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A new development is ascending from the depths and will be announced on Friday, June 30th! Stay tuned throughout the week for clues, hints, and possibly a GIVEAWAY! Let’s end June with a splash and add a sparkle or two for July! Be sure to Join the Official Mertailor Pod Group on Facebook on Thursday, June 29th to hear the news first! Remember, it wouldn’t be a tail without Mertailor, where we make your dreams come true - The Mertailor Crew
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out the window, the nightingales are made of moonlight
you come to me with a new colour in your voice

you tell me of a dream, where the light fades, a swan floating
on the water’s edge turns to grey glass

by the teahouse moon, Princess Nukata in a dress
made of clear water. You bring her the swan.

in your hands, she places her black inkstone
you use it and your words becomes flower petals

she strews them across the midnight water
rippling the dark glass 

where the petals touch the stars, you find this poem written.