watershed distillery

Bourbon from Watershed Distillery, Batch 008. Whiskey is more than just taste and scent, it’s an experience. That’s why little things, like a great presentation (bottle/label) helps with first impressions. This bourbon had a distinctive “glug glug glug” when pouring the first dram, like many fine Scotchs, which made me smile. The scent backs up the implied quality of the glug, sweet and rich. The taste is slightly hot (at 47% a few drops of water should fix that), sweet, a hint of vanilla, a little spice, and a bit of sugary syrup. Absolutely delicious. Closest thing I can compare to this is Elijah Craig, which is a high compliment. Go buy several bottles and enjoy. Plus it’s made in Columbus, Ohio, making the experience even that more interesting. American bourbon whiskey. 9/10.