Bitty baby watonai Ametrine joined the big kids in the main tank :D You can’t see it here because of the perspective, but she’s only about 1/3 the size of the rest.

Watonai are a breed with a long body like a single tailed goldfish, but with a flowy double tail like a fancy. Best of both worlds in my book! This little lady came from Raingarden, look at that lovely lemon yellow

She’s named after the crystal ametrine, which is a naturally occurring mix of citrine and amethyst, both types of quartz


And you see that little white goldfish. That’s a Watonai goldfish. I spent months going to local fish stores looking for that specific variety until one day I found him!!! I was beyond excited and no one understood why but it was because that variety is kinda rare and super expensive!! I paid 5 bucks for him.  The last one in the picture ( the one with the red on the top of it’s head), that’s a Wakin goldfish. Also pretty rare, it took me forever to find one as well. XD