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Cancer Risings 🌙

All Cancer Risings were born with a glitering emotional compass made of sea-foam, and they use it to guide every step they take in this world. They feel their individuality through their ability to be loving and sensitive, mothering the whole world.

Those with Cancer on the Ascendant see the world through gleaming water lenses. Their emotions are on top of everything, and these emotions are used to measure all events and interactions between the self and the rest of the world.

Cancer and Taurus Risings are both considered passive or of yin polarity, but because Cancer Risings have cardinal water on their first house, they demonstrate their sensitivity outwardly: they are worried about bringing affection and emotional security to people around them. Taurus Risings, on the other hand, are worried about receiving or building these things for themselves, for they are the manifestation of fixed earth.

Cancer Risings are constantly managing water strings with their fingers, so it is very easy to manipulate other people through their feelings. They understand the mysterious ebb and flow of the emotional realm and may take advantage (even without intention) of those who do not have understanding of this subtle dimension. Good or evil (or both), Cancer Risings seem to have their loving ones surrounded by pools of twinkling blue water, where everything is under their tender control.

Even at first glance, they display a will to take care of the other that is independent from social status or any potential profits. This is because it is their instinct to nurture and to look after the world. When interacting with Cancer Risings, people instantly feel protected and safe.

Blessed by the gentle silver light of the Moon, those with Cancer on the Ascendant are generally felt by others as tranquil, calm and cozy, but such characteristics vary greatly depending of the conditions and position of the Moon in the natal chart:

Moon/1st house: a water spirit stands on the top of a waterfall, looking down; their feelings are reflected on the disturbances of the water down below. This is someone who is probably popular and has lots of restless emotional energy. Their feelings are troubled, changing radically over small amounts of time. There is a need to actively act upon the world and change things according to one’s emotions. This Moon is competitive and loves to lead and command over others’ emotional matters. Watery feelings stir and are a fiery source of will.

Moon/2nd house: a parent cleans their home while everyone is away, making a list of what is lacking or missing for the family. This is someone who can be stubborn but excels at managing material affairs related to the home, for this is how they achieve emotional security: through material comfort. Projects and changes are approached carefully and rather slowly; everything depends on feeling secure and dominant.

Moon/3rd house: a delighted water fairy jumps around on lily pads, talking excitedly to their animal acquaintances. This is someone drawn to nurture through talking and helping and is very interested in other people’s minds and affairs. This Moon feels great doing many things at a time and being in contact with a lot of different people.

Moon/4th house: a skilled swimmer sits calmy at the very bottom of a deep swimming pool, looking up to the surface that is twisting with light. This Moon is empowered. Probably a good cook, this is someone who is in search of emotional security and stability through its own enormous ability to feel. This is someone who is vigilant and focused in protecting one’s home and loved ones. In situations of peril, sadness or deception, this person is able to demonstrate colossal amounts of emotional energy. A massive tidal wave rising from the horizon.

Moon/5th house: a beautiful merperson sings under the moonlight between rocks; sea spirits materialize; the water sparkles. This is someone ready to be at the center of things, on the spotlight. Gorgeous emotions are well-expressed through art or through pareting. This Moon is great at analyzing other people’s feelings and giving love and affection.

Moon/6th house: a fisher looks up to the nightsky and considers surging tides on the horizon. This is someone who is methodical and excels at evaluating people’s emotions and expectations. This Moon is private and doesn’t really feel the need to express their emotions outwardly. Security is found through knowledge and being useful. Great advices are given by this Moon.

Moon/7th house: a water enchanter contemplates a watery reflection upon a dissolving silver mirror; the person on the mirror is not them. This is someone whose feelings and emotions vary greatly depending on one’s interactions with others. Being in touch with people is essential. Security comes through external approval. This is someone who has a hard time dealing with their own emotions if their dealing with it alone. Others have the impression this Moon is secure and stable. Partnerships are an important point in one’s life.

Moon/8th house: a water sprite lives in the very depths of a black cold lake; the surface is covered in thick sheets of glittering ice. This is someone who is very private about their own feelings, but is constantly trying to better understand them. There is a need to transcend one’s own emotions, specially those connected to relationships. This Moon may be constantly called to tend to other people’s affairs and material matters. This is someone who is considered responsible and confident when dealing with money or property.

Moon/9th house: an ancient spirit of the Atlantic ocean prays quietly at the center of a sunken cathedral; golden arrows pierce the shadows around. People see this person as a lighthouse, a reference in religious or philosophical matters. Security is achieved through guiding other people through these subtle subjects and distributing knowledge.

Moon/10th house: a skillful architect considers the structure of the dam they’ve planned on building; the enormous body of water dancing under the sun seems overwhelming. This is someone who is probably popular and has a need to control and hold one’s emotions, which are made public all the time. Other people see this person as loyal, sincere and responsible. This is someone with great energy to get to one’s objectives.

Moon/11th house: a compassionate noble considers their kneeling subjects kindly; they know exactly what to do. This is someone who excels at dealing with the needs of groups of people and charms the crowds because of their interest in others’ troubles and anxieties. This Moon is also good at solving other people’s problems through effective communication. Security is achieved through materializing other people’s dreams.

Moon/12th house: a water elf kneels by a small blue lake, quietly receiving the blessings of the Moon before parting on a journey; fish dance calmly in the rippling water. This is someone who is very private but very in touch with one’s emotions. The world is felt and internalized in an unique manner. Other people’s feelings are absorbed and interpreted easily. Other people see this person as confused and hard to understand. This Moon is great at seeing the truth behind people’s motives, but hardly reacts aggressively, even if these motives have an “evil” tone to it. Security is achieved through deep understanding other people’s will and objectives.

ships in the night. (m)

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Anonymous Requested: a fluffy, romantic, appreciative Namjoon smut

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 6,252

Description: In your relationship somewhere along the line, the two of you started unknowingly passing each other by; something akin to two ships in the night.

