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CONTROVERSIAL QUESTION TIME: Which Version of Martin Freeman is Best?

Is it happy Martin…

Nerdy dancing Martin…

“Murder look” Martin…

Perhaps your favorite is licking his goddamn lips Martin…

Maybe you like soft baby Martin…

Or angry Martin…

Some may fancy Richard lll Martin

Some may be fond of probably drunk party Martin…

And bearded daddy Martin is a great choice

Or, I might have made this post to feature some of my favorite Martin pictures and gifs.

Beauty and The Beast

I live for the little things like:

• her face when turning down gaston

• belle’s “ugh” then angrily throws chicken seed

• her lil squeal when hitting Lumiere


• “who can make up these endless refrains like gaston?”

• “will you join me for dinner????”

• chip’s little “heheh” after doing the bubble trick

• beast asking belle if she’s alright when she was speechless at the library

• basically the subtle soundtrack in instrumental version

• beast slightly becoming more human each time and changing his wardrobe

• Beast giggling after throwing a giant snowball at belle’s face 

• *nose boop*


• beast’s smile when Belle said “let’s go home” bc she considers the castle her ‘home’

• Beast’s satisfied smile after the makeover before he realizes it was actually atrocious

• The slight crack in Beast’s/Dan Steven’s voice during Evermore (…I’ll think of all that might have been..)

• Belle’s little nose scrunch when looking at Adam closely for the first time (AND THE LOVING GAZE OF THESE TWO UGH)

• Beast’s face (almost tearing up?) when he let Belle go MY HEART CANT HANDLE THAT ONE

• Literally the look on LeFou’s face when Stanley danced with him yall blink and you’ll miss it

• obviously the little GROWL AT THE END followed by Belle’s adorable laugh


This makes me so happy 😍😍💞💞 I hope all four of these amazing people had an awesome day


“Sinful Caesar sipped his snifter, seized his knees, and sneezed.”

Donald O’Connor, Gene Kelly and Bobby Watson in “Singin’ In The Rain”, 1952

Cosmo fools around with Don and his diction coach. Finally, he “ruins” the lesson, but how can one be serious? Just look at him  … he’s simply the best! After all, ‘Moses supposes’ is born … tap dance at its best 👑!

Mr. O’Connor’s facial expression is priceless 💋!

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