I can sympathize with the intention behind it, but I’ve only ever seen it done irresponsibly, if not abusively. People either don’t know what they’re talking about, are working off misunderstandings, can’t back it up, or are maliciously trying to spread false rumors about specific users. There have been several occasions where people have spread “OP is a rapist/abuser/transphobe/sexist/acephobe/pedophilie” claims on my posts, either because they confused me for someone else, completely misread my posts, or just want to start hateful drama by exploiting people’s good intentions. I’ve also had people try to tell me that my personal IRL friends I’ve known for years believe the opposite of their own ideologies.


took a break from tumblr for abit and i’ve got 💯 msgs to do the may and june lockscreens ❤️so grateful for y'all though
here they are !! (timely just before may lmao) i hope you guys like these and i tried to fit in as many requests as i can (motivational, pastel, peach, mint….)
ok and so once agn, the calendars are from @emmastudies printables and picture credits go to the amazing studyblr people🖤

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To pay for college, I have created an online shop. It sells not only my art prints but also apparel, stationery, bags, home decor, and more with my designs printed on them. I just posted my artwork today, but I will be adding more designs and products soon and I will be taking design requests! I know that money isn’t so easy to come by, and really, reblogging or liking this post would help tremendously, but if you would like to browse through the few designs currently posted or to purchase from the site, you can click here to be directed to my shop: https://www.redbubble.com/people/thecarination?asc=u

Thank you for reading!

April 29, 2017