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The contact photo of his dimpled grin illuminated your phone screen just as you walked through the front door, making a goofy smile spread across your face. You set down the dinner and movie that you’d picked up on your way home from work, before sliding your thumb across the screen to answer his call.

“Hey babe.” You chirp, as you try to control the excitement in your voice.

“Hey…” The word comes out slow and somewhat hesitant, making you knit your eyebrows together.

“Is…  something wrong?” You ask questioningly. You wait a few moments and there’s still no answer, making a worry bubble up inside of your chest.

“Namjoon what’s—” You try to ask again, but you don’t get to finish before he interjects.

“I’m not going to be able to make it home tonight.”

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I think a challenge (at least for some) is mastering the expression of our Moon energies, of being devoted and respectful of it. Because it feels like, at least to me, if we allow our emotional nature to flourish in freedom, then we can change our perspective towards many other things.

If you are watery and feel things very strongly, allow yourself to do just that.

If you are fiery and just want to let things burst right out, then do just that.

If you are airy and you want to contemplate and drift off, then go for it.

If you are Earthy an want to channel your emotional reactions, then please do.

Understanding this part of yourself cannot be underestimated in importance.

Feelings, emotions, thoughts and fears
sometimes serene like the calm water
Sometimes plunging like a waterfall
Sometimes raging like the stormy sea
Sometimes it all comes crashing down
Engulfing you like a tsunami
Wiping out anything and everything
Causing havoc in its wake
That moment when realization hits you
Inflicting more wounds
To your already broken being
That sends you to your watery grave
Dug up by your own twisted mind.
—  ЯR
Moon in Virgo 🌿

Even though Virgo’s a realm of earth, much like her beloved Taurus, the Moon enters this kingdom very carefully. Here is a place of magnificent gardens and parks where trees, plants, animals and all nature organize themselves in fantastic patterns, but the Moon here feels as if she were being watched no matter what she does.

Wearing Mercury’s crown again like she did in Gemini, the Moon in Virgo symbolizes an emotional structure that is based upon a more solid, organized and systematized mental formation. The Moon’s feelings and watery impulses are constantly being analyzed and questioned by Virgo’s classifying nature. One’s and other people’s emotions are always being observed and examined by Mercury’s interrogating eyes. There’s a need to discover the origins of feelings in general, and one’s emotions are often criticized.

Those with Moon in Virgo generally feel the need to maintain order in their emotional realm. And because they tend to despise imbalance, they will try to infuse their emotions with rationality and vice-versa. It is important for them to keep all aspects of their life well organized and balanced, especially at home, for keeping things this way provides them emotional security. They love being taken into other people’s service, healing others physically and also putting their rational abilities to use. Moreover, their skill of absorbing knowledge and learning new information is tied to their feelings, so Virgo Moons may learn better when they feel some kind of emotional connection or application to what they’re being taught. Crowned with sharp and intellectual jewels, this Moon nurtures those around her with her ability to inform, search, judge and see through the material aspect of things.

Here, the Moon’s emotions become practical, for Virgo finds little use for feelings that cannot be expressed into one’s daily life in an useful way. In an eternal quest for finding perfection, many Virgo Moons have trouble integrating their emotions and accepting them, for many feelings may not fit into their standards. Some emotions are then carefully locked away from other people’s sight in a lonely tower of their minds, surrounded by poison ivy and pretty rose gardens only they have the keys to.

Virgo Moon individuals probably had very present maternal figures that were helpful and resourceful, teaching the child organization and discipline. The maternal figure may have also projected too much expectations on the child, setting high standards for their achievements, which now may manifest as perfectionism and maybe some intolerance. The home was probably filled with foods and daily habits centered around health.

These individuals were blessed with Mercury’s care for little and subtle details, and it is probable that Virgo Moons will find their emotional security when they value such simple things. Taking care of one’s health, eating whole foods, cleaning one’s house, scheduling appointments, exercising, noticing the sure growth of a plant, the blossoming of a flower, the songs of the flying birds, the slow and heavy turning of the world… All natural and small things are essential to this Moon’s well-being, as well as transmitting these feelings to other people through being useful; helping people see the world as it is.

Can you feel nature’s calming breeze on your skin? … Isn’t it simple and perfect?

♢Between the Seams (1)

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(( Time Travel AU ))  

(A/N): I’ve never been so excited to start a series in my life. I hope everyone enjoys reading as much as I had fun writing this! Heads up though, I have no idea how I’m gonna end this. Just get ready for a lot of emotional pain. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Jimin 

Genre: Expect lots of angst and smut, if I dare

Trigger Warnings: (For now) Strong language, very suggestive themes. 

Word Count: 4058

Description: ‘Travellers’ are a rarity in this world, and so are the two men you treasure the most; your best friend, Jeon Jungkook and boyfriend, Park Jimin. They are the constant in your life that you’re never ungrateful for and you’ve never felt happier with both of them always by your side. 

But everything as you know it changes entirely the day the universe decides to gift with you a nasty surprise, and for the first time in a long while, the future scares you. Your life gradually falls apart in front of your eyes, and there’s nothing you can do to keep it from crumbling away altogether.

Or is there?

