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aa i'm sorry to bother you, but i was wondering how you change the skin tone on your models. I'm trying to make a model with tan skin, sorta like your merlinite's skin tone, but i can't figure out how to edit the skin textures properly. do you have any tips?

hoWDY IZ NO PRBLEM here ya go its a long post so i put it below the afficher davantage woo i’m also a noob at editing textures but i hop this helps my duUuduuduue

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The truth is I don’t know
what love should feel like.
Each day I wake and stare
and think, ‘yep, this is it; this is love.’
Then you move. You sigh.
A smile dances across your red lips,
a butterfly lands on your eyelids
to fall asleep and
I know I’m wrong.
Maybe I’ll never know the answer.
Maybe I’m not supposed to.
Maybe I’ll keep falling, keep flying,
expecting to hit the bottom, or the sky,
but never realizing
it’s endless. You’re endless.
—  ElzaroEndless (28th February 2014)

last nite~ as shitty/embarrassed as I feel about it, everyone seemed to have a good time and I had a pretty good time so who really gives a fuck if everyone was actin’ a fool.

we’ve all been there

PS Guillermo is beautiful c:

Geez… woke up in the middle of the night, grabbed my phone to check the time but instead found that it was burning hot (115+ degrees, apparently). Definitely not ok. Oh, and now it’s having difficulty charging. Whyyyy

My phone is no more, it’s reaching its end. Too many problems with it, and ofc the battery is the last thing to give out. RIP g2x 2010-2013. Lol.

Sucks though, I kinda thought I’d have this phone longer than just three years.