Sono innamorato di te, e so che l'amore non è che un grido nel vuoto, e so che l'oblio è inevitabile, e che siamo tutti dannati e che verrà un giorno in cui tutti i nostri sforzi saranno ridotti in polvere, e so che il sole inghiottirá l'unica terra che avremo mai, e sono innamorato di te.
—  John Green, Colpa Delle Stelle
Lavender Water

I was inspired tonight whilst smoking some fresh lavender and decided to make magickal waters! I will probably make a post about the other waters I have made, but tonight’s post is featuring lavender water.

Lavender is an extremely calming herb. It is masculine, related to the planet Mercury, and the element of air. It is protective, calming, anti-anxiety, soothing, and used for visions, purification, and attracting men. Among many magickal properties, it also has many health benefits; like soothing insomnia, nightmares, sleep paralysis, anxiety attacks, and has strong antiseptic qualities, and much more.

Uses of lavender water: Sleep and dream spells, facial toner, for consumption to promote restful sleep and peace, for hair growth, aromatherapy, and male attraction spells.

How to make lavender water: Simmer water on low heat, adding one cup of lavender per every two cups of water. Do not boil the water. This will steam off and kill the magickal and beneficial oils and dull the lovely fragrance. 

Make sure that each piece of flower if wet/submerged. (Do your best. The flowers will float.)

Allow to simmer for as long as possible, at least one hour.

That is all!

Bonus: Add a few drops lavender essential oil.

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