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Imagine Harry Takes Care of You When You’re Drunk

You didn’t want to come to the wedding, you weren’t going to RSVP at all. You hadn’t talked to your cousin in ages, it almost seemed awkward to tell them you were going; but of course, your parents told you that it would be very rude of you not to go, and Harry agreed. He was giving you shit for not wanting to go, so you made him go with you, which he obviously didn’t mind at all. If it meant he got to dress up in a suit, and look at you in a pretty dress, then it was okay with him. He cleared his schedule and everything so he would be able to go with you. You thought it was sweet, while only being a little bit annoyed with the fact that you still have to go.

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EXO reacting to you feeling homesick

Suho: He’d notice you being emotional while looking at other families. You missed your family and friends so much so he decided to buy 2 flight tickets to go visit them. You smiled brightly and shed some tears when he told u the news, then he hugged you and filled your face with kisses before you started packing your stuff.

(You’re Chen)

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Xiumin: It was your friday night at a cafe you both really liked. You had been really quiet lately and Xiumin was a bit worried so he decided to ask you what was going on. You just felt your yes feeling watery and told him how much you missed your family. He held your hands and kissed them. He knew what it felt to be away from your family. “What do you say if we go visit them? ” Your face lit up at his words and you threw yourself at him and kissed his forehead while holding his face in your hands “So that’s a yes? haha, good I will book the flight once we get home”

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Baekhyun: “Jagi you’ve been really quiet…you okay?” He asked you while you were watching the new season of your favorite series on Netflix and eating some chocolates “yeah I’m ok” you replied in a very plain way which got him a bit confused. For a moment he thought you were on your period but he discarded it that night he heard you talking on the phone with your brother and heard you said you missed mom and your dog.  He then called your family and bought flight tickets for them to visit you. He even prepared a surprise party for you. Least to say it was the best thing your boyfriend could have ever done for you. After all he loved to see you smiling.

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Chanyeol: He kept seeing you sulking around the apartment and whenever you skyped your mom he noticed you would hold the urge to cry because you missed her and the rest of your family so much. Chanyeol hurt as much as you did, that was how your relationship worked. One day he told you to come with him to the SM cafe. When you two got there you saw your mom sitting by the windows drinking a cappuccino. You ran towards her and hugged her while some tears fell down your cheeks. Chanyeol hugged both of you with the brightest smile and then proceeded to have a really long chat about how your life had been so far. Your mom ended up loving your boyfriend and your love for him grew even more.

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Chen: He’d been working so much lately for EXO’s comeback and also promoting the subunit CBX. He was lying down at your bed when he noticed your eyes were swollen. He figured you had been crying so he sat up and hugged you. He asked you why you cried but you denied it, and of course Chen didn’t believe you so he tickled you until you finally told him that you wanted to see your parents because you missed them so much “I see…Well you don’t have to worry because they’re on their way here” You looked at him confused and he just laughed “Happy birthday jagi~!” That is true it was your birthday in two more days so Chen thought that having your family celebrating your birthday with you was a great idea. You threw yourself at him and didn’t stop hugging and kissing him the entire night.

(you’re Baekhyun)

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Lay: You saw your boyfriend working hard for his first full album so you thought that telling him about your worries was something that he shouldn’t be taking care of right now. But, Lay knew something was wrong with you when your reactions while he showed you the new songs he composed were not as extra as they used to be. Where was the fangirling? he wondered. One day he saw you were sleeping at the studio and your laptop was on the coffee table in front of you. Lay got closer to you and caressed your hair, suddenly a tear rolled down your cheek. He got a little bit alarmed then looked at your computer screen and saw the screensaver was a slideshow of some family pictures. He felt so sad you had not seen your family for almost a year. Without hesitation he called his manager “Hi, do you know when the next flight to (your country) is?” he turned to look back at you smiling “This saturday? great, can you get me 2 tickets please? one for me and one for Y/N” This was gonna be the best 2 week vacation you will ever have.

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D.O: Kyungsoo knew how hard it was for you to be away from home. You were always a very family oriented person and recently you had been talking a lot about how much you wished your family could get to know South Korea. The next thing you knew was that you were waiting at the airport with D.O by your side. He was holding a bouquet of roses while he held your hand and waited for the arrival of your parents. You were sure your parents were gonna love him as much as you did.

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Kai: You went with Jongin to see him practice for their comeback. he was really working hard. One specific day you told him you didn’t want to go, which got him a little bit sad. He practiced that day alone with Sehun and Lay. Both of them told him that they noticed how you were kind of zoned out lately so he got worried and as soon as they finished practicing he hurried home and asked you what was going on. He started to wonder if it was just him being too busy for their comeback that he couldn’t spend much time with you like he did before. After you told him it wasn’t that you said it was because you really wanted to see your grandmother and the rest of your family. It was not until a few days later someone knocked on the door and as soon as you opened you saw your grandma and your parents standing at the door. While you hugged and kissed everybody Kai stared at you in the most lovingly way possible. Your mother went to hug him and thanked him for everything.

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Sehun: You were facetiming with your dad when Sehun arrived home after practice. You told your dad you missed him and your mom a lot. He wished he could go see you soon but the flights were really expensive and also things got worse at his workplace. Sehun heard the conversation and he came up with an idea. You were about to hang up when Sehun took your phone from your hands out of nowhere “Hi sir! I just wanted to let you know that I already booked your flight so you can come spend Christmas eve with us and meet my family also” Your dad and you both were freaking out and smiling like crazy, you even asked him how much you owed him for the flight “It’s nothing jagi~ your love and support will always be more valuable than anything else” then he spent the entire time thinking about how he was going to introduce himself to your parents.

