watskys releasing an album


Last night I went to the first showing of the Back In The Bay show series for Watsky in his home city San Francisco. Near the end of the show he came back out and after preforming Whoa Whoa Whoa he told us, casually, that they were taping this show for a new live album. He played multiple songs from Cardboard Castles, A New Kind of Sexy, and even for the first time live “Everything Turns Gold” off of his 2009 self-titled album. He also told us that show the next night was a completely different set, so who knows what other songs he might put on the live album! Reblog to get the word around!


The last episode of Watsky’s webseries has prompted me to ask the fans a crucial question: Annie’s vs. Amy’s. Personally my family might as well buy stock in Annie’s because my son loves all their products and I actually have to disagree with Watsky on this one. I’m not a big fan of frozen macaroni and cheese. -Amber-

So, what do you think? Amy’s or Annie’s?