I’m not a writer.
Just because I say things
in an oddly different way,
doesn’t mean I’m one.
Just because I say,
“You are the sun
that brightens up my day,”
doesn’t mean it’s not the same as,
“You make me happy.”
I’m just good at not saying
things straight-out, that’s all.

We Are The Hunted Apparel - Store Opens 2012.

Our blog is still under construction : banner will be up soon :)

By the time the new years rolls round we’ll hopefully have some fresh tshirts for you to spend your christmas money on ;) 

We’re currently looking into :

Unisex Tees
Girls Tubes
Long body tops and tubes
Lanyards and bags 

Designs are being finalized and printed ASAP and we’re taking a trip to the printing company soon :) 

Watch this space!