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It took me all day to write this cuz my mom never let me sit down lmao

Hope you guys like it! and don’t forget to request by messaging my personal tumblr @oohlaulock

Moon in Cancer 🌊

The Moon has her own kingdom, Cancer, and there’s nowhere else she can call home. A gorgeous city built on silver and partially immersed in the sea; among statues and monuments of long forgotten families, translucent water pours everywhere abundantly.

The Cancer Moon individual is highly sensitive, and their emotional state changes abruptly according to the phases of the transiting Moon. The emotional structure is partially immersed in water, and so is profoundly receptive to surrounding energies and events, such as the contacts the Moon receives in her monthly waltz through the Zodiac. In a single month, the Moon is able to contact every astrological planet and point in multiple ways, always receiving other planets’ energies and reflecting them to us. This is the perfect symbolism of how a Cancer Moon’s emotions can fluctuate over time.

The Moon’s energy, Cancer, is one of protective love and emotional security. Cancer Moon individuals excel in taking care and nurturing others, distributing love and affection as if these watery feelings overflowed from their hearts, pouring tenderly around them into twinkling water pools.

This is an individual who can be much attached to their mother or maternal figure, who was probably a very tender and nurturing presence, maybe super protecting the child and fulfilling all their needs. The Cancer Moon individual tries to re-enact their experience as a child becoming a maternal figure in their adult life, taking care of people, listening to their troubles and helping in any way they can. So much watery power is able to heal and protect others in apparently subtle but strong ways, sure as the tides.

Combining receptivity from both Cancer and the Moon, those with the Moon in Cancer are intuitive and should be in touch with their maternal instincts, which may prove themselves helpful in times of need. Understanding other people’s feelings and emotional conditions is a natural ability, producing a strong sense of empathy. Cancer Moon people also have strong attachments to their emotional memories, to their origins and to their families, maybe to the point of being dependable or stuck in the past if these energies are unbalanced. They can still hear the song of the sea from which they were born.

Cancer is an archetype that teaches security through insecurity. After all, Cancer is a cardinal sign; its purpose is to initiate and install the seed of change and transformation. However, moving forward into the future can be hard for a sign so deeply connected to the past. An unbalanced Cancer energy is also one that needs other people’s constant approval to act in the best way that they can, as if insecurity impaired their ability to produce affection and care for others. They’re ultimately afraid of exposing the Crab’s tender insides and being hurt. 

The Cancer Moon’s ultimate purpose involves repetitive crisis of loss and abandonment through Scorpio and realizing, through Pisces, that love and security should be found within one’s own emotional self. Illuminating the dark sky with silver cardinal energy, Cancer Moons should be able to feel secure within their own selves, expanding their protective energy outwards after drowning feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. They must acknowledge the immense watery power they’ve been blessed with. They’ve got the potential to be extremely persistent, moving forward despite their emotional suffering, for there is always another wave to come.

The Cancer Moon individual comes from a celestial palace, an aqueous marble shelter abundant in food and warmth, where friends and family will always find themselves surrounded by the holy protection of the sea.

thanks for sharing! i hope it helps.

anonymous asked:

Jack is wretchedly sick and Bitty is taking care of him. (Not hospital sick, but still total feverish misery.)

Jack doesn’t really get sick.  Years of spending hours a day in ice rinks have left him all but immune to the effects of the cold, he takes multivitamins religiously, eats well, sleeps consistently, and keeps up with his doctor’s appointments.  He’s the picture of physical health, and he’s gotten quite used to it.  

Jack doesn’t really get sick.  

But when he does, he gets really sick.

Like, truly, pathetically, bed-ridden sick.  In fact, the incident that cemented his friendship with Lardo came when they were the only two crashing at the Haus for spring break Sophomore year, and he came down with a late flu so badly that he couldn’t keep himself steady on his feet.  For the worst couple days of it, he was so weak she had to help him to the bathroom to pee.  They never spoke of it to the guys, but by the time everyone came back, they were ride or die.

And Jack hadn’t been sick again before graduation.  As he kicked into high gear preparing himself to enter the NHL, he was even more obsessively healthy, and with Bitty holding the Haus to a higher standard of cleanliness, there were fewer germs flying around than ever before.  The only thing that could’ve sabotaged him was the “awful green couch that probably had smallpox in it, good lord”, but even that, he’d built up an immunity to.  But being in a totally new city, in a new apartment, and surrounded by all new people - some of which had very tiny children - was enough to do him in.  And when Providence flu season rolled around, there was no vaccine or vitamin supplement that could save him.

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come back to me

Shiro and Keith are tortured. They don’t expect to come face to face with the people they care about most. | @voltronwhumpweek2017 ♡  | Shiro, Keith, Lance, Matt, Lotor | Ao3 link

“You should both be familiar with these, I think,” says Lotor, his voice light and vaguely curious. “I hear the Blade of Marmora use the same technology.”

From the corner of his eye, Keith sees Shiro stir, slowly sit up. They’re both in suits of blue and grey, strangely similar to Lotor’s own.

“Of course, my suits are slightly different,” Lotor continues, he leans leisurely up against the wall. “And far more useful, obviously.”

“Useful for what?” Keith snaps, ignores a firm glance from Shiro.

Don’t engage him.

“For me,” Lotor says calmly, his smile uneasily genuine. “For finding out who you really are.”

Lotor’s eyes don’t leave Keith’s as he gently closes the door, their pale yellow glow stays with him long after the room goes dark.

They’re no longer alone.

“Matt?” Shiro whispers, and a tall, auburn-haired youth stares back at him, his eyes shy and his smile trembling.

“Are you okay?” Matt asks softly, he comes and kneels beside Shiro, close enough to touch. “Did the plan work?”

