really don’t think Mofftiss wanted to. Two, there was a much, much more beautiful route. And Mofftiss took it. 

Because what do you do, when you can’t make a character lovable due to the risk of heteronormativity, and you can’t make her unlovable due to risk of misogyny? The answer is: You make her awesome. You make her the best, most brilliant hero ever. And then you let her make a really strong case in point: No one can compete with Sherlock Holmes. 

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We see Sherlock looks very serious and kinda depressed for whatever reason. He locks himself in his room, he chooses a song in his iPod. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd starts playing. He looks for something in his wardrobe, finally finding a syringe and some heroine. He makes a tourniquet around his arm. With the syringe, he takes as much heroine as he can and injects himself the whole of it. He starts looking very dizzy until he passes out.
John knocks on Sherlock’s door but he doesn’t reply. He keeps doing it until he starts to get desperate. He finally breaks the door and finds Sherlock laying on the floor, unconscious. John throw himself over his friend, checks his pulse, starts calling his name, slaps him, anything to get a reaction from him.
Finally he stands up and rushes downstairs to get Mrs Hudson’s phone to call an ambulance. After seeing him so desperate, the landlady asks him what’s going on and the doctor replies “Sherlock had an overdose” while dialling 911 with shaky fingers. Mrs Hudson stars crying. Finally, John reaches 911 and gives them all the information they need.
He comes back upstairs and tries to get a reaction from Sherlock again. The detective is breathing very lightly and John can barely feel his pulse.
A few minutes later, the ambulance arrives and they take Sherlock and John directly to the hospital. Once they arrive, they put Sherlock on a hospital gurney and rush him to the ER. John gets into a huge fight with the nurses and a doctor by saying that he is a doctor and Sherlock’s best friend so he has the right to be inside the ER.
He is finally left alone and has a breakdown. He feels that he failed his friend so badly.

ALL OF THIS while Comfortably Numb is still playing in the background.