watery tomato sauce

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Why are you ordering Dominos? You live in a city that has real pizza.

Yeah, real shitty, unreliable pizza :P

Most Chicago pizza is either deep dish, which is just a giant overpriced chunk of half-melted cheese in a pie crust, or thin crust, which is watery tomato sauce on a cracker. Any given pizza place will, at least half the time, deliver you a pizza that is not cooked in the middle, or is burned. Chicago pizza is almost uniformly terrible. 

I have theories about why, but they mostly boil down to the fact that a lot of urban centers have tons of bad pizza because making good pizza is actually quite difficult. Chicago just gets around that by having an undeserved reputation for good pizza.  

I don’t actually order Domino’s all that much, but at least when I do I know that I’ll get a properly cooked pizza that doesn’t taste like the scrapings off the bottom of the oven after a better pizza was just cooked in it. Plus if I’m eating shitty pizza from Domino’s or Sarpino’s at least I’m only paying shitty pizza prices for it. 


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In The Fiery Cross (I think), Bree says that she thinks that she could make a pizza in the 18th century, so what about a Drabble of a pizza night on the ridge

Brianna set the mass down on the table.

The dough had risen more than normal pizza dough, which might have been fine if it hadn’t also risen unevenly. The oblong pizza—a shape the oven could accommodate—had large hills and several valleys where the watery tomato sauce settled. Chunky islands of goat’s cheese floated in them while the cheese atop the peaks had burnt.

“That… doesna look like pizza,” Jem remarked quietly.

“Well, it looks and smells better than it sounded when ye described it,” Jamie said cutting a piece with enthusiasm that brought a smile to Brianna’s face.