The Waterfall Action Park, in Rodanthe, NC, was in poor repair before it closed down for a year (due to the death of the owner) and then was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.  Now permanently shuttered, this Outer Banks destination is an overgrown heap of miniature golf courses and go-kart tracks.  The highlight of the amusement park, of course, was this rickety water slide, which I decided to photograph in a long exposure by a mixture of the light pollution from the nearby resort town and full moonlight in the middle of the night a few years back.

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The otters here are ridiculous goobers on their water slide. #cute #otter #otters #zoo #waterslide #animals #losangeles #lazoo #Burbank

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The Derelict Days of Summer: Abandoned Water Slides Around the World

Faded like so many memories of summer days, these abandoned water slides from around the world have rusted and decayed into hazards. Yet there’s something about these old slides that’s almost tempting, no matter how rusted, for a ramshackle ride.

Just be careful for tetanus on the way down…

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