Girlfriend & Muse

Kim Kerrigan/Moon/McLagan  [Maryse Elizabeth Patricia Kerrigan; 30.12.48-08.02.06]

“Up until the mid-‘60s, teenage girls used to wear little versions of their mum’s clothes - awkward heels, twin sets, and conservative dresses, but thanks to designers like Mary Quant, suddenly girls were liberated and could wear all sorts of great fashions. I wore white go-go boots, I had flipped-up hair like model Pattie Boyd, and I had these wonderful new clothes that weren’t high fashion, they were clothes for playing in.”

“She is a flower and a dream, and finally the angel she always was. […] She said, 'You get what you give’ and as always she’s absolutely right. Kim is an angel, finally.” - Ian McLagan.