Shiro nods, his lips have parted as he chokes out a breath, his eyes are watery bright. Keith feels a cold sense of dread welling in his chest.

“Where are you, Matt?” Shiro rasps, tries to reach for him. “What happened, where are they keeping you, I swear, I’ll-”

But Matt is shaking his head, the vision is fading.

“Don’t come,” he whispers, there’s relief in his voice as his face goes blurry dark. “I knew one of us would make it…”

Shiro lunges, makes a horrible, wrenching sound as his arms pass through Matt’s uniform. Matt smiles, sad.

“…I’m just so glad it was you.”

Shiro collapses to his knees, his chest heaving as he hisses a breath through his teeth. A tear catches the line of his jaw as it falls, his mouth grimaced and fists clenched, Keith scrambles to hold him as Matt disappears.

“It’s not real!” Keith yells, seeing Shiro cry strikes something hot and aching through his lungs. “Matt’s going to be fine! We’re going to get out of this and find him, okay? You hear me? The only people here are you and me!”

“Ouch, that’s a bit harsh,” says Lance, and Keith spins around, his mouth crumples as his throat goes tight.

“Hey, hey, I’m just being an idiot,” Lance says gently, and Keith shakes his head, eyebrows scrunching with hope. “I’m just glad I get to see you again. I’m… emotional.”

“No, it was funny,” Keith says huskily. It’s the stupidest thing, but Keith suddenly wishes he had laughed at more of Lance’s jokes.

He always did find them funny.

He always missed them when Lance wasn’t around…

“Yeah?” murmurs Lance, surprised, something strangely vulnerable crosses his eyes.

“…tron,” Keith says under his breath, his whole world is splintering and he fights to hang on. “When you say Volt, I say…”

“Uughh, Keith…” Lance finishes, he blinks and gives a leaky sniffle as his image starts to wane. “What a time to make me want to hug you and never let go.”

“Lance, wait!” Keith blurts, but Lance has slipped away, he’s left shouting at the dark.

“Keith,” whispers Shiro, he’s drained and injured but he reaches for Keith’s hand, pulls Keith against his chest as Keith sobs. “Shhh-hh, I’m here. I’m getting us out of this, okay? Come back to me, easy, that’s it…”

Shiro’s trembling just as badly, he pats Keith’s back as the smaller paladin coughs into his shoulder.

“I’m letting you down,” Keith manages, distraught. “I’m trying to focus, and all I keep seeing is…”

Lance?” says Shiro, his voice low and wary. Keith twists around, startled, in front of them Lance has reappeared, this time he looks determined. Beside him is…

“…Matt…” whispers Keith, and Matt strides forward, offers his hand to pull Keith up.

When their palms clasp, Matt’s grip is strong and firm.

“You don’t have long,” Lance says hurriedly, and he presses his hand to the panel at the edge of the chamber. The door disengages, an empty passageway outside.

“How are you doing this?” Keith croaks, Lance is moving to help Shiro as Matt quickly guides Keith to the door.

“I’m not,” Lance says softly, he steadies Shiro as he stumbles. “You are.”

They run, footsteps pounding toward the upper deck,  Shiro’s jaw is gritted and Keith’s eyes dark and fierce.

“Shall we let them go?” says Ezor, perched cheerily in Lotor’s chamber as the other Generals watch in silence. “Are they more interesting than we thought?”

Lotor gently raises a hand. Zethrid sits back down, disappointed.

“Yes,” says Lotor, tips his head to one side as the paladins reach an escape craft. “And yes…”

Shiro shifts the Galra ship to accelerate, Keith charges up the weapons.

Now!” shouts Lance, he dives for a sentry taking aim, flickers and dissolves.

Go!” yells Matt, he hits the exit hatch, meets Shiro’s eyes and nods, fades.

Lotor smiles.


Tate Comforting You After the Ghosts Are Rude (Request)

Warnings: cursing, name calling

Slut. Whore. Crazy. Freak.
The words echoed around in your head, causing you to press your hands against your temples to get them to stop. You wish that they would leave you alone. You just wanted to be with Tate, that’s all.
“Hey…shit, Y/N, what’s wrong?” Tate sat next to you on the bed, immediately wrapping you in his arms. “Hey, what happened? Who did this to you? Was it them again? The others?” You didn’t see his expression turn angry but you didn’t need to. You could hear it in his tone. You nodded a little, turning to him and burying your face into his chest and inhaling deeply. “I’ll kill them. Or do something. I’ll make them pay for hurting you.” You shook your head, balling up his shirt in your hands.
“Don’t…it’s alright…just stay with me. Please?” You looked up at him, eyes watery, and Tate could feel his heart melt. He nodded.
“Of course, baby. Lay down.” His voice was gentler this time as he lightly pushed you down, spooning you from behind. Tate buried his face into your neck and pressed light kisses as his hand rubbed circles into your hip bone. “I love you.” He murmured against your warm S/C skin.
“I love you too, Tate.”

Castle On the Hill

Title: Castle on the Hill

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Word Count: 3,038

Theme song: Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran

Request: Hiii Kazzy! I love your blog and I’ve noticed that you like Ed Sheeran (I love him too) and he released Castle On The Hill today and he’s given so many feels so I was wondering whether you’d be interested in doing a dean/reader based on it with them ending up together? I’d love to see what you’d be able to do with that but only if you want to. If not, just know you’re an amazing and your Riptide, Stolen Dance and Red String Of Fate series have changed me forever <3 <3


Your name: submit What is this?


Dean is nine years old and he’s home. Or at least as close to home as he has these days, and running wild along the very top of the hill that looks down over to his Uncle Bobby’s house.

