Your only limit is your imagination! 📷 @gautiercourquin
A call for action!
This one is for all you BMXers, skaters, skiers, cave-divers, surfers (kiting or otherwise!), bungee jumpers, rock climbers, parkour fanatics, FMXers and BASE jumpers alike!

Inspired by Vietnam’s sand-boarders turned Asian Winter Games heroes, Warm Slidings, this Mission is all about showing just how extreme you can be!
Strap yourself in and capture the feeling of the G’s to be in with a chance of winning a Polaroid Waterproof Action Camera!

Cody and Jessica are talking about applying for Amazing Race and I was thinking about how terrible they would be until I remembered there was an actual season of Amazing Race where this girl refused to go down the waterside at Atlantis and she cried about it for like 3 hours and her boyfriend literally tried to throw her down the slide but she refused to go down and they actually went home because of it and then they broke up like 3 months later so like no matter what Jody did it really couldn’t be more embarrassing than that tbh