I’m not a writer.
Just because I say things
in an oddly different way,
doesn’t mean I’m one.
Just because I say,
“You are the sun
that brightens up my day,”
doesn’t mean it’s not the same as,
“You make me happy.”
I’m just good at not saying
things straight-out, that’s all.

We Are The Hunted Apparel - Store Opens 2012.

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By the time the new years rolls round we’ll hopefully have some fresh tshirts for you to spend your christmas money on ;) 

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Watch this space! 




Ultron and Wanda Maximoff

There is something strange that I noticed in age of Ultron movie…
In fact I found this theory called :

How are Ultron and the Twins involved?

Are we going down the story arc where Ultron gains consciousness because of Wanda and ultimately falls in love with her? If so, is that why Quicksilver is giving him the stink eye? Please let Quicksilver be over-protective of this sentient AI trying to bang his sister. Also, what is that rubble they’re standing in?

Read more at : http://www.hitfix.com/galleries/9-things-you-definitely-didnt-notice-in-the-avengers-age-of-ultron-trailer#9erC0RIlDj2LSQst.99

It seems that the two indeed at beginning were linked by well over an alliance.
I do not think one thing wrong in fact there are some basics that I noticed :
Wanda Maximoff allows Stark to take the scepter of Loki aware that something would be created from it, just through Stark, in fact she had seen / expected the birth of Ultron. Ultron knows and is grateful for it. Ultron is interested in her state, which I haven’t  seen him do with any of the other characters.

When she tells him what is success before experiments
Ultron is sad (pain seems real and not a fake)
Quicksilver does much to shield between the two, and become overprotective.
At the end when they’re on the platform in the air, Ultron despite everything is still worry for her and he say: “Wanda you will die if you stay…”
but Wanda is so furious for the death of his brother and ripping the heart saying: “I’m already dead!”

Ultron asks her : please don’t do this, in every scene with her his eyes are always soften.

She disobeys. But his eyes are tears, she is going to cry?