“Dean, slow down!” Sam yells from somewhere behind him, still running up the other side of it.

“I can’t slow down, I’m a ghost, Sammy! You gotta catch me!”

“Uncle Bobby just yelled for us! Dad’s back! I’ll race you home!”

Dean turns his head to look toward his brother’s voice, but he doesn’t slow his brand-new-tennis-shoed feet.

“No, Sam, come on. We just started—“ his words are lost, though, as the tip of his sneaker hits a rock and down he goes, falling to his knees on the edge of the hill where gravity takes over completely. He tumbles down the side of it, his small body picking up enough speed that the hands he has thrown out in front of him do little to slow his descent, and he comes unceremoniously to a skidding stop in the dirt at the bottom in a small cloud of dust that fills his nostrils.

“Wow. I’ve never seen anyone do that on accident before.”

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alright but ned holding peter after spidey has a nightmare/flashback es my vidaaaaaa ❤️

fast forward to post infinity war. peter has really bad ptsd now, he already did before but almost dying in space at the hands of a purple madman has a tendency to amplify the bad things inside your head.

since then, he finds himself sleeping next to others a lot. he asks may to sleep by him, she calms him down when he wakes up screaming in the middle of the night. mj sleeps over a lot more now too. he hasn’t asked ned to sleep over yet. for some reason he wants ned to be ignorant to how broken he has become. he’s not quite sure why, perhaps it’s some toxic masculinity that he needs to work on.

but one night he has no choice. may is out on a date, spending the night at her girlfriend’s house. he likes that may is putting herself out there, he doesn’t wanna call her and ask her to come home. and it’s nearly four in the morning, he’s not gonna call mj and wake her up. he lays in bed, hyperventilating, sweat pouring out of his skin. when he closes his eyes he can see tony looking over him. death and destruction all around him. he knows that if he doesn’t calm down soon he’ll see it even when his eyes are open, he needs to calm down before that happens.

he swallows what resolve he had left and calls ned. the phone feels like it rings for hours.

“hello?” ned says, very alert. ned is always up late, especially on friday nights. he can hear a video game in the background.

“come over,” peter whispers, voice shaking.

the video game pauses, and he can tell that ned is taking him off speaker.

“dude, are you okay? you sound -”

“just please come over, ned,” his voice breaks and goes watery, he feels like he’s choking on the air in his lungs.

“yeah, okay. okay, i’ll be right over.”

“please be safe,” peter groans, but ned has already hung up.

he gets up and goes to unlock the apartment door, and then sits on the ground next to it. he feels like if he tries to walk back to his room he could pass out. this episode is worse than the others he’s had. he feels like he can see the stars of space shining around him. corpses floating in the darkness. he buries his face into his knees and begins to cry as he waits for ned.

after about 27 minutes (not that peter was counting), the door opens. it startled him and he lets out a choked sob, and ned drops down to peter and immediately begins to soothe him.

“pete, what happened?? are you hurt?? where’s may?????”

peter takes a few deep breaths, trying to even his breathing. but it isn’t working and he feels himself getting lightheaded, tears and snot are running down his face.

“hey.” ned grabs the sides of peter’s face and puts their foreheads together. he hold’s peter’s eye contact. “breathe with me. breathe with me nice and slow. breathe with me.”

and peter tries. he struggles with it, but ned is patient. after about 10 minutes peter’s breathing evenly again, and his head feels lighter. he’s still alight with tension, but it feels slightly better.

“okay… yeah, that’s better. okay. what happened?”

“i…. i had a nightmare. i can’t get out of it. may is at her girlfriend’s house, i don’t wanna call her it’s taken her so long to be with somebody after uncle ben….. i usually call mj when may isn’t here but it’s so late, i knew you would be awake. i’m sorry ned, i’m sorry.”

ned looks at him sadly, but quickly tries to school his features to be more neutral. “how long has this been happening?”

peter looks up at him guiltily. “since the war. since that thanos guy. it happens almost every night.”

“peter..” ned says, he runs his fingers through peter’s hair and then cups peter’s face into the warmth of his palm. “peter, that was 8 months ago. this has been happening for that long?”

peter leans into his touch. he’s calming down. ned’s hands are big and warm and soft, he can feel them drawing the distress out of him. “i’m beginning to think it won’t ever really stop. i…. i just didn’t want you to think i was weak.”

ned groans. he’s frustrated, peter can tell. he wants to apologize, but he knows that ned isn’t mad at him, so he bites it back. “pete. you’re my best friend, i want to be here for you. you aren’t weak, anyone would come out of that less than okay. it’s okay to not be okay, peter.”

tears are lazily rolling down peter’s cheeks.

“i know,” he whispers.

“no you don’t.”

peter laughs, and ned smiles sadly.

“i’m trying to know that. i will eventually, i promise.”

ned slumps next to peter, and pulls him onto his lap. he hugs him close, and peter tucks his head underneath ned’s chin.

“what do you need?” ned asks, rubbing peter’s arm.

peter is quiet for a moment, thinking. he can feel the attack moving out of him, still there, but slowly being drained. waves of exhaustion are beginning to crash into him, like a tide. he feels like it could wash him away. he tries to focus on ned, how real he is. how he smells, how he feels, how he holds peter. ned is real. the nightmare wasn’t.

“can we just stay like this for awhile?”

ned’s arms tighten around him, and peter feels a rush of love. he loves ned so much.

“yeah, we can stay like this for as long as you need, peter.”

