Deep in the rough

The world doesn’t stop when bad weather starts. To make the best of Mother Nature’s unpredictable side, IBM Watson is learning to understand The Weather Company’s forecasting and historical data. That’s easier said than done since that means getting cozy with data gathered for over 2.2 billion locations worldwide. With this kind of insight, you’ll be able to find exactly the right day to have a picnic, open a lemonade stand or hit a few down the fairway. Just maybe not when Tom Watson, golf pro and friend of IBM Watson, is playing – if you don’t want to get shown up that is. See what else IBM Watson is doing with sports →  

No biggie, just modern Sherlock in the background…in a jail cell… WE SAW BUT WE DID NOT OBSERVE.

UPDATE: Mark Gatiss just tweeted that it’s not modern Sherlock after all…Sorry guys!

(Here’s Mark’s explanation for the man there)