🍃🌿 Small Acts to Acknowledge Earth Faeries 🌱🌿

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Ideas for experiencing the magic of gnomes in your life

  • pick up rubbish you find in nature
  • practice grounding techniques 
  • support your local beekeepers
  • visit a farmer’s market
  • make small rings of stones outside for the earth faeries
  • spend time getting to know different plants’ personalities
  • commit to building strong friendships
  • treat your houseplants to a little extra fertiliser
  • take care of your health first before attempting to heal others
  • try walking barefoot outdoors
  • learn to identify your local fauna and flora 
  • leave out seeds for the birds and squirrels
  • go herb foraging seasonally
  • start a collection of interesting leaves/rocks/pinecones/eggshells you find
  • try growing your own vegetables
  • make your own natural cleaners
  • wear stones and crystals as jewellery
  • learn up about ways you can help the environment 
  • drink black tea or coffee
  • press leaves and flowers in a book
  • learn how to make simple herbal remedies
  • try to keep your goals realistic
  • make sure to stay hydrated and take time to eat
  • take a break from trying to solve a problem that’s stressing you
  • read a book under a tree
  • set time to exercise (hiking, dancing, running)
  • straighten your back, stop and stretch 
  • make your own ink from pokeberries
  • wash out and reuse any food jars you buy
  • any health and self care magic
  • make herb sachets or bundles to hang in your home for protection
  • visit a favourite spot in nature at different times of the day 
  • give your plants a boost with solar or lunar infused water
  • write growth sigils on paper and mix them into the soil of your plants
  • dance round a tree together with a friend
  • draw protection sigils on pebbles and place them in your garden
  • let a portion of your garden/yard grow wild
  • keep a small flower pot of earth near your bed (you can add sigils or crystals)

@heatherwitch thanks again for letting me use your idea!!

Self Care is one of the most important things there is. Taking care of yourself should come before everything including school, studying, hobbies and other commitments. There are infinite ways to take care of yourself but I’m going to talk about different ways to make yourself feel better when you’re stressed, tired, or just generally overwhelmed or unmotivated.

  1. Clean/de-clutter even a small section of your room. It seems like a chore but a clean space makes you feel so much better
  2. Take a shower/a bubble bath
  3. Go for a walk - even inside if you don’t want to face the outside world
  4. Take a nap. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, sometimes a nap can really help to clear your head.
  5. Make your bed. It just makes everything look tidier
  6. Do at least one small task. If you have a ton to do, do one small, simple thing such as reply to an e-mail. This usually motivates me to do more when I complete a tiny thing.
  7. Play with a pet. Pets are stress relievers and a lot of the time their energy and positivity rubs off on us
  8. Paint your nails.
  9. Eat something nourishing. IF you don’t eat or eat junk food, you will only feel worse.
  10. Drink some water
  11. Write. Either write down your feelings/thoughts, make up a story or just write.
  12. Plan. Having a plan can make things seem more organised and make you realise that it is possible.
  13. Listen to some happy tunes. 
  14. Create an uplifting playlist. Fill it with motivation and dance tunes and just fun songs to get you going.
  15. Have a dance party in your room. Stick on some of those happy tunes and just let go.
  16. Netflix/movie marathon. Grab some popcorn and let yourself watch some stuff to take your mind off of things.
  17. Stretch. I don’t know if this is because I’m a dancer or not, but I love to have a good stretch when I feel bad.
  18. Go outside and cloud watch.
  19. Burn a candle. A nice smelling candle can really relax you.
  20. Create something. Whether you draw, paint, craft, build, just make something.
  21. Make a list of all the things you’re grateful for or nice things that have happened.
  22. Hug someone. Hugs are instant mood lifters and stress relievers.
  23. Make a mug of tea. This always instantly calms me and it also hydrates you.
  24. Take your medication. If you take any, then make sure you take it. You will feel better.
  25. Put on comfy clothes. 
  26. Read a nice book. Preferably one that has nothing to do with your studying or work.

|| day fifteen of the 30 day summer study challenge ||

Sigil witches! I need YOU! Anyone have advice?

So, by and large, I tend to have relatively good luck with spells using a variety of methods.

But sigils, and anything sigil-esque, just escapes me every time. I have NEVER had a spell work, where a sigil was the main or only ingredient. A lot of the time, they actually backfire.

For the longest time, I’ve also though tech spells didn’t tend to work for me, after a few really hardcore backfires with emoji spells. Then, recently, I tried a different type of tech spell, and it worked fine. And now, thinking about it, I’m realizing emoji spells are kinda like sigils, in some ways. They’re pictorial representations of will which are often obscure until you’ve been told the meaning of them, triggered by energy.

Does anyone know why the hell sigils don’t work for me??

Stuff I have tried:

  • Making sigils with letters
  • Making sigils with a grid
  • Making sigils with a fantasy language
  • Using other people’s sigils
  • Energy work activation
  • Fire activation
  • Orgasmic activation
  • Meme/crowd activation
  • Writing in pen
  • Writing in water
  • Writing in honey
  • Writing in liquor
  • Online/smartphone (emojis)

Like, dude, help.

Toxic Ambition Poppet Curse

Do you know anyone who’s too obsessed with ambition, money, and success, to the point where it lets them harm those around them? Want to put them in their place? Look no further! This curse will cause their ambitions to become toxic to them, driving them to humility.

You will need:

A cloth poppet

Marker or pen

A small piece of malachite 

A jar

Salt water

Write your target’s name on the poppet. Place the malachite inside the poppet’s head and sew it inside. This represents the ambitions of your target. Place the poppet in the jar and pour salt water into it until the jar is full, completely covering the poppet. Close the jar and leave it for a few days. The malachite, which is normally associated with success and ambition, will deteriorate in the water and make it toxic.

Be sure to dispose of the jar and its contents properly. Nothing used in this curse should ever be re-used (except the marker/pen) so be sure to get rid of everything. The water/stone used will also be dangerous to your health so don’t open the jar or pour out the water. I recommend just burying the entire thing.