Desperate (Part 1) - Jason Todd x Reader

Anon asked: Can I request some angst with jason x reader, where they are both young, she’s a college student, but she ends up pregnant and doesnt know what to do

A/N: As I mentioned before, this is going to be long so it’s going to be divided in parts, unless you wanted to end like this. Hope you like it! If not, let me know so that I can rewrite/correct it.

Words: 1909

You and Jason had been dating for less than a year, you two first met when you were on a bar, stressed out from exams and all the stuff you had to do in college, and some random drunk dude started hitting on you. You obviously weren’t interested but the guy didn’t seem to understand that.

“She is not into you, you jackass” a stranger said holding the guy by his shirt’s collar, clearly annoyed with the situation.

“Yo bro, chill” he said calmly letting go of the stranger’s hold “Can’t you see it? She’s just playing hard to get” he giggled putting his arm on the other boy’s shoulder.

“I’d like to see things from your point of view but I can’t seem to get my head that far up my ass.” Jason commented exasperated and grabbed the guy’s arm throwing him to the ground effortlessly but was enough to knock him out. “Don’t touch me.” He whispered clenching his jaw.


From that day, you two became friends and later on, a couple.

Your sex life was pretty active but you were always sure you used protection. Well.. at least you thought you did…

You were now on a coffee shop nearby your apartment when you started feeling very dizzy. You got up but lost your balance and you fell but a man that was passing by caught you before your body could hit the ground.

“Are you alright miss?” he asked in a worried tone.

“I-“ you looked around putting your hand on your forehead “I’m fine.. It was just a sudden migraine, thank you” you smiled weakly at the stranger and continued your way to the bathroom.

You locked the door and looked at your reflection in the mirror. You looked more pale than usual and your hands were shaking. 

“I’m sick.” You murmured washing your face with cold water. “No, (Y/N) you’re not. You have exams in a week. You can’t be sick now.”

You took a deep breath trying to make the dizziness go away, but it was useless. That’s when it got worse. You felt a strange taste on your mouth and you knew exactly what that taste was: you were about to throw up. You rushed to the toilet and put your hair in a quick and messy ponytail before it started.

About 15 minutes later, you finally left the coffee shop and went home. That wasn’t normal, you barely remembered the last time you were sick. It must’ve been, what, 10 years ago? Being sick or not, you were feeling tired so you decided to get some rest before getting back to studying.You fell asleep quite quickly but your nap didn’t last long. You woke up feeling the need to throw up again. This time, a headache came with it. 

“Great” you said after cleaning your mouth and leaning against the bathroom wall. You held your head in your hands as your eyes started to get watery. 

You hated that feeling. Knowing that something was wrong. But your biggest concern was college. You needed to study.You slowly got up and went to your living room where all of your books were. You sit down and looked at them trying to get the courage to start doing something productive. You really weren’t in the mood to study, but you knew you needed to. 

As you were having a mental fight with yourself discussing whether or not you should go to bed, someone knocked on your door.You sighed not wanting to get up. You eventually did and walked to the front door and opened it.

“Hi babe” your boyfriend said smiling and leaned to give you a kiss but you stopped him making him raise an eyebrow, confused.

“Not today Todd.” You told him as he entered your place closing the door behind him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked worriedly while sitting on your couch.

“I-I think I’m sick.” you did the same.He placed his hand on your forehead checking your temperature.

“You don’t have a fever.” he informed.

“No, but my head hurts. Like, a lot.”

“It’s probably just a headache, don’t worry about it.”

“It’s not. I almost passed out earlier.”

An alarm rang on Jason’s head when he realized that something serious was going on.

“What? Have you been eating well? Did you drink enough water the past days? Maybe your jeans are too tight, I-“

“Stop right there” you interrupted him giggling slightly “No, my jeans are not too tight Jason.” You shook your head.

“Then what is it?” he crossed his arms.

“I-I honestly don’t know. But I need an aspirin.” You went to the kitchen but came back to the living room when you noticed you didn’t have any. “I ran out of aspirins.” You sighed grabbing your jacket.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Jason got up.

“Hm, the pharmacy?”

“No, you’re sick. I’ll go. You should stay here and rest.”

“I did that right before you arrived.” You rolled your eyes “Besides, I can still walk and talk, so I guess I’m pretty capable of buying a box of aspirins.”

“I don’t care. You’re staying.” He walked towards the appartment door.

“Neither do I.I’m going.” You walked out as soon as he opened it and started running outside the building.

“No-(Y/N) come back here!” he closed the door and ran after you.

You knew he was faster than you, so he would catch you in a blink, but you weren’t giving up. As expected, he reached you in a few seconds.

“(Y/N), this isn’t a game, you’re sick, you need to-“

“What? Go home, cook, clean and take care of the kids? No thanks.” You said as you started walking again.

“Wha-I-“ you laughed quietly leaving him speechless.

You both made your way to the pharmacy and when you got there, there was a big queue so you had to wait a long time. Some time later, Jason got bored and sit on one of the sofas and started going through a few magazines that were there.

“Good afternoon, what can I help you with?” a nice girl greeted you smiling.

“Hi, I will need a box of aspirins, please.” You smiled back. 

The girl turned to the shelves behind her but she couldn’t seem to find what you wanted. She excused herself and entered a room on the back of the building.

You looked at the shelves and a bright pink box caught your attention. A pregancy test. For some reason, you couldn’t stop looking at it. It was like your mind was trying to tell you something. You thought about what had happened to you earlier that day and flashbacks of a night a week before crossed your mind.The last time you had slept with your boyfriend, Jason, well, most of the night was spent doing something else than sleeping. That was it. 

“I’m pregnant.” You thought alarmed. “No, no, no. I can’t be. I-I, we-“

“Here you go.” The girl came back and handed you what you asked for. “Anything else?”

You looked at the pink box again and then at Jason, that was still paying attention to some magazine. You thought about it for a second. There was only one way to find out.

“I’ll have that pregnancy test.” You pointed whispering.The girl noticed you looked at Jason and smiled. 

“Want to make it a surprise, ah?” she gave you the box.

“Yeah, sure” you faked a laugh and payed leaving the building.

As soon as you got home, you took one of the aspirins and went to the bathroom taking the pregnancy test with you.You were more nervous than you’ve ever been. Not even exams were this nerve racking.

You took it out of the box and followed the instructions that came with it. 5 minutes, that was all the time you had till you could know the result. Those minutes seemed like long ass hours. You looked at your watch, 6 minutes had passed. You rested your head against the wall and just looked blankly to the ceiling. 7 minutes. You couldn’t wait any longer. 

You finally calmed yourself down and looked at the test in your hands: Positive. Your hands started shaking and a tear rolled down your cheek.You were pregnant. What were you going to do?! You couldn’t be pregnant. 

“Maybe it’s a mistake, maybe I did something wrong.” “Ugh shut up (Y/N). You know you didn’t. You know it’s true, you just don’t want it to be.”

You were just a college student, how could you take care of a baby? You had so much to worry about already.You started crying, trying to contain your sobs so that Jason wouldn’t hear them, but that boy had the hearing of a bat. (ah the puns)

“(Y/N)?” he called “Is everything ok?” 

You covered your mouth with your hand in an attempt to stay quiet.“Y-yes” you tried to speak but failed.

“(Y/N), are you crying?” he knocked on the bathroom door and tried to open it, but it was locked. “(Y/N) open the door.” 

You couldn’t stop crying, this time, you didn’t care if he heard you or not, he would end up knowing anyways. You got up and unlocked the door going back to your previous position on the floor. Jason entered the bathroom and kneeled next to you, a concerned look on his face.

“Babe, talk to me” he spoke in a calm voice trying to calm you down and hugged you when he noticed it wasn’t working.

“The-The s-sink.” You whispered.

He frowned looking at you as if your face had the answers to his questions. He then got up and looked at the sink. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped as soon as he saw the pregnancy test. His back was facing you so you couldn’t see his expression and that only made you stress more.

“J-Jay?” His fists clenched the sink hard and he wasn’t moving at all. As he wasn’t answering you, you walked to him placing your hand on his shoulder. He stood quiet and still, still looking at the test.

“I-“ he started “Is it mine?” he questioned coldly as he turned to face you.It was like someone had stabbed you in the heart.

“Of course it’s yours! Wha-“ tears kept streaming down your face “We’re dating Jay.. Who else could be the father?” you tried not to storm at him, that would not help at all. You were pretty hurt though. Your boyfriend just asked you if the baby was his, that’s not something you can digest easily.

“I-You’re right, I’m sorry. I-I just don’t.. know what to think.” He looked at the mirror and you saw his eyes more shinny than usual: he was about to cry.

“Me neither.” You sit on the toilet staring at your feet. “I have college, exams are next week, I-“ you couldn’t finish your sentence.

“Excuse me.” Your boyfriend cleaned the tears under his eyes and got out of the bathroom.

“J-Jason?” you raised your head watching him go. You heard your front door closing. 

Great, he left. Your whole world got destroyed and fell at your feet. How could he do that? How could he leave like that? Without saying a thing? He was your boyfriend! It was his fault too! But he just walked away, he left. Left you alone in that bathroom, crying your heart out, desperate.   

Sunday Seven

1. My AC is running almost continuously on this ridiculous 90 degree late September day. The fifth such hot day in a string of a 10-day heatwave. I hung my sheets out on the line and the bright white in the sun blinded me for a bit. That was 20 minutes ago and they’re already dry. #thisisnotnormal

2. My house smells amazing - my Instant Pot is just pressuring down now and is full of homemade Chicken-Andouille Gumbo. I’m a little worried about the heat level of the hot pepper I added because the air became rather choke-inducing as the pot was coming up to pressure. I made extra rice to compensate. 

3. I need a few more days of weekend to prep for the coming two weeks, which entail working late in order to meet an Oct. 1 deadline, having Lila at home and needing to take her to find a homecoming dress, shoes, and accessories, and then traveling to Utah for work the week of the 2nd. Color me overwhelmed, but at least my sheets will smell amazing. Unless they catch fire out there in the side yard. Such a turn of events would not surprise me in the least. 

4. The news continues to chip away at my faith in anything. I’ve had to unplug from it quite a lot in order to maintain any level of effective functioning in my life and work and I’m not unaware that my privilege provides me that option. I really don’t know what else to do at this point. 

5. A dozen bright rainbow prism bursts are dancing all over my living room walls right now as I sit here in the cool dark with most of the shades lowered. I’ve been snipping beans from the market for a garlicky bean and carrot salad to go with the Gumbo and not allowing myself to turn on the first episode of Transparent S04 because I absolutely have to do a few hours of client work this afternoon and if I watch one I’m watching the whole damn season. I have no self-control. 

6. Anybody else’s eyes itchy and watery and feeling almost as if it’s impetigo but it’s not? Allergies this year are so much worse than anything I’ve ever experienced and it’s a bitch not being able to unzip and step out of this hyper-sensitive space suit until whatever plant jizz that’s free-floating finally falls to the ground and dies. #fucktrump

7. Honestly, though. Fuck this guy. He’s the worst human on the planet right now. I hope he dies in a fire caused by his own soul combusting.